The Sin Of Compromise In the Rock And Roll Church

“And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.” 2 Thes. 2:11-12

We have long reported to you that one of the trends in the Church of the Nazarene is the effort to be “relevant.”  Emergent church proponents love the concept that we have to become more relevant to the “unchurched” so that we can get them into church, and then we can preach the gospel to them- somewhere down the road.  The problem is there is nothing scriptural about this idea, and in fact, many pastors today think that the church is really for the unsaved- when clearly according to the Bible the church is for the saved first and foremost!  It is nonsense to think otherwise.

There is no interest in spiritual growth now in many of these churches.  They are only interested in church growth, and they will attract the unbeliever into the church, with any kind of trick they can use.  We hear more sermons than ever avoiding any mention of condemnation of the sinner, and the wrath of God.  It’s all fluff now, “tickle my ears” kind of preaching.  And we have all sort of gimmicks and programs and of course the Roman Catholic stuff that perhaps will draw in the Catholics.  When we read the book of Acts, we see nothing approaching this foolishness that was done by the apostles.  They simply preached the gospel, and many were saved.  Their “gimmick” was to preach the truth- and nothing else.

So here comes a prime example of the selling out of biblical principles, in order to be like the world, in a church in Ohio.  By the way, Ohio is a hotbed of emergent ideology and all sorts of apostate behavior that is destroying the church spiritually.  They may be having a good time, but they are preaching another gospel.  And so we find another example at the Marion First Church of the Nazarene.  Would you have walked out, based on the witness’s description?  Would you do this in your church?

The following account is from a trusted source who was there and described what was seen and heard:

I went to Ohio this year to visit some family, who attend Marion First Church of the Nazarene,  (where I attended quite a few years ago). I have visited many times since, when I see my family. However, they just completed a building project with a new sanctuary escalator, foyer, etc. This was my first time in the new sanctuary. As I entered, the platform was setup as a rock concert.  There were dark curtains behind, lights; there were the plastic enclosed areas for the drummers, etc.  I saw no pulpit.   There were no hymn books or Bibles on the seats as there used to be.  The praise team was in tee shirts, blue jeans and shorts except one girl in a modest skirt.

Then the service opened with the leader asking all who had iPhones to download an App. Then the lights were turned off and in the middle of the dark, utter silence, the leader yelled “yeah” and the drums crashed and the music began. All those on stage turned their iPhones and tablets around toward the audience. All those in the pews who had IPhones watched as they all blinked to the beat of the drums. The purpose?????

I felt very concerned and became tearful. As the service proceeded, other things concerned me. Then the leader said, “If you are new here, we’re glad you are here. When we sing, we raise our hand or some will swing” (I think that was the word he used).  He then said “We want you to act like you’re are at a ball game!!!”

Well, with that statement, I could take no more and quietly walked out. I broke out crying in the vestibule. My heart was so broken …there is no respect for God or His house. I felt almost like I was in an evil place??? I just kept saying, “this is not my Nazarene Church”. A lady saw me crying and asked if I were alright. I just said “I used to attend here and this is not my Nazarene Church. She said, “I know. I talked to the pastor about some things, but nothing has changed”.

I felt so bad to leave, especially with my son and other family there. I am so concerned my family will be lost due to this socialization/seeker sensitive approach of the church.

FYI….the phone App they used was from Wham City Lights.

So what do we have here?

A worship team that dresses up like the world

A platform and flashy lights fit more for the Rolling Stones than for the Lord

Dark curtains to set a mood for …. what?

No hymn books for singing to the Lord

No Bibles for the people to read the word of God

No pulpit

A pastor exhorting the crowd to “act like they are at a ballgame!”

A light show complete with crowd pleasing sensations.

​Remember the Nazarene church that played secular jazz music on Sunday evening services?  And the Beavercreek Nazarene church that had a sensual performance by a female dancer-on Easter service?  Or how about the Easter play that featured a Harlem Shake dance at the end?  ​ There is no respect for God anymore in so many churches. ​

These are all symptoms of the SIN of COMPROMISE.  This is idolatry.  This is apostasy in the making, a sign of the “great falling away.”.  And yes, this is EVIL.  These people are more concerned with their worldly desires than in worshipping a holy God and living in obedience, separate from the world.  But its bringing in the people, right?  But even if this church doubles or triples in membership, so what?  Tell me, is that a true indicator of spiritual health?  Do you remember that the only two blameless churches that Jesus addressed in Revelation were small and “insignificant” churches that had barely any material comforts?   They would be looked on as a failure today, and the Church of the Nazarene would probably close them up and open up a coffeehouse instead.

