Wildgoose Festival: A Small Example Of What Is Wrong With The Church

“These are spots in your love feasts, while they feast with you without fear, serving only themselves. They are clouds without water, carried about by the winds; late autumn trees without fruit, twice dead, pulled up by the roots; 13 raging waves of the sea, foaming up their own shame; wandering stars for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever. Jude 1:12-13

While I finish up my General Assembly summary report for next week, I remind you again of a recurring event that is a good illustration of the depravity being allowed with impunity within the leadership of the Church of the Nazarene.  I am talking about Wildgoose Festival, which is happening again in August.  I have written several times about it, and have sent my reports to the General Superintendents.  Not a word from them, and apparently, no action has been taken to distance the church from this festival.

How is the church connected to this Sodom and Gomorrah- style party?

The organizer of the festival is Mike King.  He is adjunct professor at Nazarene Theological Seminary, and is a top youth leader in the church as well, which is most troubling.  In this blog post, he talks proudly of his involvement with Wildgoose:
http://www.patheos.com/blogs/wildgoosefestival/2012/03/board-president-mike-king-recounts-wild-gooses-journey/.  Mike King not only promotes this festival with impunity, but he is also one of the primary promoters of contemplative spirituality in the denomination.

Also involved again for the second straight year is Nazarene pastor Gabriel Salguerro, who is seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Tw8kM80RwNQ starting it 1:08, praising this pagan gathering celebrating anything but biblical Christianity.  Salguerro is involved with many endeavors that promote a radical, left wing and sometimes Marxist style philosophy, under the guise of a social justice supposedly driven by biblical principles.  For a Christian pastor to promote such a festival again shows the lack of leadership in the denomination from the top.  It’s just like a parent who looks the other way when their child starts getting involved in all sorts of decadent and harmful behavior, and the parent pretends that he does not notice.  Such is the leadership which has allowed this and many, many more unbiblical activities and teachings to go unchallenged.

In a report by Jeffrey Walton at his blog, he writes on how much even worst this year’s Wildgoose will become.  The push for creating “trans” inclusive communities has been added to the list of topics, along with the recurring themes of homosexuality, non-Christian religions and activities, and of course the all night parties.

So Wildgoose is a little microcosm of the Church of the Nazarene’s lack of moral integrity and church discipline.  Just about anything can be done by just about any Nazarene leader, pastor, or layperson, and it will be okay with everyone.  However, please keep in mind there are exceptions, as listed below:


-If you dare to preach against the emergent church, you will be fired.

-If you dare to stand for the complete truth of Scripture, you may not get ordained.

-If you preach that homosexuality is sinful, you maybe asked to “tone it down.”

-If you dare to bring up concerns to your pastors, you just might get ostracized.

-If you dare to expose false teaching in the church, you will be labeled a hater.

-If you dare to say you believe in the Genesis account of creation, you might just get labeled an ignorant kook.

But, you have no worries at all:

-If you promote ungodly festivals.

-Or teach evolution to our youth.

-Or promote contemplative mysticism.

-Or send your youth on field trips to Roman Catholic Monasteries.

-Or promote LGBT groups, and brag about worshipping with openly homosexual pastors.

-Or teach that the Roman Catholic Church and the Nazarenes preach the same Gospel.

-Or join hands with the social justice crowd.

-Or use books by heretics instead of the Bible.

-Or invite Rob Bell and Leonard Sweet to speak to pastors.

Such is the state of the Church of the Nazarene today.  It’s not my father’s church that he knew years ago.

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9 responses to “Wildgoose Festival: A Small Example Of What Is Wrong With The Church

  1. Manny, What a disgrace for the COTN to be remotely connected to such an organization let alone take part in it, or by allowing a member of its leadership to be an obvious organizer of the festival. One can only conclude those who will be speaking at the gathering will have his approval and support. An example of the lineup of speakers are: “ Lianne Simon and Megan DeFranza , ‘When Male and Female Is Not Enough’ — A talk on welcoming the intersexed among us.” The title speaks for itself. How the BGS’s can allow this is beyond reason. Enough said.

