The Removal Of A Dangerous Teacher Must Be Supported

If your pastor stood up at the pulpit and said to you that “God cannot know the future,” what would you think?

If your pastor stated also that “God makes mistakes and that He learns from those mistakes,” what would you think?

If your pastor said that Adam and Eve were simply allegorical tales, and that they were not really historical figures as written in the Bible, what would you think?

If your pastor stated to the congregation that Genesis 1-11 is not fact, and that we were really created through a wildly random process of “evolution,” what would you think?

I would hope that most Christians would be outraged, and would most likely call for the resignation of that pastor.  These are all unbiblical beliefs which should not be tolerate of any ordained minister in the church.

Well, Dr. Tom Oord, who is also an ordained elder in the Nazarene church, has been terminated from his position as a theology professor at Northwest Nazarene University.  I will be following up with another post regarding this outcome, but for now, I want to encourage every Christian on this list and who reads my blog, to go to the following link and express your support for the termination of this professor.  This is not a time to gloat or celebrate the loss of anyone’s job; yet this is also a time to feel some relief, that at least one more professor will not be allowed to teach heretical views to so many students at a Christian school.

I was there at ENC several years ago, when after a lecture by Dr. Oord, and after I quoted relevant scripture to him, he politely disagreed with my position on the origin of sin and death, and solidified my conclusion that he is a false teacher.  He is not alone, and I will expound on that next time.  But for now, I urge you to go to the website and express your support of his termination.  Although the official reason stated was regarding budgetary reasons, I hope and pray that the proper reason that should have been said, was that he was let go because of his anti-biblical views.

If you agree, please go to the site and support Dr. Alexander’s removal of a dangerous teacher:

For further information on Tom Oord’s (and others) false teachings:

15 responses to “The Removal Of A Dangerous Teacher Must Be Supported

  1. For sure you need to make your voices heard. False teachers and the minority seem to have very loud voices. Biblically solid Christians need to let people know that false teachers need to be removed from Christian schools. However that happens or goes down is fine. If Tom Oord gets his job back its Mob rule in the Nazarene denomination.

  2. We read a lot about Millennials these days who accounts for approximately 80 million that makes up this generation and how they differ from my generation. According to Neil Howe and William Strauss, authors of the 1991 book Generations: The History of America’s Future, places Millennials born between 1982 and 2004. This age bracket varies a few years depending upon your source.

    In the US Millennials are less prone to practice organized religion one in three are irreligion and nearly 3% identify themselves as atheists. They are socially liberal, are not opposed to same sex marriages, and have been referred to as the ME generation. According to the PEW Research Poll concluded that 64% of Millennials born since 1980 between the ages of 18 and 32 favor legalizing marijuana. The church cannot afford to have instructors teaching non-biblical teaching as truth to this younger Millennial generation who are struggling to find the truth. As difficult as it may have been letting Dr. Oord go given what he was teaching was the right thing to do.

  3. I’d rather support the eradication of evil and dangerous fundamentalism within Christianity. We know who you are. And we will prevail.

  4. And this is the best and most intelligent response that can come from a Ph.D., Dr. Keen?

  5. 1 Timothy. If we do not rebuke false teaching using the Word of God it is simply mans word. Paul teaches us to be on our guard against those who come against Christ’s Bride the Church and not teaching the truth of God’s Word 1 John tells us what to look for. Those who do not want to conform to the Word of God and teach only the truth of God’s Holy Word are false teachers. Pray for these men but at the same time rebuke with the Word of God.Proverbs 27:5,6.James 4:1-6