So here is what is most likely a true model of the future Church of the Nazarene.  It is a church that compromises in order to get the bodies into it, and then certainly to get the growth in membership and money.  Sadly, the growth that is needed- spiritual growth, along with actual sinners being born again- will be sorely lacking.  And in Revelation, there is a church that aptly describes this and many other Nazarene churches.  Read Revelation 3:1-6.  The church at Sardis had the reputation of being alive, but the Lord told them they were dead.

​These people fooled themselves into thinking they were alive, perhaps because the received praise from many.  But repentance is what is ​needed at this church, as well as countless Nazarene churches that are guilty of the sin of compromise.

And the faithful ​believers- what are you still doing at that church?  I wonder if this is what Nina Gunter meant at General Assembly, when she said the “church is not in crisis, the church is in Christ.”​

26 responses to “The Sin Of Compromise In the Rock And Roll Church

  1. The big problem was pointed out I think. There is no healthy fear of God in the Church anymore. Certainly not in the Nazarene denomination at large. For sure not in the Nazarene denomination in Ohio for the most part even though there are a couple good Nazarene churches here and there. When I was at a Dan Bohi meeting in Columbus Ohio fear was scoffed at and it was even stated “Sometimes we just have to throw wisdom out the window.”

    But scripture states in Proverbs 9:10 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” That explains why there is no wisdom or understanding in many churches and meetings today.

  2. I know the ministry that Marion First is doing and they are making a difference for Christ and the Kingdom in Marion, Ohio. Go and really see what they are doing before you compare them with heretical churches. Shame on you for not doing adequate research on this churches overall ministry. By the way I don’t think Jesus or Paul used a pulpit.

  3. Was there anything that was said by this longtime Nazarene- who used to attend that church years ago- that was a lie? That was an accurate description of what happened, was it not?

  4. As for me, it matters very little how I might be evaluated by you or by any human authority. I don’t even trust my own judgment on this point. My conscience is clear, but that doesn’t prove I’m right. It is the Lord himself who will examine me and decide. (1 Corinthians 4:3, 4 NLT)

  5. Actually, I like a pulpit to preach from. I have no objection to its use. I don’t like the darkness as I can’t see. I visited my daughter a few yrs ago in Oklahoma and her church worshipped in the dark with only candlelight. I asked, You guys forget to pay the light bill? Of course, I had to say it loud enough so all heard which made my daughter cringe. Then the worship leader began to talk about how we as Christians are still all sinners. I thought to myself really? I should have gone to a Baptist church I would have heard more truth.

  6. Very interesting but I wonder if one can accurately criticize the preaching of that church without staying to hear the Word preached. I know for a fact that the preaching in that church is strong biblical admonition to follow Christ. Do you know anything of the changed lives, marriages saved, families strengthened by the ministries of that church? Step down from the judgment seat until you have facts and the perspective of Christ.

  7. This call to act like your at a ball game is right out of the Rick Warren playbook. No we don’t act like that! I don’t think there is anything wrong with enjoying your favorite sports team at a game and cheer them on. Don’t we have something else for our very Holy and Awesome God? Do we want to give the One created everything in 6 days the hoots and cheers from a ball game? Doesn’t He deserve more? Doesn’t He deserve better than what the world does to lift up their heroes?
    This kind of thinking is immature for even baby Christians.
    Notice how even the unsaved when they walk into a church will be quiet and reverent .But yet Christians have the utter gall to walk into the church when worship has already started sipping the Starbucks they bought in the lobby and chattering to their neighbor on if they caught the ball games yesterday. And yes Ive seen this happen at many different churches from the platform.
    We don’t treat our Holy God that way.
    Again there is no fear of who God really is.
    I would suggest the congregation in Marion( and a vast number of other places) start to read the scriptures for examples of how the God of the Bible is supposed to be honored and worshipped.
    What kind of holiness is that which is described above in the eye witness report?
    Plus I really don’t care what kind of impact they think they are making when they don’t even have the basics down.
    Gods not going to honor anything they do unless they learn to first honor Him and worship in spirit and in truth.

