Ravi, Please Do Not Go To Together 2016

I sent this letter to Ravi Zacharias today.  Please pray that he reverses his decision to speak at Together 2016.


Dear Ravi,

I have had great respect for you over the years. My small ministry is in apologetics and warning Christians about false teaching, and has included the use of many of your videos and writings as a resource.

Yet, I am greatly concerned that you have joined the lineup of speakers at the Together 2016 gathering at the National Mall this weekend. I sincerely urge you to pull out of this event before its too late. Although I am not a theologian or a pastor with the greatest grasp of Scripture, I do know that according to the Bible, this is not the kind of event that a Bible believing Christian would be attending. We are commanded clearly in Scripture to stay away from those who teach a false gospel- and this is exactly the kind of gathering it has become. Most troubling is the fact that Pope Francis, leader of the false religion of Roman Catholicism, has given his blessing to this event, and will be addressing the people remotely.

Also troubling is the great amount of music artists and speakers who have a history of compromise with, and promoting Roman Catholic ideas and even its mystical practices. Again, Scripture clearly teaches us to avoid such people, not fellowship with them.

Finally, there are clearly false teachers in this group who teach things that are outside of Scripture. There is Ann Voskamp, who claims to have intimate encounters with God, much of it with an erotic like twist to it. There is Mark Batterson, who wrote a book that basically promotes a form of Christian witchcraft. I could name others as well.

Your presence at this event will only lead to more confusion, and will further contribute to your loss of credibility among those who believe in the authority of Scripture, and who desire to obey rather than compromise God’s word. You made a mistake once before, when you attended and spoke at a Mormon assembly, failing to address to difference between the Mormon religion, and true Christianity. Please do not make the same mistake again, and heed the words of Scripture. If not, I am afraid you will be yet another once-solid apologist for Christ, and you will be known as an apologist for the coming one world religion.

I pray that you will repent of this decision, and that you will also call out this gathering for what it really is: a false unity consisting of people who are not being faithful to the real Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Eph. 5:11

Sincerely in Christ,

Manny Silva

Stand For Truth Ministries


6 responses to “Ravi, Please Do Not Go To Together 2016

  1. Bless you. I pray that Ravi heeds your warning. He is a brilliant apologist and is losing credibility by making poor decisions.

  2. Thank you for the article and sharing your letter to Ravi Z. He was a huge inspiration to me but I had stopped following the man’s preaching somewhat recently.

    Ravi is extremely talented in the way he delivers and presents information to folks. He’s seemingly passionate to defend the Gospel and point the humanity to Our Lord, Jesus Christ. I hate that he has willingly permitted the world to cause him to stumble.

    Ravi, reclaim your warrior status for The Lord! This world you are trying to please is going to burn. What worldly status will you have amongst the ashes?

  3. I find a good basis for your letter to Ravi.
    However I do wonder about the resistance amoung Christians regarding his speaking at the Mormon Church.
    He was very clear in setting & giving them the perimeters with which he would come.
    I saw it as a very rare opportunity for him to bring truth to hearing ears.
    I don’t believe I’m to slam my door to any & all cults that come knocking at my door.

    I don’t see where there is Biblical reason for turning away any one or a group who are willing to hear Biblical truth.
    The religious leaders of Jesus day had twisted it into a knot of their own making. But yet Jesus went to their synagogues. Paul met with a group that had no Biblical sense & believed in many God’s.
    If we as Bible believing Christians are asked & welcomed to speak of our beliefs & don’t there needs to be better reason than their not believing Biblical truth.
    Such as, they once believed but have turned away in open sin or their theology that at one time was good has gone bad regarding the essentials of our faith.

    The work your doing is good….Keep It Up !

    His faithful & loving servant, standing in His truth only by His grace….Jeff D.

  4. The problem I see with Ravi is that he relies on human reason and stories. Scripture? Not so much. I used to be on the mailing list for his ministry but stopped many years ago. I would read his writings and long to read or hear biblical words and theology but in the end it was so often just human imagination and earthly wisdom. Sometimes I wonder about teachers like Ravi. Are they meant to be a bridge? In other words, they aren’t outright heretics maybe but they confuse and, whether purposefully or inadvertently, lead people away from the truth rather than to it. There are too many good teachers and preachers out there who clearly put forth the truths of scripture to bother with someone who cannot.

    Jeff, yes Jesus spoke to the Pharisees and the teachers of the law. But He didn’t exactly dialogue and tell stories. He didn’t politely set and give parameters – He called them white-washed tombs, fools, blind, sons of hell, snakes and hypocrites! See Matthew 23

  5. That’s a great point, Julie. I have gotten a bit tired of hearing too many stories from Ravi, too many quotes of people outside Scripture- rather than more emphasis on the word of God. We are blessed at our church to have a pastor who preaches from Scripture, and occasionally will use a short story or illustration that is relevant and reflects the point of the sermon- but always emphasizes the Scriptures primarily.

  6. Hi Manny,

    Sorry I haven’t dropped in for a while, but am so glad to see you defending the faith and warning the flock as usual.

    Ravi also spoke at the Hillsong cult’s mothership ‘church’ in Sydney last year, and gushed about how much he enjoyed the worship. A man who has studied the Scriptures as long as he has really has no excuse for not knowing Hillsong is a heretical NAR/charismatic church.

    Anyway, I look forward to reading through your recent articles, and will happily post some at my blog if you want. I hope you will continue in your labours, and may the Lord bless you and keep you, and make his face to shine upon you.

    In Christ’s service, Sherryn

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