The Destructive Careless Ease of Fools

By John Henderson

Proverbs 1:22-31 – “How long will you simpletons love naiveté? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge?  If only you will respond to my rebuke, then I will pour out my thoughts to you and I will make my words known to you.  However, because I called but you refused to listen, because I stretched out my hand but no one paid attention, because you neglected all my advice, and did not comply with my rebuke, so I myself will laugh when disaster strikes you, I will mock when what you dread comes, when what you dread comes like a whirlwind, and disaster strikes you like a devastating storm, when distressing trouble comes on you.  Then they will call to me, but I will not answer; they will diligently seek me, but they will not find me. Because they hated moral knowledge, and did not choose to fear the Lord, they did not comply with my advice, they spurned all my rebuke. Therefore they will eat from the fruit of their way, and they will be stuffed full of their own counsel. For the waywardness of the  simpletons will kill them, and the careless ease of fools will destroy them.  But the one who listens to me will live in security, and will be at ease from the dread of harm.” (NET Bible)

Where to begin!  Where to begin!  These eleven verses summarize the conditions of our religious and secular culture in ways that I find disturbing because of their clarity and precision.  The frustrations of trying to get just regular people to stop and listen then turn seriously to the Lord in prayer and supplication feels like one is standing in a dense forest shouting to the trees that a massive fire is approaching with gale force.  They will just stand there and be consumed in the fire.

The world is plunging deeper and deeper into its sin and lostness mainly because the church is largely lulled into apathy by the same delusions that grip the lost souls.  When the modern emergent movement stepped up and declared that the church was no longer viable in reaching beyond its borders, it was right in one sense but they offered wrong and fatal solutions.  We bought into postmodern thinking and became victims ourselves rather than emissaries of God’s truth.  We believed our methods were not working when we weren’t even using them in the first place.  We had already laid aside the gospel tools that always won souls for the more flimsy but shinier ideas of carnal advancements; and what would still work, if only they were used, was left to rust.

We forgot that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and went after the allurements of the world’s wisdom, somehow thinking God needed something different than the “old fashioned” gospel message.  We became simpletons and fools in our own “wisdom” and thought that somehow God would come over to our way of thinking.  The Bible became irrelevant, even unneeded [it had a lot of “errors in it, you know, because Professor I-know-best said so and who were we to question such prestige and knowledge].  Our message shifted from “thus saith the Lord” to “thus saith the sages of New Age Postmodernism.”

We can easily find just about anything going on in church buildings and environments except intercessory praying and learning the Word of God.  No longer can we really say with the Psalmist, “Thy Word have I hid in mine heart that I might not sin against Thee.”  We ask for prayers for our lost loved ones but we are nearer to joining them in Hell soon enough than they are of becoming born again.  How many of our lost loved ones, if they were honest and frank, would tell us that they are convicted of their sins from watching how we live?

You can turn on just about any news program and see astounding foolishness that challenges sanity itself.  The examples are abundant.  You may sit there half-asleep and with your brain in neutral and hear such outlandish pronouncements from government and religious “leaders”, supplemented by equally bizarre statements of commentators, that you shake your head to throw off the bombardment of “stuff” that makes no sense at all.  I often remark aloud that the inmates have the keys to the insane asylums and the sane are locked behind the bars.

In the United States and the entire world, we have picked up speed towards divine judgment, if for only two reasons (but actually more): wanton abortion and the embracing of homosexuality in every way possible.  God will not be mocked by this travesty much longer.  Sodom and Gomorra will look like a wiener cook-out by comparison when sudden destruction hits. Pompous officials and arrogant clergy may smirk, strut, and gloat for now, reveling in their self-indulgence, but it will end much sooner than they expect.  Their kind learned that the hard way in times gone by and, today, they have learned nothing at all from history.

I have received messages many times from people who say they feel so isolated in the church that they just do not know where to turn.  What they once knew and could always expect has suddenly been booted from their congregations and they have often been obliged to also go away.  Once-vibrant churches where filled pews and balconies at least three times a week heard the clear message of life are struggling to just hold itself together.  For them, there is more space than needed for the people now and the finances are draining away.  Their messages are so watered down and compromised that a spiritual soul can hardly hear truth at all that lifts and encourages the heart in Christian service.

This is happening to entire denominations in some instances with no promise of rebounding if things remain as they are.  That which once sent forth clear messages of life filled with Biblical truth now exudes empty substitutes of sham gospel messages.  The Word has been replaced by any “ole” word.  The authority of the Scriptures is set aside for the vain philosophies and useless opinions of godless men and women.

Where does the faithful child of God go from here?  Our answer is only in the Scriptures.  God has made promises that He will not break and no man can nullify.  One of those promises is that He will never leave us or forsake us.  He asks that we faint not but keep looking for His return.  He is coming again just as surely as He has said He would.  It is more certain than the rising and setting of the sun or the rising and falling of the tide.  Jesus will come again right on schedule—God’s schedule.

Psalm 56:11 – “In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.”

Psalm 118:6 – “The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?”


Dr. Gran’pa
(John Henderson)
[NOTICE:  ANYTHING I write over this signature may be copied or shared with others and is deemed as published material unless otherwise stated herein]


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Humans Are A Plague On The Earth?

