We Are Alive And Well, And Continue to Warn The Church

Perhaps much to the chagrin and disappointment of our detractors, many of them who are those who occupy much of their time at Naznet, Concerned Nazarenes is alive and well, and will always be so, God willing. Since kicking me out of the group a few months ago, NazNetters apparently still cannot help themselves and talk about us once in a while, and not in a flattering way (see here). In this case, they seem to think that we have gone away and are completely irrevelant now. From the writings of one of them, which at times is total speculation or outright fabrication, it seems that:

  1. Concerned Nazarenes have been outsmarted by people of great skill and expertise.
  2. We are extremists in our views (such as we believe in the Bible)
  3. They are proud of the fact that leaders, including General Superintendents, do not respond to any concerned Nazarene, as if that is something for a leader to be proud of.
  4. They accuse us of attacking “upstanding leaders”, while they ironically have (rightly so) questioned the integrity of several leaders and demanded board resignations in the NPH scandal.
  5. They act sincere and caring towards us, even as they go on a diatribe and attack us, often saying that we are not real Nazarenes.

What he wrote is echoed by many of his friends. What they truly do not understand is the positive impact and influence we have had, and continue to have, on the Church of the Nazarene. In spite of the fact that I had not written a blog article in several months, visitors come to my site at a rate of 1,500-2,500 per week. We continually get requests for DVDs every week, and sometimes we fall behind in sending them out quickly. Our newest videos have been getting thousands of hits on YouTube, and are reaching people far more quickly than we used to with just sending out DVDs. I continue to get letters from Nazarenes who encourage us in what we are doing. Some of them are retired pastors who are heartbroken at what is happening to the church. They ask us, how can they help? They are helping greatly, with their prayers, and with passing out our DVDs and information to others. We thank them for their continued service in this way.

We have helped people deal with very difficult issues, including struggling with the problem of deciding whether to leave their church, or to stick with it for a while. We have helped people who did leave their church, and needed support and prayer. As a small group within the larger group called Nazarene denomination, it has been an inspiring thing to see so many Nazarenes supporting, encouraging, and praying for each other, while dealing with watching the slow death of a denomination many grew up in all their lives. To the detractors at NazNet, we are irrelevant, mean, and hateful people who are hurting the body of Christ. But how can someone hurt the body of Christ, when they are speaking truth?

Our FaceBook group continues to grow, yet it is not about increasing membership, it is about support and encouragement and learning. Much of our membership is comprised of faithful Nazarenes who decided they would rather go it alone, rather than stay in a compromising church. Our group is just like those 7,000 few who would not bow the knee to Baal. It never was about numbers, and many of these people at NazNet seem to think that numbers is what decides who is right or wrong. A true “concerned Nazarene”, or any concerned Christian, is one who is willing to be the last faithful one standing, and refuses to exchange loyalty to God with loyalty to a pastor, a church, or even family. This is what has been happening to so many Nazarenes for a long time now. If we can reach one out of 100 with the truth, and they see what is going on and decide not to compromise, we are thankful to God.

We will probably never know for sure how much influence we have had, but I believe it is a lot more than we may think. I believe some things have changed in the denomination because we have raised our concerns. Yet, there is much that is being ignored, and the denomination is still damaging itself tremendously, and it will get worse, because the leadership has failed at all the highest levels. Their negligence and dereliction of duty is astounding, the most recent example being the Nazarene Publishing House mess.

I believe our influence may have given pause to many of the colleges, because we have seen less of an overt scheduling and promoting of the kinds of activities we had been reporting on in the last few years. Yet, many of us do not recommend any student going to any of these schools. There is too much bad mixed in with whatever good they have, and most of it is due to a disregard for what Scripture teaches. They are continuing on the emergent and contemplative spirituality ways, including the seminary that is turning out future pastors.