  2. Hi Manny, I got your blog through a friend, and have read through a lot of your thoughts on the COTN. I have to say upfront that I am a Nazarene of many years, living and worshipping in Scotland, so things may be a little different here, but not much. Our UK government has just passed the same sex marriage bill, and the first ceremonies will be conducted next year. I hold the same Biblical position that you hold on homosexuality, and have been troubled lately that the main church in Scotland (called the Church of Scotland) has allowed homosexual ministers, after punting the problem into the long grass 4 years ago at their own General Assembly. So, I was alarmed to read in one of your own GA blog reports that my/our own COTN has now apparently pushed the question out for another 4 years on a subject I believe the Bible is clear about. I do not want to be ignorant of what is going on, so I am asking for some clarification. Do you really think that the COTN will embrace homosexuality soon, in the name of equality and inclusiveness (which is the secular argument in the UK and Scotland at least)? If so, what grounds do you have for this which is not speculation?
    Thanks. I appreciate your candid approach. God Bless, David.

  3. Hi again Manny,

    I already have a comment awaiting your moderation from yesterday, and in the time given me, I have read more of your blogs and thoughts. One of my concerns is this: your blogs are pretty much all negative and put downs of the Nazarene church from the top to the bottom. In a normal situation there would be some things which are good in among the bad. I don’t read a balance of good and bad, so I am inclined to think there is something else going on in your mind and your agenda. I will be first (ok maybe not first) to see that the COTN is certainly not perfect, but then what church is? Would you recommend one that is without flaw? Paul had many problems with his churches in the first century, but that didn’t stop the message of the gospel going forward and growing into the world wide religion/faith that it is. I will not dismiss your conviction held thoughts, but can I see some balance? Or is there none? I would really like to see my comments published, and your thoughts on the subject.

    Thanks and God Bless, David from Scotland.

  4. Hi David,
    Thank you for your questions. I’m a lifelong Nazarene by the way, son of a Pastor who was a former Roman Catholic in the Cape Verde Islands.

    Regarding the homosexuality question, it is my opinion that the COTN is taking little baby steps towards further weakening of the stance on homosexuality. It is partly speculation, and I am not a prophet for sure. But there is also evidence out there. The Pastoral Perspectives on Homosexuality is very weak in my opinion as well as others who have read it. There was the LGBT workshop at General Assembly, wildly popular I guess with those who were there, including quite a few pastors. Standing ovation at the end.
    There are examples such as what was going in at Point Loma Nazarene University, I have written a few posts on that, here is the homosexuality tagged articles:

    Then read the following shocking message by the chaplain at Eastern Nazarene College from last year, and you will see why I believe it is just a matter of time. Just a few months ago, the administration approved the organizing of an LGBT support group, probably the third one of its kind at a Nazarene university. Then there were all the visits to at least four Nazarene campuses by a radical homosexual group to allow them to speak. For what purpose?


    So i cannot truly predict things, but I can make some educated guesses. When they tabled the Inerrancy of Scripture proposal from four years ago, I was pretty sure it was a done deal that it would be rejected in the end. I was right about that. I will be posting a GA final report next week that will include the final paper they wrote justifying the rejection of the resolution, along with some comments by Jim Scullin.



  5. Hi David,
    Thanks for your question. You are correct, my posts are mostly bad news. That’s the way it is unfortunately.
    I don’t believe everyone has to “balance” everything all the time. It depends on your calling. I have been called to give the bad news.

    The COTN is certainly like any other denomination- flawed. Now it is very badly flawed- rampant with apostasy, in the universities and seminaries for sure, as well as many churches, and sometimes entire districts.

    The only agenda I have is to wake up the church. If you read the book of Jeremiah, he had nothing but bad news. That is what God specifically called him to do. While I am no Jeremiah, I have been called by God to give the bad news, in the hopes that some will wake up.

    When the real Gospel is preached- it starts with bad news also.

    But to answer your question, my main responsibility is to present the bad news as much as I can, to wake up the people sleeping in the pews. I am not ashamed to do it, it is a calling from God. I pray you will do the same. Yet, you will also see some good reports on how people have been blessed, who stood up for the truth, in spite of being persecuted within the COTN.



  6. lige jeter said:

    >An example of the lineup of speakers are: “ Lianne Simon and Megan >DeFranza , ‘When Male and Female Is Not Enough’ — A talk on welcoming >the intersexed among us.” The title speaks for itself. How the BGS’s can allow >this is beyond reason. Enough said.

    I would be happy to send you a summary of what I intend to present and consider your critique of it in return.