“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.Luke 12:6-7

“We are a plague on the Earth. It’s coming home to roost over the next 50 years or so. It’s not just climate change; it’s sheer space, places to grow food for this enormous horde. Either we limit our population growth or the natural world will do it for us, and the natural world is doing it for us right now,”

This is what was said in an interview on The Telegraph, by famed British broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough.  So now, Mr. Attenborough has joined the ranks of intellectuals who have devalued human life and worship the created rather than the Creator.  The “plague on humanity” is not what God has created.  Instead, the real plague is the sin in the hearts of men such as Attenborough who fail to understand who God is, and why He created us in the first place.  The only thing he did not specify here is: just how we are to go about limiting population growth?  Besides abortion, perhaps we should consider euthanizing those who society might deem unfit for living anymore, or are too much of a burden on the rest of us?

Wait, that’s already happening, is it not?  In Holland, since 2002, doctors are now deciding whose life has more value, and putting to death many patients.  Euthanasia, a horrific crime, has now become another medical procedure in Holland.  In fact, according to the Patients Rights Council, a person may qualify for euthanasia or assisted suicide if the doctor “holds the conviction that the patient’s suffering is lasting and unbearable.” [Chapter II, Article 2, 1b]  There is no requirement that the suffering be physical or that the patient be terminally ill.
David Attenborough should be pleased at this.  That should help reduce population growth somewhat.

And not to be outdone, the state of Oregon is the first state in the United States to put assisted suicide on the books.  Well, that should help just a little bit more, so Oregon is doing their part now to help deal with the population explosion.  But there’s more than just talking people into a state of hopelessness about their lives.  Patient Barbara Wagner was denied life-saving chemotherapy by the Oregon Health Plan, and instead offered suicide as a course of treatment.  Wagner told ABC News, “It was horrible. I got a letter in the mail that basically said if you want to take the pills, we will help you get that from the doctor and we will stand there and watch you die. But we won’t give you the medication to live.”  (Mrs. Wagner has since passed away).  As far as I know, only Holland and the state of Oregon allow assisted suicide instances of this type of thing.  For now.  Just give it time.

Let’s now recall in the recent inauguration how President Barack Hussein Obama put his hand on not one but two Bibles and took an oath to defend the Constitution.  What the many adoring, and some would say worshipful, fans there that day don’t seem to understand (or don’t care), is that he has failed to speak up for and defend the most helpless in society, in spite of the declaration in the Constitution that all humans have a right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  Perhaps Mr. Obama’s callous disregard for life while in the Illinois Senate, when he voted AGAINST protecting a baby that was born live after a botched abortion,  was just one of the solutions that would be okay with the Attenboroughs of the world who are so concerned about overpopulation.

It was Mr. Obama who said in 2008, regarding his daughters: “but, if they make a mistake, I don’t want to punish them with a baby.”  This is a professing Christian who supports the killing of innocent human lives, to the point of killing them AFTER they are born.  And to have a cavalier attitude as this, where he would regard a baby as a punishment, is outrageous and immoral.  David Attenborough and others of like thinking perhaps would say “it’s a start” as an answer to the question “what is 55 million dead unborn babies since 1973?”

As someone said several years ago, the culture of death is all around us.  This month is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, that monumental decision by the Supreme Court that has unleashed a killing field with numbers growing beyond 55 million children and counting.  Not to mention the countless women this procedure has brought harm too, and the families destroyed as a result of what has been overwhelmingly a decision for convenience, and not much else.  Want to see how many in the liberal left feel about this anniversary, and how they celebrate it?  Perhaps most of them will not be so publicly blatant as this video shows (, but what’s the difference when they do not say a word to defend the innocents?  There is no difference, because they condone it, and the most shameful thing is when Christians, including many pastors, who shut their mouths and do not say a word about it.  I find it a bit ironic that the man who is in the video is a black man, because the original founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, was a racist who wanted to use abortion as a means of wiping out as many blacks as possible. (  Quote: “We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

When I pause and write posts like this outside the usual items I write about, such as the emergent church movement and all the corrupt teachers in our pulpits and seminaries, it reminds me that all these things share the same common theme.  It matters not whether you like to repeat the word “Jesus” over and over again and pretend you are talking to God, or that you support the right of a “woman to choose”, or that you think same sex marriage is compatible with Christianity, or that animals somehow are more important than what God created in His own image.  It’s all the same.  It is blatant disobedience to God and His holy word, whether you claim to be a Christian or not.

For the Christians, or those professing to be one, judgment is coming sooner than we have ever thought, in my opinion, based on the condition of not only the unbelievers who are in rebellion to God, but the professing believers who are complicit in allowing these ideas and actions to be promulgated unchecked by way of their silence.  Judgment starts in God’s house, does it not?


David Attenborough:

Euthanasia in Holland:

Barbara Wagner:

Taking A Stand Against Anti-Christian Leaders:

Why We Do What We Do

Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him.”  John 14:21

My friend John Henderson sent a message recently to his email list, and it very accurately reflects what drives me and many others who are in the middle of this spiritual battle with Satan’s minions who are busy trying to destroy the church from within.  I thought I would share this with you as well.  Christians who are solely interested in the truth of God’s word, and could care less about losing friends, will relate to this.  Oh, we do want to keep rather than lose friends, but certainly not if we have to compromise in any way in order to please others.  That is not and never will be our mission, God willing.  As John states at the end, “My time is short and I cannot waste what remains on mundane things.  There is a final judgment just ahead.”