Perhaps, or perhaps not, we had some influence in the apparent demise of a site that proudly promoted evolution through the writing of prominent theologians, pastors, and other church leaders. The website Nazarenes Exploring Evolution, supported by so many Nazarene leaders, is no longer online, at least at this writing. Please pray that this website and its ungodly teachings never sees the light of day again, as it has contributed much to the decline of biblical authority in the church today and poisoned the minds of many undiscerning Christians. We can not truly know if our influence caused it to shutdown, but we will continue to fight the teaching of this ungodly ideology to Christians, especially in our universities and colleges.

One thing is for sure. We are not shutting down. Oh, it was proposed by Dennis Bratcher, former professor at Point Loma Nazarene University. Mr. Bratcher suggested that “The web site and remaining articles that still attack church leaders needs to be taken down, not just rendered inactive.” Mr. Bratcher, that is NOT going to happen, and you can’t do anything about it. The truth cannot be shut down.

Mr. Bratcher then gives an example of an “attack”, which is a truthful article that speaks about one of the major early supporters of emergent heresy, pastor Jon Middendorf. Mr. Bratcher also says that “There needs to be a public apology to the people who have been attacked, many falsely or without much understanding.” Yet he has never once given one example of a “false attack”, much like all the others who cannot stand hearing the truth. And finally, he claims that the actions of CN (along with the whole support cadre) were not just misguided but were nothing short of sinful.” Mr. Bratcher has just insulted many longtime, faithful Nazarenes, including retired church pastors, who would disagree with some of his unbiblical ideology. He then ends up signing off, as he always does, with “grace and peace”, after exhibiting anything but grace and peace.

Concerned Nazarenes is comprised of Nazarenes, former Nazarenes, and non-Nazarenes of likeminded concerns. We are not a debate group, which drives the opposition crazy. We have settled many things, including the fact that the Bible is God’s inerrant and infallible word. They hate to hear us say these things. Many of them do NOT believe that the Bible is God’s word, and that is the foundation of their whole misguided way of thinking. That is what we are refuting their misguided thinking, and warning others about it. It could very well be that your own pastor does not believe in the word of God. Such is the way the Church of the Nazarene is going. It may survive financially or in membership numbers, but spiritually it is dying.

And we will continue to warn all who are willing to listen and check the Scriptures, to see whether we are telling the truth or not. Please join us if you also believe in biblical truth.

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11 responses to “We Are Alive And Well, And Continue to Warn The Church

  1. Well on U Tube alone we have over 41 thousand views not just hits. Plus we gave a couple hundred dvds out last weekend at a conference and have continued to be of great aid to a state representative in PA who largely circulates our materials. Funny thing is on Naz Net you can get kicked out for believing scripture or hitting a laugh button but its ok to use foul language and not even have your post removed.

  2. Thanks for adding me to the Concerned Christians group. However the link to the Concerned Nazarenes says page not available. As a former Nazarene and grandson of a Nazarene pastor, I would like to join. Thanks.

    On Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 1:05 PM, Reformed Nazarene wrote:

    > reformednazarene posted: “Perhaps much to the chagrin and > disappointment of our detractors, many of them who are those who occupy > much of their time at Naznet, Concerned Nazarenes is alive and well, and > will always be so, God willing. Since kicking me out of the group a few > months”

  3. I would like your opinion on an issue..not sure how to contact you. Could you let me know the best way?

  4. I should be shocked at the response of the Denomination listed herein, yet am not. My own experience has been one of hurt, heartache, and exclusion, to say nothing of arbitrary living by the Manual in the areas of government and accusations leveled — even by the General Board. What I have found bitter-sweet is that the decisions they made to get rid of me has led me to another church affiliation of similar mindedness in Holiness teaching, while many of those who were so antagonistic and harmful have been moved on out of their positions of authority on a district level, come to emotional breakdowns, and more. During the difficult days and at the height of it all, a dear Saint of God shared this thought with me, so let me share it with you in hopes and prayer that it encourages all who may be going through some difficult days with what is going on with this sited herein, and wondering where do they fit in with their call to ministry — lay, licensed, or other: “God will work through His church, always. And when A church ceases to be HIS church, HE will work through another church that will be HIS CHURCH to accomplish His great plans that you will find and can be a part of. He only asks you to be faithful and resolute to your call!”

