The False gospel and False “jesus” Of Social Justice

“Jesus didn’t come to address society’s woes. He came to die, to save.”


The following was written to a friend by a young man who attends a Nazarene church:

“I am so happy and hopeful to be a part of a generation that believes in social justice and change. Too often we look at the numbers and become pessimistic about the future of the world, totally forgetting that when we have The Lord on our side WE are the majority! We have so much power at our hands to change this world!”

My friend followed up with a question to the young man: “What is your definition of social justice and change?” Below is his answer.

“Simply put, look at Jesus’ life. He was all about social justice and change. He touched and healed people. He flipped tables over. He let a prostitute wash and touch his feet. He talked with women. He told his disciples to let the children come. He ate meat. He made a point to show how anti he was of the religious establishment in his day. Nowadays, there are so many social issues globally and nationally. For instance, the porn industry is one of the highest profiting industries in the whole world. I would LOVE to see those numbers plummet dramatically.

We need to raise awareness for how much damage porn causes in relationships, our brains, and our health to help break people out of those addictions. Human trafficking is another HUGE issue in the world today and not many people know what they can do to stop it. We need to be a voice to those who cannot speak up for themselves and in America we have so much opportunity to speak up and use this freedom we are always talking about. Also, buying things and supporting organizations that make sure that the employees / makers of the stuff we are importing to the States are being treated and paid properly. Racism, sexism, hunger and poverty, there are so many issues and people that need a voice and people praying for. God really laid a call on my life while in Ecuador to bring attention to these issues and that with Him, we are the majority! We have so much power to pull from and we can change this nation and even the world.”

It is so sad that this young man’s thoughts are probably not an aberration, but the norm from countless young people in today’s evangelical church. My friend Brenda has written a response below, which I pray is read by many more young professing Christians who have this same mindset. We need to pray for Nazarene and other Christian young people, because a false gospel is replacing the true Gospel in most of our Christian colleges and seminaries.


Response to the young man:

Dear young man, I appreciate your heart of compassion, but, would you be upset if I told you that you are absolutely wrong? Popular Christian culture today has remolded, and IS remolding, the gospel message of Jesus to fit a Social Justice Jesus paradigm.

The people who have been writing books and speaking on college campuses about their “Social Justice Jesus” are purposely turning hearts/minds AWAY from the gospel.

I’m sure that statement makes you angry, but, it is true.

Jesus came to SAVE mankind from their sins. He came as the perfect, unblemished Lamb. He was the foreshadow of ALL the temporary sacrifices which were a requirement of the Law to cover the Mercy Seat with His innocent blood.


He WILL come again, but when He does, it will not be because WE have brought social justice to the world to make it better for Him to return……no……when He comes, He will come as the Lion of Judah, to meter out true justice of those who rejected His merciful offer of salvation through His sacrifice as the Lamb.


Jesus warned many, many times of the fires of judgment that will last an eternity. He warned that justice WILL be thorough, complete, AND righteous.

Jesus warned that there would be those who thought they were doing good, but would be totally surprised when He says He doesn’t know them. Therefore, good deeds (social justice) are NOT the plumb line for being in the will of God. Social justice is not the mission, nor is it the gospel.

Stay with me now, dear one……. If you examine the Great Commission from Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts, you will note that the mission of the church is to

PREACH the gospel (Christ died for your sins, and was raised from the dead so that you may have eternal life);

TEACH from scripture (show people how the message of salvation, the scarlet thread, was woven throughout the Old Testament books);

teach REPENTANCE OF SIN (tell them to turn from their old life of rebellion);

BAPTIZING (as an outward sign, a public testimony of one being born again);

DISCIPLE new converts (equip, exhort, and encourage their new walk).



When the Kingdom of God gains a broken hearted, repentant sinner, many times families become better, which, in turn, effects communities in a good way then, perhaps a nation.

Saved, compassionate people have always benefited society. They know what is right from wrong based on God’s moral law written on their heart. They no longer live as self-centered humanists, but bless those around them.

The problem in our world is a darkened, sin filled heart problem, where evil resides. The mission of the church is to address the heart, first and foremost. Warring against societal evils is a benefit of a changed heart.

Jesus didn’t come to address society’s woes. He came to die, to save. He upset the money changers’ tables because of their dishonesty (sin). He was NOT against the ‘religious establishment’; He was against individuals within those ranks who were vile sinners.


Note: Not everyone who was part of the priesthood, were considered vile. Zachariah, John the Baptist’s father, performed his duties of the priesthood, and praised God for finally opening his mouth, after he believed and His heart was changed.

Jesus was buried in the tomb of a rich man, someone from the priesthood. That particular man’s heart was changed and he became a believer.

