Emergent/New Age Hall Of Shame, Part. 1

Stand For Truth Ministries held it’s first official presentation in Fall River, MA.  The topic was “Dangers of the Emerging/Emergent Church.”  Blessings and many thanks to Pastor Tony Costa and the church leadership at Igreja Evangelica for the opportunity to speak.  This is a solid Bible believing church, and I appreciate their support.  We met some great folks, including a couple whose story of being ostracized by church leadership for simply raising questions about doctrinal concerns, was very familiar.  We also spent time speaking with a young man who is a street evangelist, as well as a friend of his, who will be keeping in touch with us about his ministry.  We passed out free copies of the Emerging DVD, Dr. Michael Youssef’s sermon on The Shack novel, as well as other resource materials.  It was a long day doing two sessions, but we are thankful to God for the opportunities.  To schedule a speaking engagement at your church in the New England area, drop us a note at standfortruthministries@gmail.com.  For those who missed it, I will be posting the video in a few weeks.

One of the parts of the presentation was the discussion of some of the movement’s main leaders and “heroes”.  Following are highlights of just a small part of the emergent/New Age hall of shame.  It is still a wonder to me why these false teachers are so admired by many Nazarenes and other Christians, especially pastors and leaders.  These men are misleading and deceiving countless Christians, and many who recognize this stay silent.  Exposing these false teachers over and over again is essential for the protection of all Christians, for waking up those who are deceived, and for the defense of the faith.

Emergent/New Age Hall Of Shame, Part. 1


Manny Silva,
Stand For Truth Ministries

“The entirety of Your word is truth, And every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever.” Psalm 119:160
[Stand For Truth Ministries is a self-supporting ministry dedicated to fighting emergent church ideology and other false teachings.  Your prayers are asked for more than anything else.]


4 responses to “Emergent/New Age Hall Of Shame, Part. 1

  1. A few years ago, here in the Boise, Idaho area, I came across a ministry to women, named “Safe Place Ministries.” When reading its manual, I found several quotes from the Emergent mystics, Henri Houwen and Thomas Merton references to others in that movement. In addtion, the ministry seemed to take its name from Larry Crabb, who teaches a false gospel. Then, we learned that the interim pastor of a local Conservative Baptist Church, where we had presented our evangelism ministry, was teaching “contemplative spirituality” out of Ken Boa’s book, “Conformed to His Image,” which book put positive accolades on Richard Foster, Gary Thomas, Brother Lawrence, Bill Hull, Larry Crabb, Ignatius of Loyola and others whose orthodoxy is in doubt.

  2. I had to leave the Nazarene Church for the protection of my own soul, but your work is almost making me want to come back to fight the good fight. I am looking forward to Part II. Thanks for posting these photos. I have noticed that if I stare directly into their eyes long enough I can almost begin to see and even feel the demonic influence that they are spreading with their emergent heresy. Their eyes have a coldness and a lifelessness that gives me the shivers. They almost seem to follow me around the room. Also, they all seem to have the same smirk. While there is a certain horror about it, it is good to stare into the face of evil so you can learn to recognize it when it comes against you. The world will be a better place when this heresy is gone. I havent watched Beck as consistently as I would like to, but does Glenn Beck know about these guys. May the Lord open the eyes of those who look at this.

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