    Those words were prophetic, and we have. In the time since that separation, I can share some things that have occurred in our lives, to hopefully and prayerfully encourage some of you as well. First, God DOES work through HIS CHURCH — find one that is His Church and you will find yourself at peace. Second, while I still detest the WAY it occurred, I am able to now say that there is a sense of relief that we are not with this Denomination, but with another that has let us be and do the ministry God has called us to. Third, no organization or denomination is going to be perfect as there will always be room for improvement, maturity, and discipleship in any organization / denomination. It will be different, to say the least, in many ways, partly due to what had been what we were accustomed to, and partly due to being so raw and uncomfortable anyway due to the pain endured, as well as the realization that no more “mistakes” want or can be afforded to be made. Therefore, IF there is a decision to leave the Denomination cited, be sure that it is because you KNOW that God has led you AWAY from it, and not the adversity against proper Biblical teachings. Case in point is that every prophet and Apostle met with resistance but stayed true to their call. Even in the New Testament Church, there were times of spirited discussions, i.e., circumcision, worship styles, acceptance of less than “orthodox” dogmas by the Gentile Church, etc. Still, though different, God had it in mind to do so much more through those who were willing to stay the course in those new places of service, while also being faithful to their call.

    Be faithful to Christ, and Christ only. All else will, eventually and clearly, be revealed. There have always been tremendous sacrifices to be encountered across the continuum of Church History, as there are now and more to be in the future. Be faithful — no matter the cost. God has a way of, through your faithfulness and in time, of revealing His divine and great desire for us all.

  5. Thank you, Concerned Nazarenes, for standing up for those of us without a voice. I am in complete agreement with everything you stand for and against. Truly, since 2007 when the emergent heresy was granted a foothold at the Nazarene “table”, the church officially started it’s downward spiral. It really started at the 1972 General Assembly, if you are familiar with the newest history of the church entitled, “Watchword and Song” (2009), edited by Floyd Cunningham. Since the leadership has allowed this to happen, there has been no way to stop the trend away from Wesleyan/Arminian theology and the holiness lifestyle. My local church dabbled in emergent ideas/exercises a few years back but those ideas never took hold, thank the good Lord. But what did happen was after that, we called a pastor who is hyper-Pentecostal and was just getting into emergent heresies, too, when our DS asked him to resign. My family had already left the local church/denomination when things finally came to an end. For us, the damage was irreparable.

    Right now, we are still grieving for our denomination and the holiness movement as a whole. We have found, for now, a church to attend where we can hear the salvation message, though it is not a holiness church. We will continue to pray for our beloved Church of the Nazarene and it’s leadership.

    We intend to be part of the remnant that believes and lives second-blessing holiness. Maybe God will raise up another group as He did in the early 1900’s. As Keith Drury said in 1995, I am determined to be part of the remnant whether is be within the existing denomination or in a new one. We will continue to pray for CN/Reformed Nazarenes, that you will not be bullied into submission. And, pray for us that we will be able to “stand”.

    By the way, I wish you would address hyper-Pentecostalism. It seems to be the latest distraction/heresy being forced upon the Church of the Nazarene in other parts of the country, too, from Bill Johnson/Bethel church/Jesus Culture to several of the Ohio districts.

  6. Manny
    The old adage, history repeats itself, is more than an old saying. It was probably forty plus years ago in a revival that an evangelist in one of his messages warned the Nazarene Church was beginning to following in the footsteps of its former predecessor the Methodist Church. He warned we must be careful not to allow holiness to die. Below is a website and two inserts that are found showing what happens when churches fail to keep God’s Word and begin to follow their own ideals.

