Nazarene Strange Fire

“These are more or less people whose experience is unsatisfactory, who have never been sanctified wholly, or have lost the precious work out of their hearts, who will run after the hope of exceptional or marvelous things, to their own further undoing. People who have the precious, satisfactory experience of Christ revealed in the heart by the Holy Spirit, do not hanker after strange fire, nor run after every suppositional gift, nor are they blown about by every wind of doctrine. There is rest only in the old paths where the Holy Spirit Himself imparts to the soul directly the witness of His cleansing and indwelling.” (Phineas Bresee)

The Church of the Nazarene has drifted off course in so many ways, it is hard to keep up with everything. The many articles on my blog documenting the heresies being promoted in the denomination and in its colleges perhaps don’t even touch the scope of what is happening. The shameful scandal that led to the closing of Nazarene Publishing House, even as leaders at the top are still avoiding a full accounting, is another black mark on a denomination that used to preach holiness and also lived it. Many of us are stunned with disbelief as to why more and more church leaders are leading the flock down the Roman Catholic road hand in hand with Rome, when we know that it is an apostate religion. Biblical reading is being replaced with study books written by heretics and with mindless “silence” and other mystical experiences. The “old paths” of God are being abandoned for the foolishness of man’s way.

Now, only a few churches here and there bravely preach real biblical holiness while resisting the pressure to conform to the emergents and the mystical wannabees searching for an “experience” as proof of God’s work. Pastors and laymen who believe in scriptural inerrancy and the Genesis account of creation are now looked on as odd people, or perhaps as irrational fools, while revisionists lie and claim that John Wesley and Phineas Bresee would support their false ideas now. Such lies in part have led to our new video project.

In the Summer of 2014, several videos were recorded and produced for the purpose of exposing the false signs and wonders movement. Speakers included Jacob Prasch, Sandy Simpson, John Haller, Tim Wirth, and Manny Silva. Those videos are now completed and are posted on YouTube for all Christians to view and download and share with others. Links to the videos are at the end of this post.

Here, I bring your attention to one of these videos, which particularly addresses yet another problem within the Church of the Nazarene. The video is titled “Nazarene Strange Fire” and the speakers are Tim Wirth and myself. Subjects covered include: Dan Bohi and Rob McCorkle’s Fire School, Dan Bohi’s association with false teachers such as Bill Johnson and Roland and Heidi Baker, the deliberate misuse of Phineas Bresee’s statements on Pentecostalism to promote false signs and wonders, and examples of how people are deceived to trust in some kind of “experience” instead of trusting the word of God. The video concludes with Manny relating an account of his own father’s witnessing of a true sign and wonder, giving credit to God and not man.

To any Nazarene who is concerned about the state of the denomination, please forward this to as many Nazarenes as possible. Many more Nazarenes need to know how serious this has become, and that they must become aware of these things, and that they must warn others about the apostasy that is spreading within the house of God.

Here is the video “Nazarene Strange Fire” (50 min):

Additional Videos in the series:

Lying Signs And Wonders (Jacob Prasch and Sandy Simpson) 1:26

The Stream Of Ecumenism (John Haller and Tim Wirth) 1:22

Testing Music In The Church (Sandy Simpson and Tim Wirth) 57 min

Holy Ghost Movie Exposé (Sandy Simpson and Tim Wirth) 1:35

Johanna Michaelson on the occult influence in Christianity (1:20)

Additional References:

Rev. Ilidio Silva:

2 responses to “Nazarene Strange Fire

  1. I wish you well in your struggle to fight against the issues in your church. Just proves we always have to be vigilant. Those things didn’t happen in a day. Bless you and your efforts.

  2. Dear Sir: I am writing you at this time to share with you that I have not been able to get into my account for a prolonged amount of time, which I regret, and thus have missed the documentation and writing you have done that shows how the Nazarene Church has drifted badly. I agree with you, and sadly so. It breaks my heart to see what has transpired within her cloak, knowing what I know being limited as I have left her boundaries for another church due to the actions, reactions, refusals to be true to her Manual and Biblical heritage, and the embracing of multiple positions that I deem not only embracing of the Emerging Church philosophies (note I did not say theology as, to me, true theology is based on Scripture and not on philosophical application of culturalisms of relativity ).

    As such, I am asking you, if I could, for you to send to me the places where you have felt, and thus cited where the Nazarene Church has drifted, albeit in brief (i.e., Departure from the position of the Bible as the inerrant Word of God — with cited statements and support for that finding, as an example). I would not want or need the longer explanation, but only the departure points, and cited statements and actions that you have found to support those findings.

    I will share with you my reasons: I am TERRIFIED that my church has been approached to merge with the Nazarene Church as it is today, to form a new denomination, and feel I have to find ways to show forth a rethinking of accepting or considering that merger. I have some findings but, again, not being as close to it as you seem to be, I am having more difficulty in finding those positions as well. Also, I am concerned enough to pray for this denomination as it is the denomination of my birth and past ministry. I do not want to see another denomination go forward into the abyss of heresy without my praying much for it, and that specifically about (again) specific departures.

    I would ask sir for your help, and seek for your guidance in what you have discovered as well. Also, I would be willing to network with you in promoting a return of this denomination to it spiritual moorings, as well as share the concerns and departures with you that I find for you to use in your work and ministry that you are involved in.

    Finally, could I perhaps also share with you an alternative e-mail address so that I can receive these postings and information more readily? It is

    Thank you for your time, and ministry to me. I pray for you, and for your ministry as well. Thank you for being faithful.

    So gratefully yours, Rev. Micah Rogers

    Micah D. Rogers

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