  8. After seeing “Wham City Lights” as a prop to get people to worship brought the following to mind.
    When you read the OT regarding the house of God you come away with the conviction that His house was set apart for reverence and a place of worship, not casual as we are seeing today. When God was present His house was hallowed by His presence. Worship is being replaced by more of the secular atmosphere today rather than the sacred. Are we mistaking feelings or performing some spiritual activity for the presence of God? As written in Isaiah, God will not accept nor occupy that which has become defiled.

    A prime example is recorded in the gospels where Jesus is purging the temple of those who defiled it. Mark [11:17] “Then He taught, saying to them, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations’? But you have made it a ‘den of thieves.'” (NKJV) Jesus was quoting Isaiah [56:7] “Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar; for mine house shall be called an house of prayer for all people.” (KJV)

    True worship requires true devotion and only God knows who truly belongs to Him and those who are pretending despite their good deeds. Jesus in Matthew makes a statement that ought to cause every church to take inventory concerning their worship. Matthew [7:21-23] “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” (NKJV) These are powerful words involving eternity from our Lord and I personally do not want to hear them said to me.

  9. God’s word is the measuring stick. Lots of people say their conscience is clear, but are disobeying the word of God.

  10. The witness to this “show” stayed, but could not bear to stay for whatever was preached. If you have a link to that sermon, perhaps I can listen to it. Regardless, I do believe that in spite of unbiblical practices going on, people can get saved in the middle of it all. Does not justify the ungodly behavior.

  11. If “ungodly behavior” here is being classified as “those people who don’t dress the way we prefer, that do not play and listen to the music we prefer, or put on church services the way we prefer” then there might be an issue with the preferences of those agreeing with the storyteller, rather than a problem with the lights, clothes, music, iPhones?, etc. In fact, I do not remember the bible warning us about certain types of lights (halogen?), clothes (tank-tops?), or music (“Christian” rap?) that were considered illegal – because it’s about how well we follow the law/rules, right?

    It appears to me the grumpy people who see this church (if it even exists) as a problem are being overly nostalgic, using bits and pieces of scripture to justify that nostalgia. This is simply a case of people using “I don’t like what I see” as an impetus for “let me tell you why you’re wrong.”

    Cue the people who are so zealous to tell me why I’m wrong…

  12. No sir, you missed the point. Ungodly behavior is not being classified based on anyone’s preferences. It is based on God’s teaching to be “in the world” but “not of the world.” We are to be separate from the world. Therefore you are wrong, not because of what I like or someone else likes, but because that specific behavior at that church had nothing to do with Godliness and holiness. It was more a worship of self than a worship of God.

  13. Time will, and already is, proving out this generation is among the shallowest of “Christians” the church world is “shepherding”. (Please hold your arguments, I realize I cannot speak for “all”). There is no substance, no deeper sense of sacrifice and change…..because the church is not teaching it, nor are a lot of the leaders modeling it in their lives. A former church I attended, the preacher was “proud” to use multiple “illustrations” of his “big boy toys”, latest electronics, motorcycle trips to Sturgis, and his Wednesday night movie date nights with his wife…. No, these things, nor the rock concert on Sunday morning, nor the raggedy jeans and shirts are “sin” (we hope), but neither are they instruments of thoughtful, profound worship. And, please, let’s just stop with the, “well the sermon probably tied it all to the gospel”….I highly doubt it, and frankly, the “unchurched” who might have been there would have been so “hyped” by the rock concert I’m guessing there wasn’t much “listening and heeding” the Gospel going on. That atmosphere (and yes, it DOES matter) creates more chatter and excitement about the NFL game everyone is going to see after church, or the picnic, or the day in the park (and in far too many cases, leads to more secular pursuits- that same former church eventually had to ask an associate pastor to leave because he was “throwing” poker night parties at his home complete with playing for real money, “bring your own booze” and handing out cigars to all the players. We (“church people”) have successfully watered down the “Sabbath” (I know it’s not the “biblical Sabbath”) to the point it is just another weekend play day. “Come Ye Apart” used to be the devotional booklet and even that was renamed…..if it even exists anymore. The old adage, “if you play with fire, you will get burned” should still be a watchword churches hold on to!

