Point Loma: Where Is It Heading?


Where is Point Loma Nazarene University going, spiritually, along with many of the other Nazarene universities and seminary?  Let’s review a few things that have transpired recently just at Point Loma, which I believe speaks volumes.  You decide.

Ligonier Ministries sponsored a conference this year called Christless Christianity: 2010 West Coast Conference.  One of the session speakers was Dr. Peter Jones of truthXchange, who spoke on the topic “A Gnostic Gospel”.  I encourage you to view his entire session (about one hour), it is very good.  There are also other sessions by various speakers, and you can even purchase the entire conference on audio or video for under $15.00.

I purchased Dr. Jone’s session, and at the link below to an excerpt,  you can see what he had to say about two issues; one was about PLNU’s hosting of the Prophetic Imagination Conference, and then he follows that with a short talk on the guru of emergent heresy, Brian McLaren (who is also popular with Point Loma, and has spoken there).  Some of us have been sounding alarm bells about Point Loma for a long time, and for good reason. The Prophetic Imagination Conference was just another downhill slide by a Christian university which apparently is sorely lacking in discernment.  Point Loma also illustrated this by hosting Richard Foster’s Renovare Covenant Retreat on campus this year also.

Here is the link, which is 16 minutes in length:  http://standfortruthministries.podbean.com/peter-jones-gnostic-gospel/

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