    Presbyterian Church And Arab Palestinian Group Rewriting The Bible
    Jan 21, 2015 … Have you heard that there is a new version of our Bible? … on this heretical bandwagon are: Episcopalian, Methodist, Lutheran and even some …

    “EDITOR’S NOTE: The Palestinian and Sabeel Liberation Theology groups have partnered with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) as their main support for this satanic doctrine. And no wonder, the Presbyterian Church in recent years has become rabidly anti-Israel and ferociously pro-LGBT. The name of “Israel” occurs 2566 times in 2,294 verses in the KJV.”

    Further, down in the article, you read some real alarming news, not that the one above is not alarming. “Should it really surprise us that the Presbyterian church is a partner in this? I’m not surprised at all. The other mainline churches who have jumped on this heretical bandwagon are: Episcopalian, Methodist, Lutheran and even some Evangelical churches in the U.S. have followed suit. I wonder when the Vatican will thrown in their hat?”

    Who would have ever thought that some of those churches mentioned would go so far as to denounce Christ for all purposes and intent. We are definitely living in a time when the church needs to be aware of what is going on within its organization, so as, to protect its flock from wolves. To turn a blind eye and deaf ear is not the answer. After reading many of the comments made about CN’s by NazNet, I feel they are in danger of doing just that.

  7. One thing I find peculiar about NazNet is how it evokes the the Nazarene Church name or John Wesley and simultaneously piles on forum attacks against almost everything they stand for historically.

    It presents images of loving warmth and tolerance until a strong supporter of Biblical authority enters the discussion. Then, “tolerance” seems to degenerate into diatribes, thin-skinned whining and pontificating about barely veiled, left-wing political memes. Fascinating, coming from a site that is not an official Nazarene vehicle.

    I know this may seem like a harsh description, but it appears as if the historic, Nazarene Church (a strong American, biblical holiness movement) has been infiltrated BIG TIME with secular humanists, naturalists,universalists, New Age gurus, emergent church purveyors and agnostics (to name a handful) who are not as sophisticated as they hoped to be.

    Their Nazarene masks aren’t large enough to cover the true faces underneath. Discernment and a commitment to scripture are the best antidotes when dealing with such disguises:

    “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works” (2 Corinthians 11:13-15 NKJV).

  8. There are several growing trends in many American evangelical churches that are quickly replacing reliance on the authority of scripture and commitment the central theological doctrines of Christianity. I will summarize them quickly, as many Christian thinkers have undertaken a detailed analysis of each one of these regressive changes:

    1. Blind allegiance to popular psychology over prayer as a “solution” for all human problems.

    2. An obsession with cultural relevance over proclamation of the unadulterated Gospel message.

    3. A preoccupation with a “tolerance” for everything but clear, Bible-based preaching and teaching.

    4. The presumption that secular, corporate business practices should inform all aspects of church life and organization.

    5. Disinterest with anything that has to do with the prophetic aspects of scripture.

    6. Suspicion of appeals to doctrine or holiness.

    7. Blind absorption of and allegiance to popular culture and media.

    8. Fear of being perceived as different or counter-cultural, as opposed to being affirmed and accepted.

    9. The assumption that churches are large because they are doing things right.

    10. Disappearance of key biblical words and phrases like “sin,” “hell” “atonement,” “blood of Christ,” “heaven,” “salvation” and “Satan” from sermons and Sunday schools across the country. Replacement of these words with terms like “community,” “seeker,” “dialogue,” “spirituality” and “relational.”

    In my opinion, these factors are some of the reasons why revival is absent in many churches across America today and why sites like “Concerned Nazarenes” are needed as virtual meeting points for Christians who refuse to compromise core biblical truths, such as the inerrancy of scripture and the Deity of Jesus Christ. Thank you Manny for making this possible.

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