  14. Ironically, if this man had stayed for the sermon in whichever service he was at, he would’ve heard about love in the first two services and anger in the later one. Sounds to me like this website is more about anger than love…which is what God has called us all to do. LOVE one another. This is shameful that I have to read such negativity from fellow Nazarenes. I know that’s not how I was raised!!

  15. You derived your conclusions from 5 minutes of 1 of the 5 Sunday morning worship services?
    I have read many valid, well researched discussions on the emergent church & the dangers it presents.
    This particular “blog” does not appear in any way to be well researched. It was not written out of care & concern for the Nazarene church. This appears to be a targeted attack with sorely insufficient evidence. This most certainly has not been dealt with in the way the Bible instructs us to deal with our brothers & sisters in Christ.
    5 minutes…unbelievable.

  16. So Kyle, are you saying that this witness, who used to attend years ago, is an unreliable witness? Or perhaps even a liar? Is that what you are suggesting, that the testimony of this person is “insufficient evidence?”

  17. Anonymous: I don’t know about the other services, perhaps they were wonderful. What this witness saw was a worldly services that bore little resemblance to true worship of God. And by the way, love means sometimes exposing the painful truth, so that others might repent. “Faithful are the wounds of a friend…”

    Sorry that this “negativity” hurts, but it is the truth. Perhaps a few will come to repentance as a result of this testimony.

  18. Before I begin my response here, I need to explain a few things. I was involved in contemporary worship movements as far back as 1990, and participated in them for the better part of 20 years before finally renouncing them. So for those of you who champion contemporary worship, let’s make this clear: I am not speaking from ignorance or uneducated bias. I was a part of this movement.

    I have a few questions for those who advocate contemporary worship:

    1.) What is the focus of your worship service? Now, I’m sure that the first answer to roll off your lips is “God,” but is that true? Suppose for a moment that your music director were to propose that your band (and it IS a band, let that be clear) be moved to the back of the church or to the upper balcony of a church, as it is done in so many liturgical churches. Would you welcome that? Would it be offensive to you if your people were not front and center stage like they are in secular concerts? After all, the way that most sound setups are put together, it’s not absolutely necessary for the band to be in front of the audience.

    2.) If people applaud you, do you encourage it? Let’s be frank: applause is meant for the performer, and that is the common, public perception of the practice in society. I know people will say “well, we’re giving God the praise,” but to be honest I seriously doubt that. If an unbeliever were to walk into your service and hear the applause, do you honestly think his first thought is “That applause is for God”? I’m sorry, but I don’t buy that. Applause in modern formats, and particularly in music venues, is understood to be a praise for the people who use it. And I would politely remind you that it was the Pharisees who did things for the admiration of men.

    3.) Who is the music for? If it is meant to be praise for God, then why is it designed for the attention of man? Is God somehow put off by hymns? Did God give a divine order to ditch pianos and acapella pieces by Isaac Watts and Charles Wesley because He wants people to jam in church? I would think that, if the church remembered that the songs were sung to God and for God, that the first order of business would be the glory of God rather than the entertainment of the audience (Notice btw I’m saying “audience,” not “congregation”)

    4.) Is there a particular reason why CoWo (contemporary worship) advocates seem to be pushing for more and more time for music and less and less time for the preaching of the Word? In nearly every experience with CoWo I’ve had, the musical portion of the service seems to be lengthened with more and more songs, or with songs repetitively sung to a mind-numbing point. Why is this? Is this a worship service or a concert? Historically, singing has been put on a secondary level in church worship; while it certainly has its place, it is not to become a replacement for the proclamation of the Scriptures. Is there something more “spiritual” about more and longer song sections, or is this simply some scheme to get people “in the Spirit” (which in truth is emotionally pumping people up: see question 5 below)? Because last I checked, the Holy Spirit does not require rhythms and melodies to work in a person’s heart, but He DOES work through the proclaimed Word.

    4.) Where is the theological depth to your music? Is your music about actual theology (The Trinity, God’s glory, our sinfulness, God’s grace, Christ’s substitutionary atonement, etc) or is it “7-11” theology (seven words sung eleven times, with shallow repetition that makes God sound more like a Cosmic Boyfriend than the Sovereign Savior)? Sometimes we in the church seem to forget that our music is to instruct the congregants as much as it is to glorify God. How do you justify shoddy and shallow doctrine in the name of “relevance”?