By John Henderson:

I use emails and online posts primarily as a ministry to which I feel called by God and to which I am deeply committed.  It is not a ministry I chose for myself but came to realize I should join with those who share a deep concern for the authority and integrity of the Scriptures and the traditions of the evangelistic movement in general and the Wesleyan holiness movement in particular..

There came a point in these my latter years where the departures and compromises from Biblical doctrine and tradition among Wesleyans and other evangelicals I had observed over time had come to a head and had erupted mainly in the form of the emergent church movement where the Scriptures were questioned, the divinity of Christ was challenged, Eastern and New Age mysticism was replacing Christian worship, and a Biblical stance on sinful behaviors and attitudes such as homosexuality were being openly softened.

I came across a group of like-minded Christians through a Facebook site, Concerned Nazarenes. It is a Nazarene group that includes a coalition of Christians from several Wesleyan denominations and is in fellowship with like-minded Christians of non-Wesleyan groups.  It seemed right that I should identify with them.

Our only objective is the protection, defense, proclamation, and preservation of Biblical truth.  We are not concerned with personalities and never attack persons themselves.  We only address the content and context of what leaders, writers, and others among us and elsewhere state or write for public consumption.  Names often come up in connection with one’s own statements and we do not hide it because they have not hidden their own identity.  In spite of that, we labor to avoid engaging in character assassinations and the use of ad hominem methods.[1]  We will bend over backwards if necessary before we will do that.  At the same time, we will not, by way of illustration, redefine a mugger as a troubled victim of society and we will not kowtow to those preaching heresy as misguided saints.  They speak for themselves and we do not seek to smooth over what they reveal of themselves by their own words and actions.

On the other hand, we typically receive responses from leaders and others using ad hominem methods where we are personally attacked in some apparent attempt to avoid dealing with issues they have no Biblical answers for.  I am not aware of one instance where those who disagree with us have actually engaged us in objective debate.  I am, however, aware of several instances where we have been refused participation in objective and public discussions that include mutually respectful appeals to legitimate (Biblical) authority—or whatever other authority they want to appeal to.  The characteristic responses we receive instead are zingers, insults, and false (un-supported) accusations—often against our own personal characters.  We are more likely to be shut off than faced; especially if there is a chance others may observe or become aware of the exchanges.  We are unafraid of open public discussions but are usually refused when we have offered it.

A common criticism of us is that we are troublemakers.  That means that we have raised serious questions about important changes in our denominations and churches that we are expected to accept on the basis of their unconditional authority.  They have never answered our questions on any topic where they have offered evidence that agrees with the inerrant Scriptures.

Those of us who do not unquestionably accept major changes in doctrine and practice among us are then branded as troublemakers.  As such “troublemakers” we are not allowed a place at the table of ideas.  That means that we must put forth our message in other ways.  This is one of my own efforts to hold forth the light of Truth as it is in Christ and His Scriptures. I care for nothing else and have no personal agenda in these matters.

Some say we think of ourselves as sole possessors of truth. It is not that at all.  We are possessed by the Truth and choose to not deviate from it but to stand by it at any personal cost.  We know that the only truth is in Christ and that the Bible is totally true without exception because He is its Author.  No man and no system can stand above that.

All of what I write of these kinds of topics follows this principle.  I am committed to it.  I believe it to be what God has given me to do.  My time is short and I cannot waste what remains on mundane things.  There is a final judgment just ahead.  We shall all be there.

If you are comfortable with that, I welcome you to my email list.  If you are not comfortable with it, please let me know and I will honor your wishes without prejudice.

P.S.   You might see this letter or something like it in the future if I add another group.

[1] Ad hominem: Attacking an opponent’s character rather than answering his argument; or, appealing to one’s prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one’s intellect or reason.


[RECOMMENDED MINISTRY: Intermountain Christian News.  ICN publishes primarily for Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming.  Dr. Anthony Harper’s ministry reaches many churches and businesses.  He is a member of the White House Media Pool, and is always ready to ask difficult questions related to government and its role in relation to Christians and their religious freedom.  ICN’s Vision statement says: “To be a conservative weekly non denominational evangelistic newspaper in newsprint, DVD format and via our web site with distribution at as many secular locations in our Intermountain region where secular newspapers are distributed.”  Dr. harper has boldly published stories that many other Christian newspapers will not print, and has taken a hit for speaking the truth about the apostasy around us.  We need to support ministries like this and make sure they continue for  along time.  Please visit ICN, and I encourage you if you can to subscribe and support in any other way you can for this faithful ministry]

Pastors Stand Against Same Sex Marriage In Rhode Island

Although there are 30 states that have constitutional bans on same sex marriage, 2012 was a big year for proponents who are pushing for “marriage equality.”  In the 2012 elections, Maryland, Washington, and Maine passed same sex marriage laws, with Maine being the first done through popular vote.  They joined seven other states that already allowed same sex marriages: Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Washington D.C.  Several other states recognize civil unions.  (Minnesota defeated a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage, so that was a victory for that lobby.   President Obama, a professing Christian, supports same sex marriage, as does his vice-president Joe Biden.  Obama also issued an executive order which has repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the military, allowing homosexual soldiers to openly serve in the armed services.

