An Open Letter To My Readers

Dear Friends,

I have appreciated that many of you have allowed me to keep sending you my posts, even if you have not agreed with everything I have written.  For those who have remained open to what I write, I thank you for keeping an open mind to the information I send you every week.  I felt compelled to write this note to you, in reaction to what is perhaps my most controversial article to date, which will be posted on Tuesday or Wednesday night.  It will also be online at The Good News Today website.  As some of you know, the print version of the article was distributed this past weekend to over 400 churches and 200 businesses in the Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts area.  It is sure to reach many more people who have not heard of the emergent church movement before.

Already, since the paper came out Sunday, I have received some very disapproving comments regarding my article, including the suggestion that I should never have printed it in the first place.  The title itself is not a “warm and fuzzy” kind of title: “Nazarene Denomination Losing It’s Way?”  Some folks are clearly not happy.  That was to be expected, and I respect the fact that many have and will disagree with what I have been saying for over a year now.  A few have made it clear to me that they believe I am trying to ruin the Nazarene denomination.  Some have told that me that what I am doing is going against scripture, and that I am leading people away from Christ.  Others perhaps just think I’ve lost my mind.  Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, and please remember, I am not forcing anyone to read what I write.

Let me be clear as to what my intentions have been since 13 months ago.  I did not start my emails and my blog to win any popularity contest, that’s very evident now.  It was also not my intention to write in such a way as to make you think I am intellectually and spiritually superior to any of you.  I’m simply laying out the facts, with my opinion as to what I believe those facts mean, based on scripture only.   The only reason for me to do what I have been doing for over a year now, along with many other Nazarenes doing the same thing, is for one thing only: to obey the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles, to “contend for the faith once delivered to the saints”. That is all.

The new article was written in a way that will give a clear summary of what has been happening, to anyone who has never heard of this problem before.  Some of you will already know what is in there, and it won’t be new to you.  This was primarily intended to expand awareness amongst unaware Nazarenes, and other Christians, of what I and many others believe to be a serious threat to the body of Christ.

This is a serious time in the history of the Nazarene denomination.  As I said, I am doing this out of love for our denomination.  For those of you who disagree and think I am doing harm, I am sorry that you feel that way.  Regardless, please try not to judge my heart- only God can do that.  But I tell you honestly, that my motives are with the intention of warning fellow Christians of false teachings. I have clearly written many times with scriptural authority, explaining the duty of Christians to defend the faith and warn others of false teaching, so I will not rehash that lesson all over again.  However, if you insist that I am wrong as a Christian to do this, send me a private message, and I will be glad to send you a scriptural lesson not only on why we need to warn others of false teachings, but also on our Christian obligation to judge others appropriately.  You may not agree with the lesson, but it will be Bible based.  It is a common misconception by so many Christians, that we cannot ever judge, at any time!  How then can we “beware” of false prophets, as Christ commanded, if we cannot judge!  That does not make sense, does it?

Finally, I would ask that if you still strongly feel that I and many others are totally wrong in what we are doing, then I invite you to do the following, in order to help correct me:

  1. Send a private message to me, laying out the scriptural reasons that exposing and naming false teachers, or judging others, is unscriptural.  I would ask that you try to stay in context with whatever passages you use, and not to, as many do, “prooftext” and use one verse to negate what is being taught clearly in other areas of scripture.  I will keep this completely between you and me.
  2. Or send me the same kind of message, but which you have no problem in allowing me to post it publicly, BUT without using your name.
  3. Finally, post the same message here publicly.  Please understand that I will reserve the right to refute what you write, but I will give you the opportunity for any rebuttals needed.

The emergent church movement is real, and I believe it is a false movement in almost all that it asserts or teaches.  There may be some good in it, but as the scriptures say, “a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.”  It is our duty as Christians to expose false teachings.  I pray that this upcoming article will help make many more aware of this danger.  It is absolutely unfair that so many Nazarenes are being kept in the dark about this problem, and all Nazarenes have a right to know the facts, and make up their minds as to whether this movement is of God, or if it is of Satan.  It cannot be both.

As Paul wrote in Romans 16:17-18: “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.”

And in Ephesians 5:11, he wrote, “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.”


Sincerely in Christ,



11 responses to “An Open Letter To My Readers


  2. Dear Anonymous,
    I am happy that my father cannot see the shameful condition that this denomination is falling into. He would be heartbroken by the failure of such as you, who apparently do not see the unbiblical things coming in, and the disrespect of God’s word.

    How sad that you have to be anonymous in order to throw that attack on me.

    How sad that you do not see the heresy coming into our denomination.

    How sad that so many leaders in our denomination have not responded to pleas for clarification on the emergent church.

    How sad that you and others probably do not care that countless Nazarenes have been driven from their churches by pastors who tell them to shut up or leave.

    How sad that some will selectively ignore the scriptures that COMMAND us to expose false teachers- and all they do is preach “why can’t we all get along”?

    How sad that folks like you can never address the substance of what we say, and simply go after us personally- with never a scriptural support for defending the emergent church heresy.

    My father was a Roman Catholic until he became a Christian. He left that system because he knew it was wrong. How well did you know my father, anonymous? I knew my father- and he would have been grieved, not by me, but by what the Nazarene denomination is allowing to happen. Unless you knew my father personally, and knew him better then I did, you have nothing to say about him.

    May God have mercy on all those who are feeding heretical poison to our youth in the universities.

    One question for you anonymous, do you believe that the Bible is the infallible, inerrant word of God, and trust it completely? Not just parts of it?

