Should Any Nazarene Leader Be Associated With Wildgoose?

2 Corinthians 6:14-15: “Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever?

Amos 3:3: “Can two walk together, unless they are agreed?”

Well, it’s over for now.  The gathering of apostates at Wildgoose Festival in North Carolina has ended.  The thirst for more however continues, and there will be another gathering in September.  This one will be WildGoose Festival West, and will be in Benton County, Oregon.  Apparently the demand has been so great that this second gathering may lead to perhaps even more yearly gatherings at various areas of the country.  Could the rising popularity of this be an indication of the movement and work of the Holy Spirit?

Okay, I seriously do not believe it is.  However, there are many Christians who look at numbers as something that is evidence of God’s approval, or the work of the Holy Spirit in changing people’s lives.  There are Christians who for instance are sure that a preacher who otherwise preaches the gospel faithfully must not be effective or successful, if no one responds to the gospel for a long time.  Others see “success” to always be measured by the number of those who rush to the altar and profess faith in Christ verbally, or when there are massive testimonies of instant healing.  We tend to forget that a preacher or pastor is to preach faithfully the word of God, and not worry about reaching some kind of quota every month.  That is what God requires of us, and nothing else.

Back to the Wildgoose Festival.  This is perhaps my fourth time I report on this, and I will continue to report on this as needed.  I will also continue to point out something which came to my attention, via James Scullin’s post on our CN FaceBook page the other day.  He quotes from the website:

 “We are a community creating a festival at the intersection of justice, spirituality and art. We take inspiration from many places, such as Greenbelt, Burning Man, the Iona Community, SXSW, and others. The festival is open to everyone; we don’t censor what can be said;”

He went on to summarize just part of what constititutes Wildgoose: “Green Belt into social justice, bBurning Man, self-expression, including nudity, Iona, ecumenism, SXSW, film and music.”  James, don’t forget the beer and wine tent parties as well; the speaking schedule of such notables as Brian McLaren, who led the opening prayer and words for each day; the appearance of an openly homosexual “Christian” artist (Jennifer Knapp); the pro-homosexual agenda of many of the speakers there; the doctrinally challenged Brian McLaren who somehow is one of the countries to 25 evangelicals.

But finally, a question was asked that is certainly worthy of answer, and I suggested that the General Superintendents would be more than capable of giving a definitive response:

How is organizer Mike King allowed near our youth and have a position at NTS?

It’s a fair question.  Remember also that the Rev. Gabriel Salguerro, a Nazarene pastor who is also the head of the radical National Assoc. of Latino Evangelical Coalition, has promoted this festival shamelessly in the past two years.

So we have Mike King, adjunct professor at our premiere seminary that prepares future pastors, who is heavily involved nationally in influencing Nazarene youth at conferences, seminars, and through books he writes and promotes; and we have a nationally influential Nazarene pastor who is in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens and other radical ideas, both involved with Wildgoose Festival, as I reported recently.

A few other reminders also is that two General Superintendents (Stan Toler and Jerry Porter) are on the Advisory Board for Rev. Salguerro’s organization, so they are obviously connected to him that way.  Nazarene Dr. Oliver Philips is also on that board as well.  And now, as I reported recently, all six General Superintendents have signed on with an immigration group that along with Rev Salguerro, is also pushing for favoring illegal aliens over law abiding citizens and legal residents!  In what other ways are these men connected, and are these connections having any kind of influence as to why the Generals seem to refuse to address this issue to anyone who inquires about it?

How much lower do we have to go, in the Church of the Nazarene, in order to… do what?  Get more people in the church?  Bring more money in?  To show how progressive and non-judgmental we are?  To embrace ecumenicalism as far as the universe can reach?  What is going on here?  Have we no shame anymore, that we cannot rebuke our leaders when they blatantly get involved with a world that is pretending to be Christian, but has no resemblance to true Christianity?

So, General Superintendents, is it possible you can address the first question, and the following questions, in any way?

1. If the Wildgoose Festival is good for Christians, then will you recommend as many Nazarenes as possible attend this festival?

2. If it is bad, why do you tolerate the participation and promotion of this festival by Mike King and Gabriel Salguerro?

3. How do you justify your association with an “evangelical” immigration group that clearly (at least to many of us) is comprised of those who have compromised the gospel message?

3. What is in store next for the Church of the Nazarene that will shock us?  Will it be a continued watering down of the biblical position on homosexual sin?

4. Is this Wildgoose Festival a reflection of what it means to be “missional?”

5. Will you ever give any clear and conclusive answers to any question that many Nazarenes are sending to you, as a result of seeing such widespread apostasy in the church?

Manny Silva

Here are just a few of those who participated in this sham of a “Christian” festival:

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