  6. Not knowing all of the details, I have to say that although I support Dr. Oord being removed from teaching at NNU, I do NOT support the manor in which it was done. It seems dishonest to me, and the ends do not justify the means. That being said, perusing the ‘support Tom Oord & NNU’ facebook group page, I am aghast. The term ‘witch hunt’ comes to mind. The absolute pride, arrogance and hypocrisy of the group is astounding. The claim to be about living a life of love, all while tearing down their brothers and sisters in the faith who do not agree with them on issues of theology and politics disgusts me and the groups cries of injustice fall on my deaf ears (as a result of their attitude). They pat each other on the head and throw around words like “courageous” and “justice”, so sure that they are right and hold the moral high ground. It is very frustrating to deal with people who are so self deceived. The sad thing is, if they were not so off putting, I do actually agree with them that the way Dr. Oord was fired was wrong. But they will not receive my support because of how unloving I am made to feel while reading their posts.
    After all, I am one of their loathed “fundamentalists”. It amuses me that the term in their minds is supposedly derogatory. You call me a fundamentalist? I proudly stand firm on the biblical fundamentals of the faith! Why would someone who professes to be born again NOT want to be associated with that? And therein lies the problem….

  7. I personally would have preferred to have heard a better reason for his removal, and not the one that is the official reason. He should have been removed a long time ago for what he teaches, not for budgetary reasons.

  8. My opinion is that the University should be firing those professors who do not teach what the Nazarene doctrine states. No hiding behind “budget cuts”. Now it becomes an issue of tenure instead of the truth.

  9. They need to remove all false teachers. Dr. Oord is one of many. The professor’s should be solid Biblically as a pastor since they are leading a flock of young minds! I know of pro abortion, gay marriage and evolutionist Professors at NNU this is sin. Having them employed at a Christian University is sin. Abortion is legal but it is murdering another human this is sin. Gay Marriages will soon be legal on June 15th 2015 but it is still sin. Believing evolution and not creation is sin. We must repent and ask forgiveness. God can’t forgive unrepentant sin. God loves us but he will not be mocked. A righteous man stands up for the next generation!

  10. Mark i when we spoke at the last GA had no clue what the basic Gospel of Jesus Christ is and had no idea what the difference between the biblical gospel and the gospel taught by the Roman Catholic church.
    Here is the main point in my opinion.
    They have already failed.
    Even if Tom Oord gets rehired because its now mob rule by the liberals in the Nazarene denomination they still fail
    When they post on Naz Net they fail.
    When they put up every stupid meme that insults God and mocks our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on Concerned Nazarene Memes they fail.
    When a man insults guys like Manny and pleads with Manny to focus on his family that statement fails because Manny is a godly man who already loves and guides his family. The accuser has failed because he doesn’t follow the same example.
    Every time Dan Boone opens his mouth and calls what he says is a Charitable Discourse he fails because he does not understand scripture so there is no basis of any kind of discourse.
    In my opinion when folks like Kevin Rector, Dan Boone and many others comment on scripture they are spitting on scripture.
    It all goes back to the Garden.
    They need and want to figure out God and bring God down to their level.
    Make God into their image instead of the other way around.
    In fact they want to be little gods because they elevate their opinions above what scripture really teaches.
    Their education means nothing because it has deconstructing the God of the Bible in their faux Christianity.
    They accuse us of worshiping the Bible which is just a strawman argument anyway.
    They need to read Psalm 138: 2 and figure out what God Himself states about His Word.
    But you can only have an understanding of scripture if you have the Holy Spirit not just years of education ( which is not necessarily a bad thing).
    And you can only have the Holy Spirit if you are truly born again.
    So let them keep on talking.
    God will not be mocked.
    They have already failed in all their efforts

  11. Well, so far the removal of Tom Oord has failed, and the one who tried has failed even more. But let me agree with Manny on this one, they should have been honest about the reasons.

  12. Why is it that some Christians do not want to take responsibility for their actions or be held accountable for the position they take especially when they know it goes against their Church’s teaching? I personally think to do so, you are agreeing by your deliberate course taken to accept as a man whatever fate it brings because you personally chose that particular course of action taken. Tom here is the only one to blame for his actions and not put the blame elsewhere. He taught knowing it was against church teaching and should have taught in a like minded university.

    Second, Should there be allowances for someone just because he or she is popular and liked by his or her peers including the student body? I think it is a shame for the faculty to vote as they did when taking a no confidence vote against the President especially the reported excuse used involving the matter of tenure. Their vote sends a silent message that a teacher should not be let go if they have tenure regardless of reason. As most jobs in the work force if you do your job you should not have to worry about tenure unless something catastrophic occurs.

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