This is only one indicator of crumbling moral values in America.  What disturbs me most however is the trend in the “evangelical Christian” churches to either support same sex marriage, or become silent over the issue.  I was struck recently by the news that Louis Giglio, who was scheduled to do the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration, backed out when it was reported that several years ago he preached against same sex marriage.  Here is what he said then:

“We must lovingly but firmly respond to the aggressive agenda of not all, but of many in the homosexual community. … Underneath this issue is a very powerful and aggressive moment. That movement is not a benevolent movement, it is a movement to seize by any means necessary the feeling and the mood of the day, to the point where the homosexual lifestyle becomes accepted as a norm in our society and is given full standing as any other lifestyle, as it relates to family,”

And now, instead of taking the opportunity to re-affirm a strong biblical stance on the issue, Giglio, who is also unsound in some of his theology, instead stated that he refused to be a part of the gay debate:

“Clearly, speaking on this issue has not been in the range of my priorities in the past fifteen years. Instead, my aim has been to call people to ultimate significance as we make much of Jesus Christ.”  Read more at

 So much for making it clear that homosexuality is still a sin and an abomination before God.

The Obama administration has selected an openly gay poet, Richard Blanco, to read a poem he has written for the inauguration.  Giglio’s replacement is yet to be named.  I believe it will either be a gay-affirming pastor, or one who will try to remain neutral and will not be clear about homosexual sin.  The Inaugural Committeee spokeswoman stated:

“As we now work to select someone to deliver the benediction, we will ensure their beliefs reflect this administration’s vision of inclusion and acceptance for all Americans,”

 Not a surprise, since Obama’s picks for such events have typically been double-minded or blatantly pro-gay or ecumenical “pastors”, such as Rick Warren.  Remember his prayer at Obama’s first inauguration, implying that the Jesus of Christianity is the same as the Issa of Islam?  You see, President Obama’s administration is clearly exhibiting a disgraceful lack of tolerance for any pastor who has ever spoken out against homosexual sin.  It is the new persecution of Christians with biblical views, by the very people who proclaim to be the most tolerant and accepting of differences in society.

Which leads me to my main point.  There are still some principled pastors in Rhode Island and surrounding areas who are willing to let it be known their position on same sex marriage.  I am sure these pastors realize the “dangers” that come with openly defying political correctness, ecumenical New-Evangelicals and the emergent church crowd, and the religionists of secular humanism.  Consequences could included but not be limited to losing some church members along with the benefits of the tithes and offerings that come with them.  They will certainly lose some invitations to various “Christian” gatherings.  And of course, they will be labeled as hateful, anti-gay, narrow-minded bigots who do not understand that God loves and accepts everyone.

So thank you to these pastors who signed the Rhode Island resolution to defend traditional marriage.  (This does not mean necessarily that any pastor not on the list supports same sex marriage, but I do know that there is a coalition of “Christian” churches that are supporting same sex marriage).  If your pastor is on this list, thank him for signing on.  I recognized several and I intend to write them a word of encouragement for their stand.  It is better to stand for the truth of God’s word, than to embrace the accolades of secular society and rebellious “pastors” and apostate churches such as the Episcopal Church and the ELCA.
Whether their stand makes a difference in halting same sex marriage is not the point at all.  It may not, as clearly this country is falling apart morally, calling the evil things good, while calling good “evil.”

It matters only their faithfulness to the word of God, does it not?  If you are in Rhode Island, and your pastor is not on this list, please encourage him to take a bold stand for the word of God.

Rhode Island List of Pastors Signing The Petition Against Same Sex Marriage:

(P.S.  There will be a hearing held on January 15th at approximately 5:00 PM, in Room 313 of the Rhode Island State House, for those who can come and stand up for marriage.


By Bible Believing Pastors and Church Leaders of Rhode Island


Relative to bill H-5015 before the RI General Assembly

WHEREAS, The laws of nature, human reason, and thousands of years of human tradition in all cultures have always affirmed marriage to be a heterosexual institution; and

WHEREAS, Our own society has been based from the beginning on the Judeo-Christian ethic which defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman; and

WHEREAS, The Bible and Jesus Christ in particular define marriage as a heterosexual union between one man and one woman (Genesis 1:27; 2:24; Matthew 19:4-6); and

WHEREAS, Monogamous heterosexual marriage, involving the intimate, permanent union between the two complementary sexes, male and female, is uniquely and naturally suited to fulfill our deepest needs for human companionship; and

WHEREAS, Under normal circumstances, children are best nurtured in the context of a two parent family, where appropriate male behavior is modeled by a loving father and appropriate female behavior is modeled by a loving mother; and

WHEREAS, Heterosexual marriage provides the strong moral, social, and economic foundation for both family and community life; and

WHEREAS, The Bible in both the Old Testament and the New Testament clearly and specifically forbids homosexual conduct – as well as all other forms of sexual misconduct outside the bounds of heterosexual marriage (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10; 1 Timothy 1:8-11); and

WHEREAS, The Bible plainly declares that God loves all people, regardless of their lifestyle, and that he accepts, forgives, heals, and transforms all who come to him in genuine repentance and faith; and

WHEREAS, It is the function of government to provide for the common good of society, to protect marriage and family life, and to promote social righteousness; and

WHEREAS, Civil laws play a decisive role in influencing patterns of thought and behavior in society; and

WHEREAS, Our concern as clergy is not merely to preserve the institution of heterosexual marriage as a religious rite within our own denominations but to preserve the well-being of marriage and family life throughout our state and society; and

