Irresponsible Christian College Leaders Allowing Normalization of Homosexuality

It would be no surprise to find examples of the normalization and even glorification of homosexuality (a sin like any other sin) at almost any secular college campus today.  It would also not be in our place as Christians, in some ways, to criticize the leaders at these schools and call them irresponsible, from a Christian worldview.  That’s because they don’t operate from a Christian worldview, and we cannot expect them to hold to biblical standards.  However, that is a much different matter when it comes to universities that call themselves “Christian.”  We are responsible as Christians to hold accountable those who profess to be Christians who are going astray and watering down the Gospel message.  We are to judge those in the church.  “For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within?” 1 Cor. 5:12

Southern Nazarene University

The first example of what I call “biblical negligence and malpractice” from Christian leadership is at Southern Nazarene University.  An article in the student newsletter, called “Reevaluation is needed for SNU and Church policies on Homosexuality, spoke favorably of the new view of homosexuality which is so popular in the secular world now, and is now permeating the Christian world.  Here are some sample quotes from the article, which can be read at their website (, or downloaded as well:

“The SNU lifestyle covenant states that students will “abstain from pornography, premarital or extramarital sex, immortal heterosexual activity and homosexual behavior.”….  This leaves homosexual students here, and in the larger Christian community, two choices: to act on their sexual orientation and hide those actions from SNU, or to remain, for all intents and purposes, asexual.”

“The idea of encouraging gay students at SNU to live without those relational intimacies makes me very sad. When I imagine a life in which I would have to deny, hide, or feel ashamed about the loving relationship I share with my fiancé, I can’t help but feel dismal, to say the least. Needless to say, forcing homosexual students to abstain from intimate relationships not only seems unnatural, but also cruel and morbid.”

“However, many Christians are beginning to change their beliefs that homosexuality is indeed a sin….. One professor has told me that she has no problem with homosexual relationships, so long as they abide by the same commitments to marriage, monogamy, and respect as other Christian relationships do.”

Christian circles are too quick to call homosexuality a sin, without ever having talked to someone who identifies as gay.”
Below is a comment from a friend who is in leadership at a Christian university:


“This is so predictable but yet so sad.  The problem starts with a total disregard for the authority of the Scripture.

The author could never come to his/her conclusions without first setting aside the accuracy of the Bible as a pretext.  This is why I make such a big deal about holding fast to inerrancy!! And what terrible logic to claim that abstaining from sexual activity is akin to being “asexual!” Should we assume that everyone who refrains from premarital sex is “asexual?”

The fact that they let this be printed in their student newspaper is also evidence of the bigger problem.

Would they let an article be printed about every other aberrant behavior?  One about pedophilia?  One about incest?  How about polygamy? Bestiality?

If denying one’s biological urges concerning homosexuality makes one asexual then wouldn’t the same logic hold true for these other behaviors??   If the Bible does not speak accurately and definitively on the matter of homosexuality then how can the Church or SNU claim it speaks with authority on ANY sexual behavior?

I would never permit this stuff to be printed on our campus.  And if I ever found a professor agreeing with or encouraging this moral drivel they would be gone immediately.  When the Nazarene schools started inviting McLaren, Pagitt, Jones, and Campolo to speak on their campuses they set the stage for this stuff.”

I agree with this assessment, and it certainly pertains as well to Point Loma in their latest poor decision.

Point Loma Does It Again

The SNU example brings back memories of the debacle that occurred at Point Loma Nazarene University last year, and at San Diego First Church of the Nazarene, which is on the campus grounds.  You can read about that here in this eyewitness account (Homosexuality At Point Loma Nazarene University).  Now the student newspaper has put out an article with an interview of Todd Clayton: (Q@A With Todd Clayton).  Todd is now an alumnus and former ASB Director of Spiritual Life at Point Loma, and the main subject matter of that eyewitness account of the goings on at the school and the local church.  It was a example of how worldly acceptance of homosexuality has permeated the church and resulted in re-defining the seriousness of sin.

