Update And Prayer Request: Bob Dewaay

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The following is an update put out by Pastor Ken Silva a few days ago, and I wanted to share the same concern and a prayer request.  I first met Bob Dewaay personally a few months ago when my brother John and I went to Maine to a conference hosted by the AIIA Institute, where Bob was the keynote speaker.  He is the pastor at Twin City Fellowship in Minneapolis, MN.  He also has an apologetics ministry called Critical Issues Commentary (http://cicministry.org/).  I have learned much from Bob’s excellent writing, including a solid book exposing the emergent church: The Emergent Church: Undefining Christianity.  He has been one of my top resources in researching false teachings, mysticism in the church, and other false doctrines.  For those of you who particularly are in this battle, and who count so much on folks like Bob to expose the heresies invading the church today, please be in prayer for this warrior for biblical truth.


By Ken Silva pastor-teacher on Oct 22, 2010

This online apologetics and discernment work Apprising Ministries has been greatly blessed by the work in the Lord of  Bob DeWaay, pastor of Twin City Fellowship, who also heads their fine online apologetics ministry Critical Issues Commentary.

You may be aware that pastor DeWaay is suffering some serious issues with his health. Below is an update from the TFC website. We encourage you to pray for Bob DeWaay, his family, and the flock in his care:

Here is a link to Pastor Bob’s common sense explanation of the Emergent Church:  Emerging Church Exposed and Defined


6 responses to “Update And Prayer Request: Bob Dewaay

  1. Our prayers are with Bob, his family & everyone at TCF and CKF. Bob has been an inspiration to many & we just hold him and his family up in this time of need. May The Lord show you His grace and mercies as we all pray for your recovery and good health. In His Name we pray, amen! <

  2. I have read many of Bob’s articles, and have been listening to many of his topical discussions here lately. He is an incredible blessing to the body of Christ. He is a voice of sanity in the insane asylum of the largely falling away visible church, by always pointing us back to the Word of God, and to the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ. My prayers go up to the Throne of Grace in behalf of a dear brother and his family.

  3. Bob has made a great contribution to the Christian community at large with getting great biblically solid information out.
    My prayers are with Bob, Diane and their family through this great time of trial.

  4. Praying for Pastor Dewaay and his family. The Lord will use this for good and praying He is glorified through it.

  5. My wife and have been out of the four walls for some time and have been under bobs teaching for several months. We have been fed with the richest teaching we’ve ever been exposed to in our 30 plus years of walking with the lord. We will continue to listen to archived broadcasts which will effectively feed the flock. His wife and family are in our prayers

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