    Intersex is an umbrella term covering several hundred different medical conditions resulting in a variation in sex development away from typical male or female. The cases are rare and often misunderstood.


  7. I would be happy to know what your testimony is as far as whether you are a Christian, and if so, how did you become a Christian?

  8. reformednazarene>>>
    I would be happy to know what your testimony is as far as whether you are a Christian, and if so, how did you become a Christian?


    I have a rare genetic disorder called Mixed Gonadal Dysgenesis. It resulted in gonads that contained a mix of testicular tissue and ovarian stroma. MGD also affected my heart, kidneys, adrenal glands, and thyroid. It changed the shape of my face. I have visuo-motor and spatio-temporal deficits that keep me from learning to dance or play most sports. I was cross-eyed and am still dyslexic.

    I was so tiny and frail as a child that my parents thought I might not survive. All I knew, though, was that I was always the smallest of my peer group, and I had a cute pixie face. Like most of the girls I knew, I liked to dress up and play house. Helping Mom in the kitchen was my favorite thing.

    At seven I was the same size as my four-year-old sister, so I borrowed her clothes sometimes. At seven or eight, I went to a vacation Bible school and heard about Jesus. I wanted to love God, be a good girl, and obey my parents, but I didn’t understand much of the Gospel.

    In fifth grade, I had my first serious crush on a boy. It was also the first time one of my classmates was shorter than me. My health improved, and my father decided it was about time I started acting like a boy. I didn’t understand, but I begged God to make me a real boy.

    At seventeen, I was withdrawn and seriously depressed. Remember those mixed gonads? They didn’t give me much of a puberty. No muscle development. No body hair. Pixie face. Soprano. Not even my best friend believed me when I told her I wasn’t gay.

    That year, a Christian boy loved me enough, in spite of it all, to befriend me, share the Gospel, answer my objections, and by his example, lead me to Christ. I confessed faith in my Savior and was baptized by a pastor at a Southern Baptist Mission. As a new believer, I assumed I could become that boy that everyone seemed to expect. Instead, the mask that allowed me to functional socially crumbled.

    At eighteen, I went from a sheltered home to a boys dorm. The boys made it clear that I wasn’t like them. And one proved he could do whatever he wanted to me. Death stalked me in those days. The Lord soon showed me that if I didn’t cling to Him I’d die in my own folly.

    Living meant facing my problems. So I went to see a doctor about my condition. He said testosterone and anabolic steroids would give me muscle mass, broad shoulders, facial hair, a deep voice, body hair, and a raging sex drive. By the time he was finished with my body, I would look like a boy. But what would be left of me? I liked my body the way it was.

    The doctor thought anorexia and depression my two most pressing issues. Estrogen would help with both of them. And he was sure that people would accept me as a girl. Especially with breast development.

    When I saw my parents again, I had my degree and a good job. Most of my emotional issues were gone. Mom said that for the first time in my life she knew I’d be okay.

    My father wasn’t nearly as excited. Most of the twenty-five pounds I’d gained had gone to my hips or my breasts. My hair had grown out from the buzz cut he’d always forced on me. And I’d taken to wearing a dress and a bit of makeup.

    My father wanted me to go back to living as a boy. Mom signed the paperwork to change my legal status to female. And she helped me get surgery that would allow vaginal intercourse.

    The first time I decided to join a church as an adult, I asked to speak in private with leadership. Church vows aren’t always the same, but these are similar to the ones I’ve taken:

    *Do you acknowledge yourself to be a sinner in the sight of God, justly deserving His displeasure, and without hope save in His sovereign mercy?

    *Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and Savior of sinners, and do you receive and rest upon Him alone for salvation as He is offered in the Gospel?

    *Do you now resolve and promise, in humble reliance upon the grace of the Holy Spirit, that you will endeavor to live as becomes the followers of Christ?

    *Do you promise to support the Church in its worship and work to the best of your ability?

    *Do you submit yourself to the government and discipline of the Church, and promise to study its purity and peace?

    Although I could eagerly affirm all of those, I thought it proper to disclose more of my past than might come up during an interview. Beyond what they would ordinarily require of a woman, they said I would need to tell a prospective husband about my condition and history.

    I have my share of sin and doubt, but I find it drives me back to the cross. Jesus Christ paid for me with His blood. Who woulda thought? But He’s chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.

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