Nazarenes Exploring Evolution: Spreading Evolution’s Lies, Rejecting God’s Word

“These men are dried-up springs, mere clouds driven by a storm. Gloomy darkness is reserved for them.”  2 Peter 2:17

Evolution is a farce.  It is unprovable.  It is at best a hypothesis, and not even rises to the level of a theory.  It is not based on the scientific method of provability.  And one of its most amazing assumptions, that some living things amazingly transitioned to a totally different living thing (such as fish to mammal), does not have one shred of evidence and has never been observed to have happened.

Yet, it seems Nazarenes Exploring Evolution are trying their best to turn the Nazarene denomination into one that first and foremost holds to the false and unfounded teachings of the religion of evolution, while grudgingly letting faithful Bible-believers hold on their “silly” notion that the Bible does mean what it says when God explains creation in the book of Genesis.

The latest indication of a corrupted mind comes from a recent article written by Mark Maddix, Professor of Practical Theology and Discipleship at Northwest Nazarene University.  In an article titled “Evolutionary Theory and Moral Development”, he gives further proof that the Nazarene universities are a breeding ground for false teaching, and are a “great” place to send your child if you wish to have his or her faith shattered by the time the graduate.  Northwest Nazarene is clearly near the top of the list of the worst, along with Point Loma and the Nazarene Theological Seminary, yet we cannot recommend a single Nazarene university today that is holding true to biblical principles, and that has not fallen for the emergent ideology and the “spiritual formation” programs which are corrupting our youth.

Dr. Maddix is also known for his promotion of contemplative spirituality (the true name of spiritual formation).  At General Assembly this year, he led a presentation which ended up promoting the usual forms of contemplative spirituality that has so infected practically all Christian universities today.  When I stood up to challenge him on his premise that Roman Catholics believe the same way we do, we could tell that he was not only steadfastly defending that position, but that he and his colleague were wrong on the side of history, claiming that the Bible came from the Roman Catholic Church.  These are the kinds of dangerous things being allowed by the General Superintendents and the board of directors at these schools.

In his article, Maddix says this:

 “Growing up in a Christian home, evolution was only referred with negative connotations. I was taught that evolution was an atheistic theory which undermined the authority of Scripture in general and specifically Genesis 1 and 2.”

So in his early years, he was taught the right thing.  Evolution is an atheistic theory, it has never been close to being proved and cannot be proved with any facts whatsoever.  So what made Dr. Maddix change his mind?  Was it compelling evidence from Holy Scripture?  Sadly, no.  His authority is not the Bible, as is evident now.

He goes on to say that when he went to a Christian university, that is where he changed his mind.  He was persuaded, not by God’s word, but by the words of a professor.  He believed the professor who said that “the author of Genesis, probably not Moses, (that created another anxiety) had no understanding of modern science and was writing to show God’s relationship with God’s creation.”   So then Maddix explains that “His explanation changed the course of my understanding of the creation-evolution debate and helped me understand Genesis 1 and 2 as theological not scientific.”

He then goes on to tell how he subsequently became confused by a young earth creationist’s explanation of our origins.  He then stayed confused until a biology professor “affirmed his belief in evolution by stating that Darwin’s theory was the best way to explain how God created the universe.”  He accepted the professor’s explanation that “”Believing in evolution does not reject Scripture, since Scripture was not written for such purposes.”  Dr. Maddix goes on the state that “My Christian liberal arts education provided me with a clearer understanding of a Wesleyan view of Scripture, particularly as it related to the creation accounts and a view of creation that could include evolution.”

Hath God Said?

Thus he bought into the lie, and thus that is where he is now.

You must read on through his entire article in order to appreciate the kind of thinking that is causing great harm to Christian students in our universities.   A other quote by Dr. Maddix:

“In my search for understanding how persons grow and develop morality, I first asked whether humans are born with the capacity to know what is right or wrong (nature), or is morality shaped primary by our environments (nurture).”

He is searching for answers, but he seems to not search in the right place.  His search for understanding can only fully be fully arrived at in the pages of the “great book” as John Wesley called it.  As he and others distort the history of John Wesley for their purposes, they forget that John Wesley believed entirely in the complete inspiration of Scripture, and that it has no error whatsoever.  And therein lies the problem.  They do NOT believe that the Bible is God’s word.  They pick and choose and decide for themselves what the Bible says, not what it really says.

Dr. Maddix concludes:

“Evolutionary ethics does not contradict a Biblical view of human persons Instead it provides a scientific explanation for how God created humans with the capacity to be moral, and through our environments, we grow and develop morally.

How truly sad.  How pathetically sad.  Yet he will answer to God for the damage he is causing.  But Dr Maddix is not alone; he is but one example of the many members of Nazarenes Exploring Evolution who are causing great harm today.  One is a former professor of mine in Greek New Testament.  Another is Tom Oord, also from NNU, who also promotes such false teachings as process theology and open theism.  Another is Dr. Dan Boone, president of Trevecca Nazarene University, one of the most dangerous and influential men in the denomination today.  It is a long list of “learned men and women” who cannot seem to accept the plain taught facts of Scripture.

