This Preacher Is Also Not Above Scrutiny

It have been  three weeks since my last post, due to family commitments and work.  I am currently working on two issues: The second is to answer a question from several friends from my email list recently, which essentially asks “how bad is it in the Church of the Nazarene, and is it worth staying or joining?”  But first, I have been working on a report on the teaching of Dan Bohi of which I have been very concerned about.  Noting that Mr. Bohi is very popular in many churches and districts, I advise all Christians to not look at numbers or any other result of his ministry- but to consider what he is teaching as it lines up with scripture.  That is the only measuring stick of truth for what a person teaches and preaches.  This may cause some friends to be angry at me, but the truth compels me more than a desire to keep friends.


One of the biggest traps we as Christians can fall into is to admire a teacher, pastor or preacher so much, that when that person falls into error in their teaching, we can easily overlook the error because of our admiration for that person.  This is very dangerous, and can lead to Christians neglecting their duty to “please God rather than please men” (Gal. 1:10).  It would be biblical negligence on my part to overlook error, whether because of my like for a person, or because many of my friends like that person and believe him to be sound.  I had to leave my old church because a very likeable pastor was in great error. The fact is we must always be completely loyal only to one: He who has no error.  If Paul commended the Bereans for scrutinizing what he preached, then we ought to do the same for all preachers, no exception.

I have written recently about the topic of judging, and we learn from scripture that judging is critical in the believer’s life, not only for their spiritual well being, but for the spiritual well being of their fellow believers.  If a teacher or preacher is in error, it must be refuted and corrected, regardless of the popularity of that teacher.  Often, that means publicly calling out that teacher or preacher for his errors, just as he publicly exposes many to those same errors.

There are now indications in various Nazarene and other churches of an infiltration of the signs and wonders phenomenon.  Pastors are associating themselves with, and learning from teachers like Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in California.  Bill Johnson has shown himself to be a false teacher, and yet undiscerning pastors and preachers are getting close to him, instead of following biblical guidance to stay away from those who teach a false gospel.

That leads me to my concern here.  Nazarene evangelist Dan Bohi has been under scrutiny for some time now by me, as well as others who have already written their opinions.  I have been looking at two things: his teaching, and his association with or favorable promotion of some false teachers.  My opinion has nothing to do with his personality or any other personal issues. We are to judge the teachings of all who teach within the body of Christ, and none are exempt from review, and none are exempt from correction if it is needed.

I have come to the conclusion that even though some of his preaching is good, there is too much error that needs to be pointed out publicly so others may take warning.  I have not contacted Mr. Bohi personally, nor do I intend to at this time, as others have asked him questions, and have not received specific answers.  However, I welcome any clarification or explanation of these concerns if anyone wishes to forward this to him.

I will alert you to several serious concerns for your consideration:

Example #1:  Claims of People Being Raised From The Dead

Quote: “I prayed for a man. My brother and I were in revival in Coffeeville, Kansas… and we prayed for a man who was dead… and he came back to life. I prayed for a man when I did a revival at the Roy Clark Theatre in Branson… and he came back to life. I prayed for a man in Olathe, Kansas at a Tuesday night revival service at 9:04 pm… and he came back to life. I haven’t raised 600, like Heidi and Roland.. but I’ve done three because I’m a Nazarene and a Nazarene always has three points.” (laughter)

Source (2:40: Faith, Not Maybe: I Am, Part 2)

His reference was to Heidi and Rolland Baker who are involved in missionary work in Africa, and whose blog is full of stories about miraculous raisings from the dead, instantaneous healings, visions of the Lord, and many signs and wonders.  This is very disturbing, not only the raising from the dead claim without any solid documentation to prove such a serious claim; but also his apparent connection with, or at least knowledge of the Bakers, whose outrageous claims of raising many from the dead include an example in this story (Back From The Dead), which as far as I know, has no substantive proof behind it.

In another sermon, (10:27) in which he also says he prayed for a lady and her leg grew two inches, Mr. Bohi said:

“We prayed three times in our services for people that had been raised from the dead.  I don’t feel comfortable about that, ‘cause I’m a Nazarene.  And I don’t like to disrupt people and I probably wouldn’t pray for them if I knew they were dead but these people were dead and they came back alive.”

Mr. Bohi is again claiming miraculous raisings from the dead.  Is there any documentation of these occurrences?  Is there any proof?  I myself could claim this, and would you not want evidence of such a miracle?  And again, his mention of the Bakers, implying that he knows them and approves of their ministry, is very troubling.  His favorable mentioning of Bill Johnson is also troubling to me.