WHEREAS, The passage of laws legalizing the marriage of two persons of the same gender will force the teaching of the validity of this lifestyle in the public schools of our state; and

WHEREAS, The passage of laws legalizing the marriage of two persons of the same gender will place persons of conscience who oppose such unions for moral reasons in jeopardy before the law in their business and legal relationships;

Now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED, That we urge our General Assembly to defeat H-5015, which broadens the definition of persons eligible to marry to include persons of the same gender; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we commit ourselves to upholding the sanctity of monogamous heterosexual marriage in our churches and local communities both by our preaching and teaching and by our marriage practices; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we commit ourselves to strongly deplore any hateful speech or violent behavior toward persons of a homosexual lifestyle, such speech and behavior being incompatible with Christian love; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That we commit ourselves to proclaim the love of God toward all persons, whatever their lifestyle, and to offer the hope of forgiveness, acceptance, wholeness, and transformation to all who come to him in genuine repentance and faith; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED, That we welcome people of all lifestyles to attend the public services of our churches so that they might discover and experience the forgiving grace of God in their lives as we have in our own lives.

SIGNED AND AGREED to 9 January 2013

Alejandro Gaete- Church of the Master, Providence

Alexander Kollie- Solid Rock Assembly of God Church 1753 Phenix Avenue, Cranston

Alexander Martinez- Anchor Baptist Church, Cranston

Archie Emerson- Ocean State Baptist Church, Smithfield

Bernie Norman- Faith Bible Chapel, Westerly

Bill Balson- Stillwater Fellowship, Hope

Bill Reynolds- Beacon Free Will Baptist Church, Exeter

Bryan Speroni-Community Baptist Church, Pascoag

Clinton Smith Sr. – Narragansett Bay Baptist Church, East Greenwich

Chris Baker- Knotty Oak Baptist Church, Coventry

Dave Aucoin- Abundant Life Assembly of God, Swansea

Dan Carrillo, New Hope Chapel, Hope Valley, Rhode Island

Dan Crichton – Grace Bible Church, Cranston

Dave Gadoury- Cranston Christian Fellowship, Cranston

Dave Medeiros- Harvest Community Church, Woonsocket

David Lachance- Christian Hill Community Church, West Warwick

David Smith- Faith Baptist Church, Warwick

D. Paul Lawrence- American Baptists Churches of RI

Don Stiles- Calvary Baptist Church, Narragansett

Doug Brandenburg- Narragansett Bay Baptist Church, East Greenwich

Douglas W. Tourgee- Riverpoint Advent Christian Church, West Warwick

Drew Boyd-First Baptist Church of Warwick, Warwick

Emmanuel D.T. Bautista- Frenchtown Baptist Church, East Greenwich

Ernie Robillard- First Baptist Church in East Providence, Rumford

Gary Muniz- North Kingstown Assembly of God, North Kingstown

Gene Giguere- Harvest Community Church, Woonsocket

George Barclay, Norwood Baptist Church, Warwick

George Warren- New Hope Baptist Church, Pascoag

Hugh Fisher- Narragansett Bay Baptist Church, East Greenwich

Jeffrey R. Francoeur- Colonial Baptist Church, Rumford

Jim Menzies- Perryville Bible Church, Wakefield

Jim Ricci- Cranston Christian Fellowship, Cranston

Jim Sole- Quidnessett Baptist Church, North Kingstown

Joe Campbell- Quidneck Baptist Church, Coventry

Joel Fraser- Narragansett Bay Baptist Church, East Greenwich

John Gibson- Heritage Christian Fellowship, Warwick

John Goasdone- First Baptist Church of Narragansett

John Lawson- Cranston Bible Chapel, Cranston

John Wheeler- Stony Lane Baptist Church, North Kingstown

Jonathan Angell- North Kingstown Assembly of God, North Kingstown

Keith Mlyniec- West Kingston Baptist Church, West Kingston

Lester Sedam III- Pilgrims Baptist Church, Ashaway

Lyle Mook- Christ Church, East Greenwich

Mark Cote- Jamestown Chapel, Jamestown

Mark Galloway- the Church of The Apostles, Coventry

Michael Hamilton- North Tiverton Baptist Church, North Tiverton

Michael J. Ives- Presbyterian Reformed Church of R.I, East Greenwich

Michael Link- Quidnessett Baptist Church, North Kingstown

Mike Sokoll- Providence Baptist Church, Providence

Nash Desent-Historic Baptist Church, North Kingstown

Norman Seiders, Warwick Church of Christ, Warwick

Olivier Bala- Mount Hope Community Baptist Church, Providence

Paul Chapman- Curtis Corner Baptist Church- Wakefield

Paul Martins- Barrington Baptist Church, Barrington

Peter Atkin- Living Hope Christian Church, North Kingstown

Phil Curtis- Exeter Chapel, Exeter

Randy Lewis- Blackstone Valley Baptist Church, Cumberland

Ray Tierney- Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Providence

Rich Chapman- Calvary Chapel Greenmeadow, North Kingstown

Richard K. Leahey- Solid Rock Church, Cranston

Rick Ferris President – C12 Group So. New England

Robert Akinrimisi Lighthouse Gospel Ministries, Providence

Robert Burnock – Darlington Congregational Church, Pawtucket

Robert Mathis- Friendship Baptist Church, Warwick

Robert Santaniello- Exeter Chapel, Exeter

Roger L. Stafford- Chepachet Union Church, Chepachet

Scott Aiken- North Scituate Advent Christian Church, North Scituate

Scott Finkbeiner- Shannock Baptist Church, Shannock

Scott Tucker- Calvary Baptist Church, Middletown

Steve Bacon- Harvest Community Church, Woonsocket

