Victory Over The Cults And Emergents

From Mission Venture Ministries:

How can the true Church of Jesus Christ defeat the cults and the emergent church leaders that have infiltrated Christian congregations with their diabolical teaching?


Satan’s primary goal has always been to attack, pervert, and destroy man’s ability to love, worship and honor God. Satan knows that man was created for the express purpose of loving and worshipping God.   He is aware that he can bring death to men and women if he can destroy their ability to worship and enjoy the presence of God.  When men and women cease to worship God, “in spirit and in truth” the result is always death.

When God created our first parents He gave them a great capacity to love and worship Him, and to enjoy His presence.  When God placed them in the garden, He told them, “this is an expression of my love for you; this is all yours and I am yours, I am your Father and your God to obey, enjoy and worship.  I have created you in My likeness and when I look at you I will see my glory reflected in your countenance.”

Adam and Eve were more like God that any of the other created beings. God loved them intensely; He enjoyed their company so much, that He left all of the beauty and worship in heaven to come to earth and walk and talk with His new friends every evening.

We were created for the express purpose of worshipping God and enjoying unbroken fellowship with Him.

God left Adam and Eve alone in the garden for a while and it wasn’t long before they accepted the poison deceit offered by that proud, evil, rebel, the Devil.  They willfully sinned against their Perfect, Holy, Loving Father; then they desperately tried to cover their sin and rebellion.

Adam and Eve no longer knew why they were created; they had lost their God given identity and purpose for living.

They turned their backs on the garden and their loving, providing Father and walked out into a vicious, hostile wilderness.

They deserved to be destroyed and banished from God’s presence. But, in essence, God said, “Oh how I want them back, how I miss them and those times of fellowship, worship and adoration; how I miss seeing My holiness, My glory and love reflected in their faces. I want My people, once again, to love Me, to enjoy Me and have Me forever.

God knew that all was not lost, because through the miracle of the Incarnation, God’s only begotten Son would repair the damage that Adam, Eve and Satan had caused; Jesus would restore men and women to their holy heritage.

When God looked down from heaven into that manger in Bethlehem, He saw what He had longed to see for centuries.  As He looked at that precious little Jewish baby lying there in a manger, His heart overflowed with joy, because once again He saw a perfect reflection of Himself and His glory in human form.

God expressed the overflowing joy of His heart that night, with a great celestial celebration and a host of angels sang, “Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth, peace to men on whom His favor rests.”

That night earth was touched by heaven in a most precious and wonderful way; and earth has never been the same.

Shepherds ran to worship the most loving, caring Shepherd that the world has ever known.  Wise men traveled a grate distance to worship Him; wise men and women still worship and adore the Savior.

The Temple was created to be a house of worship and prayer for all nations, but the Pharisees and lawyers had turned it into a den of thieves.  Jesus did not receive the worship, honor and respect that He deserved from the temple rulers, lawyers and hypocrites in Jerusalem.  And, He will not receive respect and worship from the cults and false teachers that are seeking to dominate the Christian churches today.

However; overflowing honor and adoration came from a small village about two miles from the temple in the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.

Mary set and worshipped at the feet of Jesus; just enjoying His presence and the awesome compassion and wisdom that flowed from His great loving heart.  Mary got it right, she had her priorities straight, she knew why she was created and she found fulfillment in the Master’s presence.

The Savior’s expression of truth, humility and Holiness generated hatred from the religious establishment toward the most powerful, loving person in the world.  Once again, Anti-Christ false religious leaders sought to destroy another Messenger of truth, because they were losing control of the people that they had beaten down with their oppressive, greedy, religious slavery.

All anti- Christ religious systems cannot tolerate the Truth; Jesus is absolute and complete Truth, so He must be destroyed, even tortured to death. His scourging and torturous death would serve as a warning to anyone that dared to practice and teach the truth.

Wicked men mocked, beat, bruised, and ripped the flesh of the most of the most Noble, Majestic, loving Person that had ever entered time and space. They drove great spikes through His hands and feet hoping that His death would silence His voice of Truth, so that they could rebuild the crumbling foundation of their phony, religious system. An amazing concept: the King of Kings dying for His servants.

End of story-No-because the crucified One uttered three words before He committed His Spirit to the Father.

When our Great, loving Savior said, “It is finished,” the bells of heaven rang, trumpets sounded and all of the angels worshipped and rejoiced; God had redeemed His people.

Resurrection Day: Empty tomb – full hearts, thanks to Jesus.

Ascending to the Father: Heaven’s jubilee – once again the bells and trumpets of heaven sounded, the conquering King, God’s Messiah and Savior, the Obedient Servant was back home and Heaven would never be the same.

Pentecost: The fullness of God’s spirit out poured. Once again God could look into the faces of His redeemed, Spirit filled children and see a reflection of His Holiness, love and compassion.

Jesus had provided the only way for God’s redeemed children to enter His thrown room to worship, love and adore Him, in the beauty of His Holiness.

The influence of cults and false teachers will become null and void when true, humble, Spirit anointed worship of our Savior returns to the Church of Jesus Christ.

People were created to love and worship God; when they begin to enjoy true worship and experience God’s presence they will not permit the world’s false religious garbage to be apart of their spiritual diet.

Man was created to worship; he is going to worship something or someone.  Jesus has commissioned and anointed his people with power to lead these people in paths of righteousness.  He has appointed every believer to be a priest unto our God and Father.

As ministers, evangelists and missionaries we have a tremendous responsibility to guard the Truth and expose the destructive, diabolical teachers that have infiltrated our fellowships with the determination to undermine the Truth of God’s Holy, Inerrant Word.

History proves that when a Nation, community, family or an individual fails to worship God “in spirit and in truth” they are headed for crisis, chaos and destruction.

“For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him”… 2 Chron. 16:9 NKJV

Pure, humble, holy worship of God is our true source of strength and victory.

“When we are under His Lordship we are secure in His fathomless love.”

David Russell, Mission Venture Ministries