Example #2: Does Not Like The Definition of Faith In Hebrews 11

(Faith:Not Maybe, I Am, Part 1, at :50)

“I don’t like the definition of faith in Hebrews 11 because it doesn’t make sense to me, even though I know what it says.”

Mr. Bohi then goes on to give his definition of faith.  “ My definition of faith is a two letter word… :to”.  I believe we are being transformed from glory to glory.  We all experience glory…”

Mr. Bohi seems to be setting aside what Hebrews 11 teaches about faith, does not accept it, and substitutes his own special definition of faith.  Are we not to have faith in what God’s word says?

Example #3: Is Mr. Bohi Promoting A Catholic Like Communion?

He posted on his Facebook page:  ““Adam and Esau gave up their birthright and authority for a meal. Are you willing to eat Jesus’s flesh and drink his blood to get yours back?”

This does not make any sense scripturally at all.  Mr. Bohi does not continue on and explain what he means by this.  We look at what Jesus said at the last supper with His disciples, and clearly he teaches us that it is a symbolic remembrance of His sacrifice.  This sounds more like what the Roman Catholic church teaches about transubstantiation.

In another sermon: “I’m going to do a kingdom impartation service tomorrow night at Atlanta Grace Point… So I’m going down to impart the kingdom faith so they can walk in the power of God.” (Walking In The Spirit: Part One).  Much of this kind of language is reminiscent of those who teach Kingdom Now theology.  Is this something also that Dan Bohi is leading many into?

These are just a few concerns out of many others I have heard in his sermons, and I recommend you listen to some of these in their entirety (see below).  It is a Christian’s responsibility to warn others of error in someone’s teaching.  I know some have tried to contact Mr. Bohi about these concerns, but no response has come.  This fact makes it even more important to let others know of these teachings and claims that cannot be backed up scripturally.


Mr. Bohi also has shown a failure to confront the emergent teachings in the church, even while holding revival services at emergent churches, as well as churches that have been influenced by false teacher Bill Johnson.  There is no evidence that he publicly confronts the errors of those who promote the emergent false teachings.  How will these folks get the message that they are wallowing in a false gospel, if the evangelist does not confront them directly with their error?  The answer is, they will not get the message, and instead, will go home thinking all is fine, because they were not confronted with the truth.    I do not accept the reasoning that he is has been called to preach the Gospel only, and has some kind of exemption for not marking those who promote a false gospel.  Scripture says that a teacher is actually to be held to a higher standard than others.

Mr. Bohi needs to speak out against the specific false teachings, and perhaps he may lose some churches from his schedule.  But what is more important?  I don’t know why he does not do it, although others have excused him for not speaking out.  Yet, there is no biblical basis for any Christian to not speak out against false teaching, especially someone who has such greater responsibility.  I am responsible, you are responsible, and so is Mr. Bohi even more.

Yet, the problem is this.  Mr. Bohi needs to get his teaching straightened out before he can even call out the false teachers.  I believe he is sincere in his intentions, but his intentions are being misguided by faulty doctrine which seems to be taking us back to a time in the Church of the Nazarene when we rejected “experiencing God” in a way that does not line up with scripture.

As always, those in error need to be prayed for, even as we call out their errors.  We who are bringing this attention to you know we are risking some friendships, because many of you have a great liking for Mr. Bohi.  If I was to meet him, I would probably also like him, and he seems to be a very nice man with an engaging personality.  But that is not the question here.  The question is, is his doctrine and teaching solid?  It does not appear to be.

I hope you take the time to seriously consider these issues as we discuss additional concerns about Dan Bohi’s teaching.  I will be re-posting Tim Wirth’s article next week after you have had time to research and pray about what I have said here.

I have included links below to several of Mr. Bohi’s sermons.  If possible, listen to them in their entirety and judge for yourselves as to his teaching.  We will continue to examine more of his teaching and also include testimony from others who have listened to him.

Judge his teaching and preaching, but judge it by the word of God. My sincere prayer that from this warning and others, Mr. Bohi will reject any imaginations that come into his mind, and stick squarely with the word of God, taking nothing from it, and not adding anything to it.

Manny Silva

Sermon links:

Take Another Drink:

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When Your “Favorite” Christian Leader Is In Serious Error, How Do You Respond?

Scripture teaches over and over that we are to separate from error.  We are told to “have nothing with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather reprove them” (Eph. 5:11).  2 Cor. 6:14 says to not be yoked together with unbelievers. 

I am continually amazed, but also not surprised, at the fast pace of compromise in the Christian world, year after year.  We are watching once solid leaders ignoring biblical principles of separation as they turn to hold hands with almost anyone who declares themselves Christian, in spite of clear evidence of apostate behavior.  As Ken Silva points out in his recent article (David Barton Controversy), one leader after another is becoming involved in various joint ventures to unite all “Christians” with the goal of making the world a better place.