So be careful of those who spout that Jesus was against the religious establishment of His day. They do so, because it fits within their agenda to castigate the church, and paint organized religion as evil and ineffective, to be rejected. Please remember, Jesus went into the synagogues to teach (established religion) from scripture. Some rejected Him, but some did not, and seeds were planted in some.


Let me end by pointing out that scripture states that the world will get worse and worse, and men’s hearts will wax cold. Sin will abound. Romans 1 states that homosexuality, and all manner of sexual perversion will escalate. People will become more concerned about the earth and environment and even worship it. Children will disrespect their parents. Men will become centered on themselves and be arrogant boasters.

No, my friend, we will NOT be able to eliminate all those areas of heartbreak that you listed, though, it doesn’t mean we walk away.

Please don’t be taken in by those who are purposely leading people astray with a different gospel and a different Jesus.

Praying for you,



10 responses to “The False gospel and False “jesus” Of Social Justice

  1. There are so many popular teachers from all venues of the “church” who are embracing and teaching a social gospel while at the same time rejecting the true gospel of genuine peace with God. This effort to establish God’s kingdom on earth will usher in the cry of “peace, peace” but there will be no true peace, peace that is established upon the reconciliation of sinners to God through the blood of the Lamb. The Lamb will come in fiery indignation wrecking vengeance upon those who do not know God and do not obey the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then true peace and righteousness will be established upon this planet when the Son of God rules and reigns over the earth as Lord and Judge. God bless you:)

  2. It should also be noted:

    Many times “social justice gospel” proponents will use the verse from Matthew 25:40 to try to support their position.

    “And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these MY BRETHERN, you did it to Me.’ ” NKJV

    Prior to that verse, Jesus states that He was thirsty, hungry, sick, in prison, a stranger, and naked, and those being rewarded, met all those needs.
    Therefore, social justice people point to that as their social justice rallying call to address all the needs of the world because of Jesus’ words.

    However, what they fail to realize is that Jesus was speaking about meeting the needs of BELIEVERS.

    Let’s review that line again: “…..inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these MY BRETHERN, you did it to Me.”

    Who are Jesus brethern? Believers

    Through the centuries and today, Christians (His brethern) have been and are persecuted. WE ARE CALLED TO HELP OUR FELLOW BELIEVERS WHEN THERE IS A NEED.

    In America, the needs may not be as great as in other areas of the world, but, we are still to function as a church to help each other when a need arises within our own ranks, AND to help our BRETHERN (fellow believers) in other parts of the world.

    THE mission of the church is to preach and teach the gospel for the repentance of sin, disciple, and equip the brethern, AND minister to their needs when appropriate.

    Making society a better place is a natural outgrowth of a changed, repentant heart.
    Society does get better when people turn their backs on sin, and hate its evil effects!

    Note: We must realize, scripture indicates that we will not be the ones to set up a righteous rule; that work belongs to Christ, and is His alone.

    The social gospel is a false gospel;.scripture clearly points that out.

  3. An excellent piece. It is sad that people mistake the results of salvation (good works) for the cause of salvation (faith in the person and work of Christ).

    The devil will use whatever he can to deceive people, even if that means using good things.

  4. Manny,
    Brenda’s response to the young man was excellent pointing out the error that many young people are making involving social justice. Paul in his letter to Timothy warned (1Timothy 4:1) “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.”
    A person may hold all the truths of Christianity, and yet render them of little effect by holding to other doctrines that counteract their influence. To what degree any church will depart from the great commission by bringing in other doctrines (i.e. Social justice) which render its essential truths null and void needs to be very careful in what they promote. Satan is a master at deception at derailing the church from its original mission by offering a substitute mission in its place.

  5. Lige Jeter,
    Great points and wonderful conclusions. Excellent warning to all to hold fast to the truth and oppose all error to avoid participating in the work of the enemy. God bless you:)

  6. The false gospel of kingdom now dominion theology is where these ideas come from. C Peter Wagner is a driving force behind this. Definitely false teaching, as Jesus tells us things will continue to get worse as we near the end. We will be hated by all nations before the end. As for Matthew 25, the judgment of the nations, we are not being judged there. As believers, we are sitting with Jesus as He judges the remaining nations of the world after Armageddon Rev 19,20 We have already been with the Lord for 7 years and had the wedding feast. When He says “least of these, my brethren” (Hebrews 2:9-11) He is pointing to us who are sitting with him, not being judged.

  7. The message is really good. Can I translate it into Chinese and put it on my webpage? I am Chrsitian in Hong Kong.

  8. Yes, brother Albert. Feel free to translate and share! Thanks for asking. Any of our work here is okay for anyone to use. And feel free to send me your link to your webpage when you can.


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