Biblical Warning About False Teachers: MacArthur

The fact that false teachers (servants of Satan) appear as ministers of righteousness and speak with smooth sounding and pleasing words is why such as Leonard Sweet, Brian McLaren and Rob Bell have fooled so many who have lost the ability to discern truth from error.  These are the most dangerous, because they don’t openly reject the truth, but claim to be Bible believing Christians, but as is emphasized in the following article, they are liars.  Brothers and sisters, we really do need to keep speaking out about these people.  Who says we need to protest only once or twice, and then go away?

They certainly won’t  go away, and our church leadership needs to continually hear our cries on behalf of those many students in our universities being exposed to these liars every day.  Some of our pastors are still being introduced to Leonard Sweet as a reliable teaching source, who is trying to remake himself in a better light even as he is being exposed like the emperor without clothes was exposed.  The truth, however, is making these people try to dodge the bullets and hide their real ideology, but lack of true repentance and changing of their ways is evidence that they are still wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Please do not fall for this makeover that Leonard Sweet and others are trying to do.  It’s not genuine, because there is no genuine repentance.  And for an exposé of Sweet’s fake makeover and his attempt to set aside his New Age thinking, listen to the CrossTalk online discussion, or read the article from CrossTalk Blog.  Sweet is scheduled to appear at a Mid-Atlantic District Event.


By Ken Silva pastor-teacher on Sep 16, 2010

1. The warning against false teachers

Christ then said, “Beware of false prophets” (Matthew 7:15). For every true prophet calling people to the narrow way, are a multiplicity of false prophets calling people to the broad way that leads to destruction. Christ’s warning [about false teachers] was not new. Deuteronomy 13:1-5 documents the presence of false teaching during the days of Moses. In Isaiah 30:9-14 chronicles its existence in the kingdom of Judah. There are many warnings about false teachers in Scripture.1. 2 John 7–John said, “Many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ cometh in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.”

2. Romans 16:17-18–Paul said, “I beseech you, brethren, mark them who cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ but their own body, and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the innocent.” They are dangerous because they claim to be from God and to speak God’s Word.

3. Jeremiah 5:31–God said, “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means, and my people love to have it so.”

4. Jeremiah 14:14–God said, “The prophets prophesy lies in my name. I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spoke unto them; they prophesy unto you a false vision.”

2. The description of false teachers

False teachers are dangerous because their deception is damning. And it comes from that most damning deceiver of all, Satan, who disguises himself as an angel of light and his servants as ministers of righteousness (2 Cor. 11:13-15). Some false teachers are heretics–those who openly reject the Word of God and teach contrary to it. Others are apostates–those who once followed the faith but have since turned away. Then there are deceivers who pretend to still believe the truth. They want to look like orthodox fundamental evangelical Christians, but they are liars.

3. The revelation of false teachers

In Matthew 7:16 Jesus says, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” It’s not what they say but what you see in their lives that matters. A false teacher cannot produce good fruit because evil cannot produce good (v. 17).

False teachers will produce evil fruit, but they will try to cloak it. Inevitably they hide their bad fruit under ecclesiastical garb or isolate it from accountability. People can’t get near enough to them to see the reality of their lives. Some of them hide their evil fruit under a holy vocabulary or an association with fruitful Christians. Some of them cover their evil fruit with biblical knowledge. But they can’t hide it from everyone all the time. If you closely examine a false teacher, you will see his evil fruit.


How can we be alert to the infiltration of false teachers? Ask yourself these questions about the Bible teachers you encounter.

A. How Is the Teacher Using Scripture?

Is there error in his understanding of Scripture? Is his interpretation sound? Is it biblical? Is it legitimate? Don’t look at his personality. Don’t look at the religious trappings. Don’t only look only at his associations, although that will tell you something if those associations are negative. Listen to what he says. Do what 1 John 4:1 says: test him to see if he’s from God. What is his approach to Scripture? Is he teaching things that go beyond Scripture? Is he saying things that sound good but you can’t find verses to support it?

B. What Is the Teacher’s Goal?

Does he have a spiritual goal? Is his primary desire in life to produce people who consummately love God? Or is he characterized by self-love, self-aggrandizement, possessiveness, and materialism? What is his objective? Is it love for God and for everyone else? Is his objective holiness, a pure heart, a good conscience, and faith without hypocrisy?

C. What Is the Teacher’s Motive?

Does he demonstrate a selfless motive? Can you see humility, meekness, and selflessness in his life? Or does it appear that while he’s helping others he is also becoming quite wealthy? Is he self-indulgent at the expense of the people he is supposed to be ministering to?

D. What Is the Teacher’s Effect?

Does his followers clearly understand the gospel of Jesus Christ? Do they understand the proper use of the law?

Check his doctrine, check his goal, check his motive, and check his followers. As you do, you’ll sense the need for urgency in dealing with false teachers.

Dr. John MacArthur

(Adapted from Avoiding Spiritual Counterfeiters – Part 1 and Avoiding Spiritual Counterfeiters – Part 2)

6 responses to “Biblical Warning About False Teachers: MacArthur

  1. I don’t understand. So John MacAurthur who teaches what many consider the “heresy” of predestination of the elect and eternal security is teaching about false teachers. I am really trying to understand a lot of what I am reading on this site but it seems so much is just attacking others if they do not fit into a neatly sized groove called Reformed Nazarenes. Please respond and shed some light on this matter.

  2. Jeannine,
    With all due respect- I’m not here to discuss predestination, eternal security and various other theological issues such as these- if I took on all matters in the Christian world, I could not handle it.

    I am fighting predominately those elements in our denomination which have very little respect for God’s word as the infallible word- and at least John MacArthur and I can agree on that- that the scriptures are the inerrant word of God. Sadly, too many Nazarenes fail to start from that premise anymore. I have heard it from the very mouths of Nazarene holiness pastors.

  3. “I am really trying to understand a lot of what I am reading on this site but it seems so much is just attacking others if they do not fit into a neatly sized groove called Reformed Nazarenes.”

    The neatly sized groove is the Bible, not Reformed Nazarenes.

    Nazarenes know how to argue Calvin vs Wesley day in and day out and will gladly fall on their Wesley sword, but if you speak God’s Word the discussion becomes subjective and relative. Wesley and Bresee were great men, but Jesus is Lord.

    If the Bible is made to be subjective to your theology then you may be a wonderful Nazarene but you don’t speak or think like a Christian. This is a Biblical standard not a Reformed Nazarene standard.

    If the Bible is a meaningless book then we don’t need to discuss anything anymore because decisions have already been made.

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