Steve Boyce- New Life Worship Center, Smithfield

Steve Martel- Harvest Community Church, Woonsocket

Stephen DeSantis – Warwick Assembly of God, Warwick

Timothy Kuhn- Bible Baptist Church, Central Falls

Todd Stricklin- Narragansett Bay Baptist Church, East Greenwich

Tony Phelps- Christ Our Hope Presbyterian Church, Peace Dale

Sue Monk Kidd, Guideposts and Its Founder Norman Vincent Peale

Apostasy is spreading everywhere throughout the “Christian” world, and the command by God’s Holy word to “test all things” has never been more appropriate as is now.  No resource, organization, or person, no matter what reputation it has had through the years, should be exempt from scrutiny.  I have found that to be the case with Guideposts, and wish to issue a serious warning for Christians to avoid anything produced by this organization which, when examined, is NOT really a Christian organization. Guideposts produces daily devotionals and other material that has been popular for many years with Christians.  I have never been a regular reader, but have from time to time read some of its devotionals, and it seemed okay to me.  (Rick Warren’s error-filled Purpose Driven Life book also seemed okay to me at first).  On Guidepost’s website, it says:

“…We’ll bring you true stories of hope, faith, personal growth and positive thinking, plus inspiring quotes, daily devotionals and prayers for every need. A little inspiration…it can change your day, even your life.”

Seems good, but all is not what it seems, which is the reason for writing this.  If you are a Bible believing Christian, my advice to you is to:

Stay away from Guideposts devotionals and any other material;
Get rid of what you have and stop subscribing;
Do not offer Guideposts to anyone;
Warn others of its true origins and its interfaith, ecumenical and occultic underpinnings and purpose.

How Did Guideposts Start?

Guideposts was founded years ago by the late Norman Vincent Peale, known for his Power of Positive Thinking ideology, which is a philosophy he had in common with Robert Schuller, another guru of positive or possibility thinking.  Few know that he was a 33 degree Mason.  But Peale was also a universalist and denied various critical tenets of the Christian faith, including the exclusivity of Jesus Christ as the only way of salvation.  In a 1984 interview on the Phil Donahue Show, he said:

It’s not necessary to be born again. You have your way to God; I have mine. I found eternal peace in a Shinto shrine. … I’ve been to the Shinto shrines, and God is everywhere.”  Donahue exclaimed, “But you’re a Christian minister; you’re supposed to tell me that Christ is the Way and the Truth and the Life, aren’t you?” Peale replied, “Christ is one of the ways! God is everywhere.”

Regarding his Freemason roots, here is a quote from the Masonic Magazine in 1993:

My grandfather was a Mason for 50 years, my father for 50 years, and I have been a Mason for over 60 years.  Freemasonry does not promote any one religious creed. All Masons believe in the Deity without reservation. However, Masonry makes no demands as to how a member thinks of the Great Architect of the Universe. … men of different religions meet in fellowship and brotherhood under the fatherhood of God.

His teaching emphasized the power of your own mind, a power that turns the wishes of your mind into reality if it is strong enough.  The theme in his most famous book was one of ‘belief in yourself… in your abilities’, rather than trust in the Lord.  After reading about much of his teaching, I find it unbelievable that he still finds credibility within Christian circles, and was even recommended by Billy Graham.  By his own fruits and his words, he was not a Christian.  Peale’s source of knowledge has more to do with heretical teachings linked to the word-faith movement, positive thinking, and also occultic sources, such as visualization, as seen in the December 1998 issue of Guideposts.  Peale endorsed the book The Jesus Letters by Jane Palzere and Anna Brown. “What a wonderful gift to all of us from you is your book. You will bless many by this truly inspired book.” This was a book communicated through a process known as automatic writing by a spirit who called himself Jesus. (1)  This is pure occultism.

Guideposts sells numerous books on angel sightings, near death experiences, pets in heaven, and other experience based stories with much content that contradicts Scripture.  Guideposts also promotes false teachers such as Joel Osteen (prosperity gospel), Henry Blackaby (contemplative spirituality) and St. Therese of Lisieux (contemplative mystic), and Sue Monk Kidd (contemplative spirituality).  Guideposts is strongly ecumenical and interfaith based, with much material written by Peale still being offered, and thus is a source of introducing occultic ideologies to many unsuspecting non-believers, and many Christians.  Contrary to the claims on the website, the “power of positive thinking” is not based on Holy Scripture, but on Peale’s New Age ideas.  He has also endorsed many New Age/occultic teachers, such as Bernie Siegal and Eric Butterworth.

When one reads Norman Vincent Peale, it is obvious that he never tells anyone that they must come to repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ before they can become a child of God, born again and indwelt by His Spirit. Instead the assumption is that everyone is already a child of God and can access the Power through using certain principles and techniques. (2)

So Who is Sue Monk Kidd?

