The Nazarene “Love Wins LGBT” Group Clarifies Their Intentions

Update on Wednesday, June 28

I have received enough information that leaves in doubt the accuracy of the FaceBook post by Andy McGee that was reported by me.  A pastor, Chet Todd, has confirmed to me that he spoke with Andy shortly after that posting, and testified to me that Andy was upset that the original question to him was edited to make it look like it was something that was not.  Andy then proceeded to delete his answer.  I am accepting Chet’s testimony on this, and will post completely as Andy wishes to, or leave it here with a this explanation for others who have read this sin the past to see.

In all my nearly 400 articles, I have never had to retract something, other than minor corrections of information.  But when it cannot be clearly shown to be true without a doubt, I will correct what needs to be corrected.  (This in no way changes my opposition to the ministry of the Love Wins:LBGT group and how Andy McGee is promoting his positions)

Manny Silva



Original Article:

The Love Wins:LGBT group operates under the auspices of the Trinity Family MidTown Church of the Nazarene. They have had a presence at the General Assembly since at least 2013, where they have presented a workshop about their “ministry” to the LGBT community, including a booth last week displaying their many colors.

In a stunning moment of candor, the group responded to a question on a FaceBook post, which asked about their intentions. The text is shown here for clarity, and the original post is also shown.

Is it your hope that the Church of the Nazarene will eventually become a welcoming church (and rid of language such as “perversion” when referring to gender identity)? Are you pushing for having open and affirming stances for Nazarene congregations?

Love Wins:LGBT

That’s the goal. We hope that the church will welcome ALL in. ALL.


I’ll let you come to your own conclusions.

Update on Tuesday, June 27: In the spirit of fairness

Andy McGee has disagreed with what I posted, and he says that it is “fake news”.  Andy believes that the question was edited after Andy responded, and therefore distorted the meaning of his answer.  I will honestly say that I am not sure whether I accept that explanation.  I am doing some research to verify some other things about this situation, now that Andy has contradicted what looks like something obvious. I have my own questions in response:

1. Andy, why did you not respond with an immediate refutation of the person who asked the question, instead of simply deleted your answer?
2. Why would someone who himself has the LGBT colors in his own profile (an apparent ally), want to trick Andy with something like that?

There are many, many questions that, for me and many others, have not been fully answered by Andy and Love Wins:LGBT about their ministry.  I continue to seek those clear answers from them.  I will be writing a post soon that will address the LGBT / homosexuality issue again, not only with regards to Andy’s group, but the entire denomination.  In all this, I will say that not once have I been angry at Andy personally, nor do I dislike him personally in any way.  That is not me, regardless of what others may say about me.  I may sound harsh at times, but that harshness is always directed at the things that are being promoted in the Church of the Nazarene, or at the behavior of a person- and are intended to hopefully correct anyone who is in error- according to Scripture, not according to Manny Silva.

16 responses to “The Nazarene “Love Wins LGBT” Group Clarifies Their Intentions

  1. So I guess it’s safe to say the CotN is not “your grandfather’s church” anymore. Left the denom 21 years ago and never looked back. Wise choice. Sad thing, my parents gave 46 years of ministry to them. They’re in Heaven now.

  2. Dear GOD give us wisdom and TRUTH and protection as we share these messages with those who need to hear. In Jesus, amen.
    I was a – Nazarene. It’s so sad they are leaving or have already left The Way.

  3. So sad. When anyone steps away from the word of God this is what happens. Left the Nazarene awhile ago because we don’t agree with them biblically. Please keep standing up for the truth.

  4. I drove what I called “my pulpit on wheels” taxicab in Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, Ocala and Pensacola Florida and here in Honolulu, Hawaii. One company actually favored the homos, the transies and the Lezzies. Quite a few tried to recruit me, but most of what I learned was overheard conversations or when I asked direct questions. Of the probably over a thousand who claimed to have been “born that way,” about 99% of them admitted to “not knowing” they were homosexual until they had been recruited. I also knew several who came out of the homosexual lifestyle, married a person of the opposite sex and had children. Basically, it is a FALSE education by a recruiter that convinces a normal person that being homosexual IS normal when it clearly is NOT.

  5. So what is the REFORMED Nazarene position? What does the Bible clearly say?True holiness is not so much the outward appearance but the inward being focused on Jesus Christ that then shows in Appearance AND in Action.Rev. Samuel M. Smith* Ministries * *Real CHRISTIANS will VOTE Traditional Family and Pro Life

  6. As a Nazarene, I can’t accept any thing like that. This is an abomination before God. The Bible consistently tells us that homosexual activity is a sin (Genesis 19:1-13; Leviticus 18:22; 20:13; Romans 1:26-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9). Romans 1:26-27 teaches specifically that homosexuality is a result of denying and disobeying God. When people continue in sin and unbelief, God “gives them over” to even more wicked and depraved sin in order to show them the futility and hopelessness life apart from God. 1 Corinthians 6:9 proclaims that homosexual “offenders” will not inherit the kingdom of God.

  7. I just curious to know if you are still attending a Nazarene Church? If you are not, where do you attend? I left the Church of God( Cleveland Assembly) because of some false doctrine. We have been at a small Nazarene church for 17 yrs. I don’t see these things happening …

  8. I have not attended one regularly for the past 7 years. Yes, I am still technically a Nazarene member.
    We attend a small independent church, pastored by a pastor who used to fill in at my old Nazarene church- from where I was forced to leave.
    I am thankful you are in a faithful church. I pray it stays that way.

  9. Just a heads up..on the love wins page they are saying the question above was edited to make it look bad for the love wins group. I can see from this that the original question was edited. Do you know about this ?

  10. The Nazarene church I am in is small, besides fairly new. It still has its problems that I can see such as spiritual formation. But it has not bowed down to the Homosexual agenda.

  11. It certainly does Marco. The question is what was edited. In practically all of my posts on Facebook I’ve gone back to edit a misspelled word or add an apostrophe.
    We are trying to get in touch with the gentleman who asked the question and see if we can find out what he says he actually edited

  12. Here we go again, just stirring the pot of angst and disagreement!
    1. Do you know why the ministry exists?
    Answer: To minister to those in LGBTQ community who are seeking God and to walk alongside them as they workout their salvation with fear and trembling like we all have had to do.

    Why are you so against the ministry, and why do you continually act like they are the devil himself?

    I think the biggest problem is the color pallet. By using the rainbow colors like the LGBTQ do it seems as if the COTN is agreeing with their lifestyle. When indeed they are not.
    While I am not a fan of the COTN I believe having a ministry that loves people where they are is a positive thing.
    I have more problem with a woman being elected as a GS!!!

  13. I do not believe any God fearing person professing to be a Christian who does not want to see any sinner come to Christ. From what I have read groups like Soulforce, Nazarene Ally and the LGBTQ community as a whole want acceptance without conversion or why would they refer to themselves as Christian/homosexuals. The church can not afford to let down its standard to accomodate any sin regardless what they profess. Any compassion that sends people to hell is not compassion regardless how it is presented.

  14. I saw this as an origan post and typically when things are edited on Facebook it is because of small typos. I would like to see the original question as it was originally posted. From watching general assembly it seems to me that the question and answer are still valid.

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