Nowhere to Run

By John Henderson

I expect that the recent election results have been a sobering and shocking revelation to decent-minded folks.  It is especially true of Christians because we are keenly aware of the Bible’s prophecies of the end of the age and see many of the foretold events unfolding right before our eyes.  We have seen it approaching for many years but somehow consoled ourselves that it was still a future thing.  Well, that future is someone’s present and this might be what we are in.

I know there have always been those who have falsely declared that certain events of their day marked the time.  This is not speculation anymore.  It is too obvious to be that.  I look at the trees around my home at the end of summer and know that winter is just around the corner.  It is unmistakable.

Perhaps we finally realize that elections will not solve the spiritual maladies of our earth.  Elections work only for a people who are first right before God.  We have not been right before God for a long time and the infestation has only increased.  Look at the 2012 results across America.  Just to mention a few:  legalized marijuana for those over 21 in Colorado; an openly lesbian U.S. senator for the first time; the reelection of moral and mental buffoons in Florida; the election of a jail-bird over a war hero in Florida; approval of gay marriages; and on and on across the nation.  Then, we have the re-election of the most openly corrupt administration in the history of this country.  Already, those who believed the lies once more are demanding their rewards for support.  They will never get them.

And the drumbeat of coming judgment goes on.  Men who think they are somehow above God will soon meet with the horrible truth that they are still mere mortals before a God of judgment who once could have been their God of mercy.

Behind all of this, and largely contributing to it, is the backslidden church.  The church that once stood tall and bold for the truth of God is wildly and openly rebellious against all truth.  She prefers the lie, and the “Bride of Christ” on earth has morphed into the whore of Babylon.  She gleefully plays with postmodern and new age toys and dances with the heathen without once telling them that Jesus will save them from their sins.  They join in frivolous games and abandon prevailing prayer and learning the Word of God.  Being at church is so much more fun and relevant to the world now.  Pass the donuts, tea, and coffee and let us sing, dance, and laugh until it is time to go home—the home we reach by passing scores of lost souls along the way.  But why bother with that.  The blind cannot lead the blind.

We Christians can easily become frustrated with the shrinking resources of real Christian fellowship and support.  As churches and denominations die in their souls, we look around and can find many more of their kind than of the old-fashioned gospel kind.  We seem to have no place to run.  We may be pursued but we will never be overtaken if we keep moving towards Christ.  We may often be very alone, but He has promised to never leave or forsake us.  He will be with us all the way through to the glorious end.

“Unto them that look for Him shall he appear the second time, without sin unto salvation” (Hebrews 9:28).  Those who are so engrossed in the ways and thoughts of this world-order will not be looking for Jesus to return.  They will be caught off guard with no time to repent when He breaks through the clouds.  Those who think they are sitting on top of the world will find out it is about to catch fire.  Someone once told me to hold firmly to the promises of Christ and hold loosely to the things of the world.  Jesus’ promises will never fail and everything of this world will melt with fervent heat.  Its ashes will blow away in the winds of God’s wrath.  I still believe that old slogan:  “Only one life, ‘twill soon be past.  Only what’s done for Christ will last.”

Dr. Gran’pa
(John Henderson)

2 responses to “Nowhere to Run

  1. John,

    I do not dispute your comments for the times we appear to be in. Yes a lot of liberals were elected who do not morally represent many. However, the good news is that this previous election should continue to awaken the true church out of her slumber and keep her alert and aware of the times. As well, we should also begin to see a church that gets bolder in America pointing a people to the cross. I did not put much hope in this election cycle to begin with so I was not as crushed as perhaps so many were. If the truth of the liberals was more well known I think the results would been different. But just like the gospel truth is so rare these days, so was the truth of candidates hard to find. In our county in Florida the conservatives worked hard to get the truth out about the candidates and the results for our local elections were amazing. For the first time in decades the conservative vote won in almost every single decision. Had the same results make it nationwide it would have been a different election. This revealed to me that people’s hearts that are revealed the truth will respond, it’s just getting the truth to them. We certainly have our work cut out for us as America’s , but it’s not gloom and doom yet, because the church is alive and moving forward. In my local church we had a youth service recently and 7 out of 10 teens leading ALL gave solid testimonies to being entirely sanctified and living above sin. Where else is God saving the souls of teens, but also entirely sanctifying them? If my local church youth are on fire and our local county can reverse the typical election results then God can do it everywhere. Let us not be overwhelmed with the national results but rather with laser focus penetrate the hearts and lives in our immediate spear of influence and watch God give us a grand and great awakening yet in America community by community.

  2. Matthew [11:20] “Then He began to rebuke the cities in which most of His mighty works had been done, because they did not repent:” Apparently to whom much is given, much more is required of them as Jesus points out in His rebuke of them.

    Matthew [11:24] Jesus gives those of His day and our day a severe warning against rejecting the gospel. In contrast Jesus is saying those who have been judged and damned for over four thousand years it will be more tolerable for them than those who have rejected His light of the gospel. “But I say to you that it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment than for you.”

    Given the direction our nation is going morally, and all the turmoil that is happening across our land, I can only conclude that we are under God’s rebuke.. Like the Israelites in Samuels day, the people of America (not all thank God) have spoken and God has given them the desire of their heart. May God have mercy.

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