Why I am Compelled to Oppose Homosexuality

(By John Henderson)
I am under obligation to declare the whole council of God. I would not know that homosexuality (behavior and orientation) were an abomination before God outside of the Scriptures. I recall the time when homosexuals asked only to be left to themselves. We did that. Then they asked for more and more, each time getting what they asked for. Now they are in a militant demand-mode to the point that American ministers are being threatened imprisonment in some places if they refuse to perform “gay” marriages and American Christian businesses are being fined for refusing to serve “gay” customers.

There was a period when, as a practicing psychotherapist, I carried a client load of homosexuals seeking counseling about their difficulties surrounding the sin. Without exception, when I brought them face to face with the solution of deliverance in Jesus Christ, they walked away, some being haughtily offended that I should even suggest they were in need of forgiveness and redemption. Every one of my clients intentionally chose to follow the homosexual lifestyle instead of coming to Christ. Word got around and they stopped seeking me as a counselor.
I am not aware of anyone at this time in my family who is homosexual. There are those, however, who are very dear to me who are addicted to other kinds of sin, sins just as damning. I do not make excuses for them but let those I love know with biblical clarity where they stand and what needs to happen in their lives whenever the subject should come up. I am obligated before God to be true to their eternal souls.
There is not one person caught up in that lifestyle that I do not feel strong compassion for, often to the point of tears. But I cannot, through false sentimentality, make them feel comfortable, accepted, and secure in the sin they have chosen. There are leaders in my own denomination who coddle them, sooth them, and make them feel comfortable in this choice of theirs and it is damning their poor souls to hell. Those leaders shall answer to God for that failure to be a watchman on the tower.
If my own sons, daughters, or sister announced they were “gay”, I would still love them. They would be just as welcome in my home as ever before. I would not engage in shaming or humiliating them or doing anything to put them down or alienate them from my love. Any “gay” stranger or acquaintance in need of help will get that help without qualification or hesitation. At the same time—and they would already know this—I would not let them off the hook concerning the claims of Christ on their souls. I would not change God’s rules just because they were precious to me or because I needed to better “understand” them somehow.
I do not go about seeking battles with homosexuals. The homosexual agenda is another matter. It is currently a powerful tool of the Marxist socialist agenda with the self-proclaimed objective of undermining and eventually destroying the Christian biblical influence in our society. It is not a person-on-person struggle. It is a struggle of two worlds, each with diametrically opposite objectives. People are only the pawns in a demonic battle against the Church of our Lord—which is actually a rebellion against the Lordship of Christ.
If my dear ones should choose to follow that way (or any other way that leads to destruction), I will be forced, with broken heart, to watch them slipping into hell. Since I do not want to be caught in that position, I intend to cry out all the more in warning that they are going 190 miles an hour down a dead-end street. I had rather hurt their feelings and offend them greatly, and have them despise me than to be even partly responsible for what becomes of them if this is the direction they choose for themselves.

I am aware there are desperate attempts to justify homosexuality, especially in efforts to make it appear that it is somehow okay with God and even supported by the Bible. There are homosexual “churches”, homosexual “ministers” and even a “Queen James Bible” translation. That is only whistling in the dark.
2 Peter 2:7 tells us that God “rescued righteous Lot, who was deeply distressed by the lifestyle of the lawless in [their] debauchery.” One may assume he probably brought up the subject more than once while living there. We know he remained righteous in spite of it to the point that God had to remove him and his family before he could destroy the two cities because of Abraham’s prayer. God would have spared the cities had there been only ten righteous in both places, but there were only Lot, his wife (who perished afterwards), and two daughters. One might assume that only Lot was righteous and the other three benefited with their lives because of his righteousness.
When righteousness is removed, homosexuality takes over and the wrath of God is all that remains. Even those who could have escaped, such as Lot’s two sons-in-law, will perish along with the intentionally degenerate. The simple truth is that you cannot mock God and expect Him to look the other way.


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  1. John, Thanks for your post! Good job in handling this issue that is as clear as can be when you stick to what the scriptures clearly say! I am convinced this issue is going to split the church everywhere and I for one choose to be on the side of scriptures! Rev.Darrell Nicklow

  2. Amen, I completely agree with you. No sense in coddling sinners, the corrupt churches of today do that plenty. This was a good article, well thought out.
    I know liberals and most Democrats would go bananas if they read this, though.

  3. Thanks John for an excellent article addressing homosexuality and the danger it presents. The church cannot afford to relax its stand against this lifestyle. Paul makes it very clear in his letter to the Romans concerning its deadly control it has on a person. He also warns them of God’s response to such deviate behavior.

    Romans (1:26 – 28) “For this reason God gave them up to vile passions. For even their women exchanged the natural use for what is against nature. Likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust for one another, men with men committing what is shameful, and receiving in themselves the penalty of their error which was due. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting;”

    Of all the sins humankind can commit, I believe this is the most deadly and difficult to be delivered from. The problem of deliverance is not with God but man. The picture Paul presents is a person whose mind is morally forsaken unrestrained to immorality unable to halt ones evil. In truth, a man cannot be brought to a greater slavery than to be given up to his own lusts. God giving them up shows the depths men will fall without God.

    This is a true story that illustrates the binding Satan has on those who engage in homosexual activity. The church cannot afford to ignore its sin and power it has over people. Over fifty years ago, I was alone kneeling at the altar of our church late one evening praying for an upcoming revival when there was a knock at the door. When I went to the door there stood a young man who asked to come in. He informed that he was hiding from some of his friends, who were trying to introduce him to a girl. He confessed that he wanted nothing to do with her, and I could see he was tormented by the lifestyle he was living. I told him about the upcoming revival and invited him to come to the altar and he responded. I began to pray that God would deliver the young man from his lifestyle and began to plead the blood of Christ. When I began to plead the blood, he jumped up and ran out of church.

    The last night of the revival, he came back to church and went to the altar screaming in torment. Several gathered around and began to pray with little progress made. Thank God, for Godly pastors who pray and fast. After the young man quieted down our pastor spoke to him and told him “I do not know what your problem is, but the Lord has assured me that He has broken the sin in your life and now all you have to do is accept Jesus as your savior.” A blank stare came over him as the pastor pleaded with him. He got up and he left as he came. The next day the pastor learned that he was taken to a mental institution.

    My prayer is that the church will address the problem and not become a part of the problem, there is too much at risk (souls).


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