As I wrote in a previous article:

Believing in evolution means you must accept that, among other things:

-Adam and Eve were not real historical figures as described in Genesis;

-Jesus was not truthful when he talked about Adam and Eve in a historical context;

-You reject God’s account in Genesis that He created everything in six days;

-You reject the ​truthfulness of the​ genealogical account of the Lord in the book of Luke, which includes Adam;

-The account of the first 11 chapters of Genesis is only allegory;

-You accept that death came into the world many years before any Adam and Eve, contradicting Romans 5:12 and its explanation of how sin and death came into the world;

-You pick and choose what you want to believe, instead of accepting God’s historical account at face value;

-You choose to use your own intellect and human reasoning and philosophy to validate the Bible, instead of letting the Bible validate itself;

-You reject the inerrancy and reliability of Scripture as the sole and final written authority for our faith and practice, and instead accept that the Bible has errors and is written deceptively.

Quoting a friend who recently commented on Maddix’s article: “What was it someone said to Paul, “Great learning has driven you mad.”  This fellow, like many in our universities, has had Christianity educated out of them.  So sad.”

Well, we know that Paul certainly was not mad, as he was clearly preaching and teaching the truth.  He himself claimed that the words that came from him were “not man’s word, but God’s words.”  Dr. Maddix and his friends do not believe the Bible is God’s inerrant word, and until they accept God’s word for what it teaches, they will be lost like a ship in the storm.

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7 responses to “Nazarenes Exploring Evolution: Spreading Evolution’s Lies, Rejecting God’s Word

  1. Charles Darwin, often referred to as the father of evolution, was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. He died on April 19, 1882, in Down House, Downe, Kent, England. His life should serve as a warning bearing in mind he attended the University of Edinburgh and dropped out of medical school after two years. He studied three years at Christ’s College Cambridge where he encountered theology. For some reason Darwin’s faith began to crumble when he began to doubt the story of creation as taught in Genesis. He began to accept theories of men like Charles Lyell, who believed that everything in nature came about by accident rather than by divine means. Evolution cannot exist as a science or anything of value to the Christian if you believe in the resurrection as Paul taught in 1 Corinthians [15:].

    The more Darwin embraced teachings of men like ‘Lyell’ the more he began to question the Bible. In his writings at age 40, Darwin gave up on Christianity and in 1880; he wrote that he no longer believed in the Bible as a divine revelation of God, or in the Son of God.
    The unsolved mystery that we may never know, did Darwin become a Christian between 1880 and his death in 1882 when he no longer believed in the Bible or in Jesus Christ. “Lady Hope,” who told the only story of his conversion, claimed she visited Darwin who was ill at his Down House in 1881, found him reading the book of Hebrews. Lady Hope later quoted Darwin, asking her back to speak about Jesus. His family denied the story as this ever occurring.

    Darwin’s theory of “Natural Evolution,” denies the existence of a creator God, no longer taught in our schools as a theory, but as a scientific fact for over a quarter century. According to a recent Gallup poll posted in 2009, the influence of evolution and its impact upon students in my opinion have an effect on their belief about God as these statistics show.

    Those who believe in evolution: 74 percent of post graduate students; 53 percent of college graduate students; 41 percent of students with some college, and 21 percent of high school students. Compared to those students who have no opinion: 16 percent post graduates; 26 percent college graduates; 30 percent some college, and 52 percent high school.
    The correlation appears related to the level of education. At the high school, 52 percent had no opinion while 21 percent believed in evolution. At the post graduate 74 percent believed in evolution and only 16 percent had no opinion. The more education one has the easier it becomes to believe in evolution. This is a clear warning of the power of intellectual manipulation by its teachers.

  2. The “Lady Hope” story is unfortunately more likely to be untrue. However, it is interesting to note that Darwin, in his book “The Descent of Man,” was aware of the potential application of evolution to humans in terms of survival of the fittest, and didn’t have any way to object to it.

    When you forsake God, you forsake the grounds for your morality, and even if you do cling to morality, your only justification for it is because of your personal and subjective choice.

  3. The genealogy in the Gospel according to Matthew does not include Adam. The genealogy in the Gospel according to Luke does. It diminishes your valid points when you botch Scripture references.

  4. If that’s the worst mistake I will ever make in my blog posts, I’ll certainly take it- over the egregious mistakes and and twisting of Scripture that the evolutionists are doing. An easily correctable error of which was my fault- being human of course, and one which I knew was in Luke. The points remain completely valid nevertheless.

  5. I did not know that your blog post errors needed to be set in juxtaposition to the the blinded ignorance of the evolutionist egregious error. Why is that necessary? (Mama always told me two wrongs don’t make a right…How about; “Hey, you are right – thanks…) Yes, your points are valid as I already affirmed, but the post is diminished or maybe tarnished is a better word; when something that simple is turned into an error. If it’s worth doin’ it’s worth doin’ right —You can thank Mama for that one too. 😉

  6. Perhaps George you may have written your criticism a bit more “nicely” or kindly? Or even sent me a private message to tell me that I made this mistake of saying Matthew instead of Luke?

    In all the years I have been writing this blog, you chose to comment here for the first time, I believe, by pointing out a mistake, almost as if it has destroyed my credibility? Well, thanks for pointing out my error. Show me one blog that has gotten it right all the time. In four years, I have had to make two corrections of things I erred in. That’s a pretty good record as far as I am concerned.
    By the way, my Mama taught me right, so I never hide from my mistakes.

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