The latest compromise is the Under God Indivisible Leadership Conference.  It was held on July 27 and was described as “people of faith across the nation come together to call on God for the next Great Awakening.”  In Pastor Ken’s article excerpt below, you will see what I mean by the compromise that has happened with such prominent and supposedly solid Christian leaders such as Ravi Zacharias, David Jeremiah, and Franklin Graham


Concern #1: The Leaders Who Compromise

Ravi Zacharias has shown signs of compromise in the past, so it is not the first.  I was first taken aback when Ravi shared the stage with leaders of the Mormon church at their conference, and never once made it clear that that the Jesus of Mormonism is not the same Jesus of true Christianity.  Then there was the time where he made a reference to Henri Nouwen as “one of the greatest saints of recent memory.”  (video, at 5:45).
Nouwen was a Roman Catholic monk who blended Eastern mysticism with Christianity.  Ravi also spoke at New Age heretic Robert Schuller’s ReThink conference.  How hard has Ravi fallen down?  And how much more compromise will he make in the direction of apostasy?

David Jeremiah is another who has made a terrible mistake by joining hands with this group.  Jeremiah already has compromised in the past.  He wrote a great book that exposed the New Age, but now he himself is promoting contemplative mysticism.  Then there are well known evangelicals like Tony Evans, James Robison, and David Barton.  They all decided to join the bandwagon of this ecumenical movement alongside false teachers such as John Hagee, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, and also with Roman Catholic leaders such as Jonathan Morris and Robert Sirico.  The lineup also included prominent political commentator Glen Beck, a Mormon who is fast becoming accepted as a fellow “Christian” by evangelical Christians.  Why is this happening, and why are they sharing the stage with Beck?


There are many others.  The full lineup of speakers who compromised that evening is listed at the end, and you can listen to each of them here.  Although the video is nearly three hours long, you will be able to jump any section to listen to a specific speaker.  


Concern #2: Christians Who Do Not Like It When Their “Favorites” Are Called Out

From time to time, I get a disapproving email from someone when I mention a favorite of theirs who has compromised the Gospel.  I have been criticized for mentioning such popular folks as Beth Moore, for instance, who has been shown to not only be biblically unsound, but who is favorably promoting contemplative spirituality.  I’ve been told not to “go there”  as I continue my investigation of popular evangelist Dan Bohi and some of his teachings and associations, which I will be reporting on soon.  As I bring to light information on what he is preaching, and what he is claiming to have done, and who he associates with- I wonder, what will you say?

I have no doubt… in fact I am certain to lose some friends after that comes out.

Yet, as Christians we are not to show favoritism towards any teacher or preacher if they start to teach anything that is contrary to God’s word.  We should not overlook someone’s error and give them a free pass if it contradicts Holy Scripture.  No one is above scrutiny except the One who is above scrutiny.

Most of you would in principle agree with what I just said, but in practice, some of you fail at following this principle when your own “ox is being gored.”  In other words, it depends on whether the criticism of that teacher goes against your own interests or not.  This is dangerous territory, and is an indication of clouded judgment at best, and worse, an indication that you are experiencing deception that could continue to get worse and worse for you.  What in the world is going on, when so many of these “great” leaders are continuing to fall by the wayside, and at the same time, so many of you cannot see the obvious right in front of your noses?


I shudder to think how much worse it will get, but I believe it is going to get much worse.  We are seeing signs all around of a widening apostasy, and it seems the true Christian church will be comprised of small groups scattered around the world, while the majority of “Christians” will become part of a worldwide unity of false Christians and other religions under the leadership of the Anti-Christ.  There are certainly no indications in Scripture that the end times will bring a great revival in the church, as so many are saying will happen.  Rather, Scripture clearly tells is that many will fall away from the truth, and the love of many will grow cold.


Beware of making idols of your favorite preacher, teacher or pastor.  It could come back to bite you very hard, and in turn could cause damage to those closest to you.


Manny Silva


Additional References:

You will be able to listen to each speaker by jumping to their own section at this video of the conference:

Speakers: David Jeremiah, Fr. Jonathan Morris, Betty Robison, Ravi Zacharias, Dr. Tony Evans, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, James Robison, Dr. Richard Land, Dr. Frank Pavone. Ken Hutcherson, Kenneth Copeland, Dr. Jim Garlow, Rabbi Aryeh Spero, Rev. Robert Sirico, John Hagee, Robert Morris, Jay Richards, Gloria Copeland, Bishop Harry Jackson, Chris Hodges, David Uth, Mark Gonzalas, Dean Nelson