    5.) I’ve found that the contemporary worship experience often confuses emotional reactions with the Holy Spirit. People think that the Holy Spirit is moving them when they hear a particular beat, chord progression, or lyrical hook, when in truth the same thing can be found happening in a secular concert. Such a confusion of emotion with the Spirit is unscriptural and deceitful. What steps are you taking in your worship services to prevent this confusion from happening. Also related to this: are you truly playing the music to honor God, or are you doing it to get a reaction from the audience? One of the things I remember hearing while in the CoWo (contemporary worship) movement was a music pastor who said that he “wanted to blow the congregation (read: audience) away” with a particular piece. His intent was to put on a show and provoke a reaction from those hearing it. Tell me: who in that situation is the music glorifying and centering on? If you’re truly honest, it’s not God.

    6.) At what point do you draw the line with what is considered “contemporary”? If you play music that sounds like Smile FMs Top 20 list, what’s preventing you from switching to R&B, or rap, or heavy metal? After all, if such a switch would bring in more people, what’s to stop you from moving simply to one sort of contemporary style?

    7.) Related to the last question, has it ever occurred to you that something may be not sinful and yet still be inappropriate? One of the quickest reactions to any concern about contemporary music goes like this: “Well, guitars and drums aren’t forbidden in the Bible!” And you know what? You’re right; they’re not. Neither is wearing pajamas, or swimsuits, or facial mudpacks. Yet, I hope everybody reading this has the common sense to realize that pajamas, swimsuits, and mudpacks, while not inherently sinful, also would be considered inappropriate for wearing in worship. Do you see the problem? A preference may not be sinful, but that does not necessarily mean it is appropriate for the sanctuary. Recall the words of Paul: All things are lawful, but not all things are helpful. Maybe a little more of this thought should be put into the planning of worship music before the schedule for Sunday is drawn up.

    8.) One of the criticisms by CoWo advocates against traditional worship advocates is that they seem to reject it out of hand without good reason. And yet I’ve seen this very same “out of hand” attitude taken more than once by CoWo advocates against traditional music. I’ve worked with musicians who have stated that hymns “should be thrown out” of churches, and it’s not an isolated opinion stated by one person; it’s more common than you may think. If such an attitude describes you, isn’t that a little bit hypocritical to believe? What would your reaction be if your church suddenly decided that the music service would be nothing but acapella hymns for the morning services? Would you respond with enthusiasm (as you would demand of those on the other side of your argument), or would you roll your eyes or mutter a sigh about it? It’s a double standard to demand respect for your point, yet disrespect the point of others.

    9.) If you want contemporary songs, what is wrong with writing contemporary hymns? I would invite those looking for new music to consider the works of people such as Keith and Kristen Getty, who have put out contemporary hymns that are both musically stirring and theologically deep. There is more to putting out new music than simply three chords with dumbed down lyrics (and yes, a good number of CoWo songs are full of dumbed down lyrics).

    Think long and hard about these questions before answering.

  19. Amanda
    I am curious why you feel that your little church will sink like a rock. Although all Nazarene Churches are part of a denomination by affiliation; however, each church in reality is automatous. It conducts its own affairs using the manual as a guide. Allow me to elaborate. The Church is bound to abide by the articles of faith and follow administrative protocol when conducting business in keeping within the guidelines. Having said that, the local church is automatous in that it has its own Church Board, Sunday School Superintendent, Missionary Society, Youth Leadership, etc… It is allowed to conduct its local affairs with majority approval usually via vote of the Church Board and or Congregation or both in some cases they need District Superintendent approval.

    To avoid any unwanted behavior coming into a local church, regardless what other churches do, the church must elect members who are without a doubt a solid Christian in their walk with the Lord and of course willing to stand up for what is right. As long as the church has strong leadership not even the pastor can go against that and last long or promote his agenda should it be worldly in nature. In all reality the church body has the final word. If any church succumbs to allowing practices such as described in the above post, it is because they lack the courage to stand against such practices, not because they have to. I hope this helps.

  20. In response to the last few comments….the congregation should
    never have the final say. God has called pastors to be the leader in the church and our congregations are called by God to stand by our leaders! We need to trust our pastor and know that if he feels something is in God’s plan for the church then it is God ordained. Congregations should never stand in the way of that.