This Christmas, my wife received a Guideposts planner from a Christian friend.  As she was going through the pages, she came over to me and said, “look at the name here.”  I was shocked to see that the name of the person who wrote that particular day’s devotional was Sue Monk Kidd.  I was even more shocked when I found many more devotionals written by her, roughly a third of all the devotionals in the book.

Sue Monk Kidd is a former Baptist Sunday School teacher.  One day after church a co-worker gave her a book by Thomas Merton.  In short, after reading this book, Sue Monk Kidd was hooked by the idea of contemplative spirituality as a way of getting to know God “better”, and the rest is history.  Because much of what she writes is “good”, her books are very popular now with many well-meaning Christians, including The Secret Life of Bees which was made into a movie.  But many do not know that Sue Monk Kidd’s ‘Jesus’ is not the Jesus of true Christianity.  She is now a major player in the promotion of the false movement of contemplative prayer (aka contemplative spirituality or contemplative mysticism).  She is to be marked and avoided as instructed by Holy Scripture.

The following is from Ray Yungen’s book exposing mysticism in the church, A Time of Departing:

Monk Kidd’s spirituality is spelled out clearly in her book When the Heart Waits. She explains:

There’s a bulb of truth buried in the human soul [not just Christian] that’s “only God” … the soul is more than something to win or save. It’s the seat and repository of the inner Divine, the God-image, the truest part of us. (emphasis mine)

Sue Monk Kidd, an introspective woman, gives a revealing description of her spiritual transformation in her book God’s Joyful Surprise: Finding Yourself Loved. She shares how she suffered a deep hollowness and spiritual hunger for many years even though she was very active in her Baptist church. She sums up her feelings:

Maybe we sense we’re disconnected from God somehow. He becomes superfluous to the business at hand. He lives on the periphery so long we begin to think that is where He belongs. Anything else seems unsophisticated or fanatical.

Ironically, a Sunday school co-worker handed her a book by Thomas Merton, telling her she needed to read it. Once Monk Kidd read it, her life changed dramatically. What happened next completely reoriented Sue Monk Kidd’s worldview and belief system. She started down the contemplative prayer road with bliss, reading numerous books and repeating the sacred word methods taught in her readings. She ultimately came to the mystical realization that:

I am speaking of recognizing the hidden truth that we are one with all people. We are part of them and they are part of us …
When we encounter another person, … we should walk as if we were upon holy ground. We should respond as if God dwells there.
(A Time of Departing, 2nd Ed., pp.134-135

It is sad to know that a once solid Baptist Sunday School teacher can be deceived so easily, yet it is no surprise.  It is also sad to see that a supposedly Christian organization is not really a Christian organization, and is promoting mysticism to millins of Christians through Sue Monk Kidd.  From her book Dance of the Dissident Daughter, Monk Kidd clearly rejects Holy Scripture as the authority for Christians in exchange for something else:

“I remember a feeling rising up from a place about two inches below my navel. … It was the purest inner knowing I had experienced, and it was shouting in me no, no, no! The ultimate authority of my life is not the Bible; it is not confined between the covers of a book. It is not something written by men and frozen in time. It is not from a source outside myself. My ultimate authority is the divine voice in my own soul. Period. … That day sitting in church, I believed the voice in my belly. … The voice in my belly was the voice of the wise old woman. It was my female soul talking. And it had challenged the assumption that the Baptist Church would get me where I needed to go” (The Dance of the Dissident Daughter, pp. 76, 77, 78).

The following by Dwayna Litz (who has a great evangelistic outreach ministry called LightingThe Way Worldwide, shows that Kidd was being promoted at least since 2006:

Guidepost Magazine No Longer Christian?

A friend of mine sent me a recent Guidepost magazine, outraged by an endorsement they were making in the November, 2006 issue. I looked over it, and I was also taken aback by their promotion of theological feminism and decided to give them a call.

I picked up the phone and called Guidepost magazine. I kept my voice calm and low and spoke to someone to make a comment. I said:

“I was under the impression that Guidepost is a Christian magazine. Is that true?”

She said, “No, it is not true. It is a spiritual magazine to reach out to people in all faiths.”

I said, “Oh, ok, so that would explain why you are promoting someone who walks with the turtles to get the spirit of the turtle and who makes a shrine to the Mother-god and who is offended by patriarchal language of the Bible.”

She didn’t say anything.

I continued, “I am talking about your endorsement of Sue Monk Kidd and promotion of her books. That is atrocious from a Christian standpoint.”

She calmly answered, “Ok,” to acquiesce cordially to me as a “customer.”

I said, “I have a Christian ministry, and I will be letting people know about this.”

She said, “Ok,” and we hung up.

The conversation lasted for about two minutes. I just wanted to let everyone know that the November 2006 issue of Guidepost is now promoting Sue Monk Kidd, and, by their own admission, the magazine is not Christian but “spiritual” to “reach people of all faiths.”

Dwayna Litz

Obviously Guideposts still promotes Sue Monk Kidd, as well as Joel Osteen and other unbiblical resources.  Even though there is much which Guideposts recommends that is good, there is a whole lot of New Age leaven and other false teachings being sown that disqualifies Guideposts as a sound Christian resource.

Beware of Guideposts.

(1) (Let Us Reason Ministries)

(2) Norman Vincent Peale:


For more on Norman Vincent Peale, Sue Monk Kidd, and Guideposts Magazine:

Sue Monk Kidd’s Spirituality:

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On Infant Baptism

The following was written by John Henderson in response to a fellow Christian’s stance on infant baptism:

Dear Brother,

Since our discussion on infant baptism was in a public setting, I feel at liberty to share this response through my emails and online posts.  It is a matter of the topic itself, not about you or me, and that is why I am protecting your anonymity as well as I can.