    I allowed your post to show everyone how, when you cannot refute me and the others with substance, instead you launch personal attacks. It is typical of all those who are trying to defend the indefensible.

    You have a lot to answer to God, if you are ignoring false teaching or allowing it to come in. May God have mercy on you, anonymous.

    Sincerely in Christ,

  3. And by the way, anonymous, you are welcome to take up the challenge I have given in my open letter- anytime you want to.

  4. Anonymous,

    I personally have never met Manny Silva, but I’m glad to call him a friend. We are from different parts of the country, but we fight the same fight. Anytime I can help a fellow Nazarene (actually any Christian) expose the apostate teachings of the Emergent Church, I will be there shoulder to shoulder with my fellow brother in Christ.

    It saddens me to see cowards hide between veils such as yourself and throw out insults and defamations when a true Christian is standing firm in his faith and defending the Word of God.

    Time is short and the hour is at hand so I hope and pray that God uses Manny in the best possible way to warn individuals in the New England area of the dangers coming from the Emergent Church group.


    Brad White

  5. Manny,

    I don’t yet know what you have written so I cannot speak, but what I can speak about is the price of taking a stand.


    The most discouraging thing is that people will not hesitate to discredit your work or rebuke you but they will not look at the facts, or rebuke the wrong. God help you to stir up some God fearing people concerning wickedness that has crept, and is creeping, into the Church.

    Be reminded that a “Cardinal Sin” so-to-speak promoted by the “Harlot Church” is not to bad mouth anyone’s religion. Exposing false teachers and doctrines of devils (not demons) is a thankless job, even amongst the brethren! My hope is that others will use your example to “contend.”

    The negative comments are not against you, but your voice. The tares are still among the wheat and so is life until they are bundled together. I look forward to reading your article.

    Pastor Steve Sumner

  6. In response to the post by anonymous, and I say this with love, but your comment seems a bit out of line. While I have grave misgivings about both the concerned and emergent sides of the debate, Manny wrote a simple, honest post here. He laid out his heart on the matter at hand and invited people, peacefully and in a non threatening manner, to dialogue with him. It is not your place, or anyones, I would say to speculate on the feelings of his late father over his opinions or the groups he chooses to align himself with. That is certainly one area I would take take Manny’s word (the word of the son) over an anonymous blogger.

  7. Dear Anonymous:
    I am Manny’s big brother. I am appalled and outraged at your cowardly way of voicing your opinion! Hit and run! NICE!
    First of all, Manny’s article is not about “fame”, as you put it.

    “First and foremost, it’s about defending the Word of God!
    *It’s about exposing the false prophets that are bringing this emergent garbage into the Nazarene denomination.
    *It’s about exposing the people who are aligning themselves with this emergent ideology.
    *It’s about saving the denomination, not destroying our church.

    (How dare you insinuate that! We love our church, that;s why we’re fighting for her, as we believe our beloved father would want us to do. Our father would be proud of what Manny is doing, I’m sure he was always hopeful for one or both of his sons to get into the ministry, though he never pushed us. I worked with my father for years as youth director and I’m sure he was proud of my ministry. So, don’t you dare say Manny or I are trying to destroy our church! I invite you, if you’re brave enough, to say that to my face! Manny and I know what our father’s ministry was all about, and he would not have put up with all this emergent garbage!

    If you’re a Christian, I hope you’re not a pastor, board member, Sunday School, or hold any position in your church, because that would be shameful! If you are a Christian, it’s your responsibility to warn the body of Christ about false prophets, and that is what Manny, myself, and many others are trying to do .

    It’s obvious from the tone of your comment that you agree with this emergent ideology, otherwise you would be commending Manny on the article instead of attacking him. It’ s also obvious that you must know Manny, my father, and myself. And that in itself is sad enough, that you would attack Manny in such a matter and proceed to make the comment “those of us who knew your father…..” Did you know him more than we did? I think not!

    As for your last sentence, God will need to have mercy on you, Anonymous, because it seems that you have been deceived. Did you bother reading the whole article? Did you bother searching the scriptures? If you think Manny’s article is so terrible, come out of the shadows, identify yourself, and speak your mind! You would get a lot more respect from us if you were honest and open about your opinions.

    Take time to read the comments by Brad White, Steve Sumner, and also, “Reasonable”; even though he/she has concerns about both sides, is respectful with his/her comments without adding personal attacks.

    Manny and I will pray for you, Anonymous, that God will work in your heart and open your eyes to this great deception that has fallen on the Nazarene denomination.


    John Silva
    Concerned Nazarene,
    Concerned Christian,
    A child of the King.

  8. To:Brad White/Pastor Steve Sumner/”
    Thanks for your supportive comments to my brother Manny. Keep praying for us as we continue to warn people and fight to save our denomination.
    God Bless.

    To:Reasonable”Thanks for your honest comments about how Manny posted his article. I really appreciated how you handled it, not supporting either side but giving Manny credit on how he worded it.
    God Bless.

  9. I apologize for my misuse of a word in my reply. I’m sure people know I meant defamation instead of deformation. Sometimes my fingers won’t keep up with my thoughts.

    Manny, reading your articles help enbolden me to work even harder to touch everyone I run across about the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. You work has help me to become a better witness to the truth of our blessed hope.

  10. Hi Brad,
    I fixed the spelling! Should have done that quickly!
    But thanks for your support and encouragement. There are so many folks out there so much smarter than me- much more knowledge of the scriptures- and I have appreciated their contributions here with their wisdom based on the Bible.
    I certainly appreciate the post on prophesy- that was an excellent contribution.

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