  21. What you just said pretty much goes against what the Bible teaches. It does not teach at all that one should never question the pastor. You need to read your Bible a bit more.

    “Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so.” Acts 17:11

    The problem is too many people are trusting their pastor without question. They are sitting in the pews getting their ears tickled by everything that makes them feel good. That is part of why the church is in so much trouble.

  22. No believer- not even a pastor- is exempt from being judged according to what they teach. And if he is teaching and practicing things which are unscriptural, he too needs to be corrected.

  23. Ronald Keiser
    I am a 61 year old who’s Grandfather. Rev. A.E. Pusey, was a Nazarene Pastor over 40 years. My father, Rev. Jay H. Keiser, was a Nazarene Pastor for over 35 years. I have an Uncle,Maj.-Col. Paul M. Pusey, who was a Nazarene Pastor and U.S. Army Chaplain, and whose son and my cousin, Rev. Timothy Pusey, is a Nazarene Pastor. The Church of the Nazarene has literally feed me,clothed me,sheltered me, saved me, educated me (Mount Vernon Nazarene University ’72 & Olivet Nazarene University ’75), and has been MY CHURCH since I was four days old (born on Wed. and in church Sun.)
    I have been a member of Marion First Church of the Nazarene for 37, since 1976. During that time I have had the opportunity to be ministered to by some of the finest pastors the Nazarene denomination has had to offer, including the General Secretary of the Church of the Nazarene, Dr. David Wilson, and General Superintendent of the Church of the Nazarene, Dr. David Graves. My present Pastor, Rev. G. Riley Powell is also a great man of God who has wonderfully lead MFCN, the church that the “anonymous witness” has been so critical of.
    I have to say, Marion First Church of the Nazarene is NOT the same church I began attending 37 years ago! If you show me a church that is the same as it was 30 + , I’ll show you a church that is either stagnant or dead! We have undergone many changes, building additions, and addition of worship services with different styles of worship. However, throughout all of the changes the revered word of God and messages of Salvation and Holiness have always remained!
    Jesus taught his message to many people in many ways, such as parables.When was the last time you heard a sermon preached that way? David sang songs to God using a Harp and Lyre. Seen those instruments in a worship service lately? The early Christian Church worshiped in homes, so should we not have buildings and sanctuaries today because “that’s not the way they use to do it”?
    Did we forget that the music of many of the cherished hymns of the Christian Church came from “Bar Music”, but used for God’s glory? Many of the criticisms about worship today come from the Great Deceiver himself! It has become a great way for Satan to divide The Church. If we focus on the music and style of worship argument we become critical, bitter, angry, and NONE OF THOSE ARE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT!
    Just as God looks in our hearts to know our true spiritual condition, He also looks in our hearts to know our true worship. And the last I knew from reading scripture, ONLY GOD HAS THAT POWER. None of us can judge what is the right or wrong way to worship God, what is a more appropriate way to worship. I don’t worship “like I’m at a ball game”, but neither do I wave my arms, or run the isles, as was a common practice in Nazarene churches when I was growing up. Does that make me less righteous, less holy, or less spiritual than those who came before me? So does the contemporary music of the younger generations speak to their hearts any less than the old hymns of the older generation. I can’t help but to believe it’s the division of the church over the music and style of worship that breaks God’s heart more than the music itself.
    I love the Church of the Nazarene!I love Marion First Church of the Nazarene! I love my Pastors! I love our people! BUT MOST OF ALL I LOVE MY JESUS and He commands me to “put away all malice and bitterness and quarrels towards one another” and to “live in peace”.

  24. Thank you for your heritage in the Church of the Nazarene. I am a lifelong Nazarene, my father was a Nazarene pastor until he passed away seven years ago. Our families have a rich heritage.

    But again, bringing in worldly music and worldly ways to bring people into the church is wrong and is against God’s word. I do not see how imitating the world, in the church, pleases God. Please explain how incorporating worldiness in the church helps bring people to Christ, and uplifts God.

    If there is no limit in style, as you imply (“If we focus on the music and style of worship argument we become critical, bitter, angry, and NONE OF THOSE ARE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT!)

    then I guess anything goes… or is there a line that you will not cross when it comes to music in church?

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