Infant baptism has haunted Christendom for as early as 180 A.D.  That was about the time that the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” as predicted in the New Testament began to throw off their cover and promote unscriptural heresies openly and enthusiastically—just as it is happening today.  There has always been God’s remnant in spite of the massive bureaucracies that have pretentiously asserted themselves as the true church.  The gospel was always carried through all of the deception that was going on by those who were committed to the truth of Jesus Christ at any cost, just as it is happening today.  God’s people may be accused of thinking they are the sole possessors of truth but it is actually that they are possessed by the Truth.

No theologian is above scrutiny but the Bible is far above human or demon scrutiny.  It is obligatory upon all students of the Word of God to measure everything that is said in the light of what the Scriptures say.  We should all be like the Bereans of Acts 17:11.

As to infant baptism itself, I must say it is not taught or even debated in the Scriptures, nor was it debated or practiced in the Early Church.  It appears nowhere in the New Testament.  Its practice did not appear until the second century after the Apostles were all gone.

You mentioned that the Church of the Nazarene practices infant baptism.  Unfortunately to the denomination’s discredit, that is true—at least, to some degree.  Some Nazarene writers have claimed that has always been the case among Nazarenes.  You also expressed a commitment to the church Manual.  I should say that, for me, the Manual is just that—a manual.  My allegiance to the statements in the Manual is limited first by an unwavering allegiance to the Scriptures as ultimate, final authority; and then to good sense.  The Manual has been edited and re-edited every four years by the will and vote of man, not something declared by God.  The Scriptures are completely and inerrantly inspired by God.

The origin of infant baptism might be implied from the practice of the Hebrews in initiating Gentiles into Judaism.  It was equated at the time with circumcision, and underage children could be included.  All males were circumcised and the father spoke for the underage children who were also baptized, male and female.  It became a ritual associated with proselyte initiation.  Jews were not baptized in this way.

Some will claim that the household conversions and subsequent baptisms recorded in the New Testament included unreasoning infants, but that is mere unfounded speculation.  Those recorded conversions were clearly connected with responses to the message of Christ and the only logical implication is that the same was true of the household.  If unreasoning babies had been included as participants, it must be concluded that the Scriptures would have said so.  It must be also understood that, biblically, baptism always follows conversion and is never a part of the salvation process as many erroneously teach even today. To teach that baptism, whether of infants or adults, is a means of regeneration is to teach heresy. Infant baptism is historically and traditionally thought of as having to do with the child’s salvation and the Scriptures do not teach that.  A Roman Catholic writer says:  “The sacrament of baptism is administered to infants or adults by pouring of water and the pronouncement of the proper words, and cleanses from original sin.” This often relates to the unofficial Catholic doctrine of Limbo.[1]  The incorporation of this idea into the mind has the potential for deluding a person baptized in infancy who may never actually come to Christ in repentance and faith because he or she depends on the baptism as a means of salvation.

The Nazarene Manual doesn’t go that far but defines infant baptism in such ambiguous and soft terms that other words would serve their meaning better.  By using the term baptism, it still shows an intentional connection to Catholicism in my mind and I take the position that if I want to be Catholic, I know where to go to make application.  It makes no sense to become like them when one can just become one of them, unless you happen to believe they are the sole arbiters of truth for us all.

Since I must reject the idea of infant baptism as biblically valid, I am very content to talk of dedication—a commitment to raise a child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord and let that child accept Christ as personal Savior and be baptized as a Christian when he or she reaches an age of reasoning and accountability.  There is no need to leave the commandment of God to follow the traditions of men by baptizing infants.

The concept of baptismal regeneration has been a wound on the church at least since AD 370.  One writer says this came about as the result of the idea of adult baptism and infant baptism as being regenerational in nature and that it has caused more bloodshed from both Catholics and Protestants over time than any other conflict. Both Catholic and Protestant bureaucrats have enforced this evil doctrine at the point of military sword rather than relying on the Sword of the Spirit.

The teaching of Jesus according to the unerring Bible is to allow children to come to Him, and forbid them not.  A child capable of reason and choice will easily go to Him, but it must be that the child makes that choice.  We cannot make such decisions for children of any age.

The underlying problem behind all of this in our day is the tragic and rapid development of what is called the emergent church movement among evangelicals.  The movement has many expressions and far too many Christians are simply not aware of what is happening right under their very noses.  The emergent church movement has infected and crippled evangelical denominations in many areas to the point that I question if those denominations will survive as an effective witness of the gospel very much longer.  Their only hope of survival is to return to their first love.

These kinds of false doctrines are part and parcel to that movement.  Most, if not essentially all, of them are deeply embedded in postmodern/New Age and ancient mysticism right out of the medieval church heresies.  Most tragically, many of God’s redeemed today have not learned to discern between truth and error because they have not been adequately taught and do not have the will to search the Scriptures themselves.


John Henderson


[1] Limbo refers to states of oblivion, confinement, or transition that is derived from the theological sense of Limbo (the edge of Hell) as a place where souls remain that cannot enter heaven, for example, unbaptized infants or unbaptized adults who otherwise led a good life.