Here are a few quotes from the interview:

“I don’t have to be worried that someone might see me on a date or at a bar and try to get me fired—or worse—tell the newspaper.”

After months of searching, however, I’ve landed back at a place of comfort in my Christian identity. It looks admittedly different than many at Loma, I’m sure: I don’t believe in hell, I don’t think Muslims are wrong, I don’t raise my hands in the air when I sing, I think we should be sexual before we’re married.””PW: What advice would you give to PLNU students who are coming to terms with their sexuality?
TC: You’re not alone. This is the shrewdest, loudest lie I remember fighting before I was out. (Hint: there are tons of gays at Loma). Be patient with yourself—and with the people you care about. Understanding an orientation that isn’t heterosexual can take time, and you’re not crazy if it does. Find people who will affirm and love you, and—when you’re ready—honestly share with them so you don’t have to journey by yourself. Know that being gay is fun. Go on dates. Don’t be afraid to kiss”

I can see no biblical rationale for the leaders at both of these schools to allow this kind of writing under the banner of the university.  It smacks of approval, it smacks of “tolerance” of anything that is written by the students, and it only leads one to believe that these leaders are okay with this new kind of “Christian” re-definition of sin.  At the very least, they seem to be okay with allowing the open view of homosexuality to be promoted, and that is clearly wrong.  This is their responsibility, and for what its worth, this post is being sent to the university presidents at both schools.  When “academic freedom”, or “freedom of expression”, is used as the basis for allowing the spreading of error filled views of what is or is not sin, then that becomes reckless and irresponsible, and the buck stops at the leadership’s desk.

I received a note on my blog from Todd Clayton, to go and see how he is progressing, as he has a blog now.  I declined to publicize it.  We must pray for Todd Clayton, and all the other students and alumni from Point Loma and Southern Nazarene, who have been misled to think that homosexuality is okay within a Christian context.  This is not so much about Todd Clayton, as it is about the reckless and irresponsible leadership at these schools, and they must be held accountable.  And believe me, the extent of this problem is not just at these two schools, and is a symptom of the overall apostasy occurring in our Nazarene and other Christian universities and seminaries today.

What do our General Superintendents think about this?  This is also being sent to them.  Frankly, I don’t expect a personal answer, but they have my email.  Maybe you can ask them all the same question.


Manny Silva



7 responses to “Irresponsible Christian College Leaders Allowing Normalization of Homosexuality

  1. Until we return to teaching what the Bible teaches to be sin is sin, rather than what we feel to be sin is sin, we will not experience revival.

    And until we return to teaching that God can, will, and does cleanse hearts we will fall for such relativistic teachings as that holding to scripture means forcing gay students to live without intimate relationships.

    Rather than putting out brushfires, we need to be praying fervently for an old fashioned Holy Ghost revival, where the lost are saved and the saved are sanctified entirely.

  2. This subject is being crammed down our throats from all directions. Our kids have been exposed and indoctrinated to accept this sinful way of life as acceptable and normal. Just recently I heard about a high school student being punished for publishing his op-ed article against the gay agenda. This is complete censorship at its fullest force.
    This is what our country has become when God is taken out of every aspect of our public life.

  3. Again, this stems (as sarah alluded to above) from a failure to recognize the authority of Scripture as the Word of God.

    Until this doctrine of Sola Scriptura is preached and reinforced, the Nazarene denomination will never get back to a proper biblical understanding of doctrine.

  4. The spirit of antichrist has invaded the church disguised as the Holy Ghost, otherwise these doctrines of demons would have no power to deceive.

    Homosexuality is a demonically inspired assault on the nature of God who created man in his image, male and female created He them. A male lying with a male and a female lying with a female is an insult against nature itself according to Romans, and a demonically inspired corruption of the image of God.
    Few things are more evil in it’s content, and to twist scripture to fit the abomination of homosexuality is truly perverse and destitute of any kind truth let alone Biblical Truth.

