Unbiblical Meditation Methods On The Rise In Hospitals

Although the topic below is unfamiliar to many Christians, it is something that is affecting many, especially those who may be in hospitals for rehabilitation or some type of treatment.  The spirit world is real, and the scriptures warn us about divination and other methods of “meditation” that might be meant to experience God, but instead results in experiencing something ungodly.  Now these methods are being used in many hospitals and health facilities (Reiki, Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch), and thus a warning is needed to be given.

ALERT: Christian Family Encounters Quantum Touch

LTRP Note: While the article below deals with a spiritually sensitive topic, we think once you read this article, you will understand why we must issue this warning. What we are about to report is not some far-out silliness. Rather, it is something that can potentially affect millions of people.
This week, Lighthouse Trails was told a story that just happened to a Christian couple’s twenty-one year old son. Josh (not his real name), who is a devout Christian, was in a car accident five years ago. Because of that accident, Josh has had to receive physical therapy from time to time for his injuries. This past week, he was seen by a physical therapist in a major Oregon city, one that he had never seen before. At one point during the session, the therapist seemed to be meditating and then began performing some type of therapeutic touch on Josh. Afterwards, Josh asked the therapist what he had been doing. The therapist told him it was something called Quantum Touch.

According to the Quantum-Touch website (featuring founder Dr. Richard Gordon), QT is: “a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy (LFE) of the body to promote optimal wellness. Life Force Energy, also known as “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit [Hinduism], is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings.

While many people may not be aware of the term Quantum Touch and would not suspect anything from their health practitioner if he or she mentioned that term, Josh was concerned. He informed his parents, who in turn requested the help of a family friend, researcher Ray Yungen. Yungen did know about Quantum Touch, and when he was told that his friends’ son had come under the influence of Quantum Touch, he was shaken.

In Dr. Richard Gordon’s book, Quantum Touch, the signature book for the practice, Gordon says that he learned certain meditation techniques from a “spiritual teacher” named Lazaris (pp. 18, 92, 107). In another book, in which Gordon wrote the foreword, Supercharging Quantum Touch: Advanced Techniques, it states that Lazaris is one of Richard Gordon’s “teachers” (p. 37).

Who is Lazaris?

In Ray Yungen’s book, For Many Shall Come in My Name, Yungen discusses Lazaris:

[A bookstore owner] related how she attended a powerful workshop with “Lazaris” and discovered his techniques were practical and usable. That doesn’t sound too extraordinary until you find out Lazaris is not a person but a spirit guide. Considering the possible nature of that workshop, listen to what a brochure on Lazaris had to say:

There will be several incredible Guided Meditations and the very touching Blendings with Lazaris. A Blending is when Lazaris combines his energy with ours to touch us individually either to impart knowledge into our Subconscious or to help us create the reality we desire. The Blendings are very intimate times to just be with Lazaris.1 …

A newspaper reporter who did an article on [the bookstore owner] informed me that she was “one of the most calm, serene persons I have ever met.” The reporter added, “People want what she has.”

I wonder what [the reporter] would have said had she known this serenity was probably the result of blendings with a spirit guide and that this [bookstore owner] was promoting the same state-of-being to others on a wide scale.

Yungen goes on to explain more about “Lazaris”:

Jach Pursel [a well-known channeler], who channels the immensely popular “Lazaris,” explains how this entity first came to him:

Early evening. Sitting on the bed, plumped up in pillows, I am preparing to meditate (ha!). I am going to seek insight (ha!) to help guide our lives…

Two hours later, Peny [his wife] didn’t hear my sheepish apology for having dozed off. She was excitedly tumbling over words trying to tell me that an entity had spoken through me. She thought I had fallen asleep again, too. This time, however, my head didn’t bob, so she waited. Some minutes passed, and then a deep, resonant voice began where mine had left off. The answers, however, were powerful, not of the caliber of mine. She listened. She wrote as fast as she could….

The entity explained that he was Lazaris! … Lazaris requested two weeks of our time to finalize the necessary adjustments so he could “channel” through me. He provided Peny with a simple, but detailed, method I should use to enter trance more easily. He assured her that this experience would never be detrimental, that although he had neither a body nor time, he appreciated that we did, and he would never abuse either.2

(FMSN,2nd ed., pp. 39-40, pp. 84-85)

We believe Lazaris is a demon. Yet, he has inspired the author of a popular book on healing. In turn, this book and its author have inspired countless health care practitioners in North America and over 43 other countries.

Reader, do not underestimate what is going on here. Reiki, Quantum Touch, Therapeutic Touch – these are all interrelated, and there are currently millions of practitioners. Just in Germany alone, there are over a million Reiki practitioners. There are many more than that in North America. Both Reiki and Quantum Touch are based on the chakras (please read Out of India to understand the chakras), which means that to tamper with these practices is to tamper with danger.

Next time you go to any kind of therapist (including counselors), make sure you ask if he or she does Reiki, Quantum Touch, or any chakra-based energy healing. If he or she says yes, you better high tail it out of there and find a different health care practitioner. Or you might be taking home with you more than you bargained for.

The chakra system is based on the spiritual perception that man is God. For those of you who understand and dearly love the preaching of the Cross, you will clearly see that the previous assertion is not unfounded. And it is more likely than not that it is in the region in which you live. If that sounds preposterous, then ponder this. On Yahoo’s search engine, the term “Quantum Touch” comes up over 900,000 times!

And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works. II Corinthians 11: 14-15

Note: After this incident, Josh and his parents joined together in prayer and renounced any influence that may have occurred because of the Quantum Touch session. “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.” I John 4:4

1. “Lazaris,” Concept: Synergy, Promotional Flyer (Fairfax, California).

2. Jach Pursel, “Introduction from the Sacred Journey: You and Your Higher Self,” taken from Jach Pursel’s website, http://www.lazaris.com/publibrary/pubjach.cfm.

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  1. This was quite interesting Manny. After reading this article, I did an internet search on Quantum Touch. To my surprise, what I read describes my chiropractor and her practice. I never paid much attention to her New Age environment because she has helped me physically through her chiropractic skills. This puts a new meaning to buyer beware.

    We just can’t take anything for granted these days.

  2. Thanks Gabriel. You are absolutely right on that warning.

    Yet another subtle danger to the unsuspecting / undiscerning Christian.


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