  5. The attitude illustrated by both SNU and PLNU in their student news about homosexuality and why it should be accepted by the Christian community at large as indicated above reminds me of what one of my former pastors said many years ago. He said the time will come and it will be “Good Lord, Good Devil, Good everything.” Many will not want to live by the moral principles taught in Scripture.

    Genesis makes it clear about God’s judgment against homosexuality. Genesis [13:13] “But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly.” This vile sin was so hateful to God and was so repugnant to human nature that God destroyed Sodom. It was forbidden by the law of Moses Lev. [18:22] Paul condemned the practice in Romans [1:27-28] citing the danger that one who participates in homosexual activity will not even want to retain God in their knowledge. Sad but I see some evidence of this in Todd Clayton’s remarks. My prayer is that they will see the truth and return to Christ while their is time.

  6. Few will return to Biblical truth in these last days on ANY matter, let alone to the honor and dignity of pure, natural and God ordained sexuality, sexual morals, and sexual dignity. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man returns.

    When so called preachers, ministers, and pastors teach mysticism, new age doctrines, and other occult teachings it stands to reason that there will also be a return to sexual depravity, for idolatry and sexual immorality go hand in hand like a hand in a glove. For which of them shall FEAR GOD if the “leaders” say it is okay, and even exceptable to be a practicing homosexual and still go to Heaven? Liars trust liars, and the decieved trust decievers!~!~

    When these liars preach that that men can go to Heaven by saying a simple prayer up at the front of the church and be classified as a “christian”, then there is nothing left, there will be no TRUTH taught, there will be no morals taught, and the greatest deterrant to living a life of debauchery and depravity has been lost to antiquity…..THE FEAR OF GOD~!~!

    The truth is, even the best of us DESERVE to go to HELL, so the worst ought to be pitied when they live in such moral filth. Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil.

    To be a genuine Christian is to be led by the Holy Ghost into the presence of a Holy God, who SHOULD and has EVERY RIGHT to snuff out our miserable arrogant depraved little lives, but doesn’t because He is LOVE. Make no mistake, God is ANGRY at sinners EVERY DAY, but it is His GOODNESS THAT LEADS US TO REPENTANCE. No man shall encounter God’s presence without being led to Him by His Spirit for the express purpose that God should reveal Himself and His HOLINESS and should show us the way to Heaven, by Jesus Christ ONLY, He is the DOOR, He is the WAY, the only way, He is our sacrificial LAMB, He is our REDEEMER, He is the Magnificant, All Knowing, Lord of Glory who exchanged His holy life to save us from our OWN corruption. GODLY REPENTANCE is required to pass from JUDGEMENT TO LIFE in this world, it is the only escape from what we deserve. It is God Himself that translates us from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His Dear Son, it is an act of God, and NO “simple” prayer at the front of the church by our own volition without the leading of the Holy Ghost will suffice, that is NOT what it means to be a Christian. God is the giver of life, God is the giver of eternal life, but repentance is a MUST. Make no mistake, God has COMMANDED MEN EVERYWHERE TO REPENT. And living as a homosexual while calling yourself a “christian” is AFFRONT and a STENCH in the nostrils of a HOLY and JUST God. Yes God is love, but don’t be a fool, God has KILLED PEOPLE DIRECTLY for their depravity, AND He did it IN FRONT of the whole world to see, and some individuals died as a direct result of God’s punishment. Are you mr homosexual beyond God’s reach should He decide He has had enough of your disgusting moral depravity????

    For those of you who live in moral depravity and sexual perversion, your days are numbered just like those of us who live right, and the day will come when you will regret living in your filthiness when the King of kings offered you life, and you chose death.
    Your filthy moral choices will land you in Hell, make NO mistake. Don’t listen to the lying preachers if you value your eternal soul.

    For those who are truly seeking truth, there is many many good preachers and good godly articles left and right sidebars of this page. If you are serious about being a genuine Christian and leaving your life of sexual depravity behind God will forgive you, He will lead and guide you, but He will cast you into Hell if you choose to refuse to repent.

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