Sounding The Alarm On Andy McGee And Love Wins:LGBT

The following facts, using the actual communications made by a pastor in the Church of the Nazarene who has an LGBT ministry, ought to bring up great concern from any Bible-believing Christian:

  1. Why is such a ministry active in the Church of the Nazarene that uses symbols and colors associated with the secular gay agenda?
  2. On what merits was this ministry allowed to have a booth at the General Assembly?
  3. Why have the leaders of the denomination not seen this ministry for what it is- a ministry that cannot even give straight answers to questions?
  4. Why have the leadership and so many churches and pastors bowed the knees to the agenda of the LGBT/homosexuality movement?
  5. Will there be more Love Wins-type of churches forming soon, for the purpose of promoting the false, empty gospel that Love Wins:LGBT promotes?
  6. What is this obsession by the Church of the Nazarene now, to focus so much on a particular behavior that is a sin, like any other sin?

So for your consideration, here is some very disturbing information about Andy McGee, founder of Love Wins:LGBT. Andy McGee has: supported gay activists who promote same sex marriage, praised a “gay Christian” conference, praised a racist organization, praised the National Coming Out Day, and has testified that he is bi-sexual.

This report was written by a Nazarene pastor. I believe Andy McGee and his ministry, and other ministries following the pattern of his organization, is causing great harm to the church and leading many down a false path.


Who Is Andy McGee?

Although Pastor McGee says all the right sounding things, tossing around generalities about “building bridges” and ambiguously using fine-sounding words such as “love” and “outreach,” I believe that he may not necessarily mean what he wants everyone to assume. There are other individuals who have sounded the alarm with regards to Mr. McGee, but I have purposely not included any of that material. Instead, I am allowing Andy to speak completely for himself through his own tweets, blog comments, and Facebook postings.

Prior to each tweet(s) or post, I will provide the necessary background information regarding the people and events that Pastor McGee is referring to. Please feel free to verify anything I say. Each post comes directly from either Andy’s personal or Love Wins Twitter accounts or Andy’s personal or Love Wins Facebook pages. (The only exception is Andy’s comment on an article written by Dr. Dan Boone.)

For clarity’s sake and to avoid being repetitive, one final note is in order before proceeding any further:

Any time I refer to “gay Christianity,” here’s exactly what I mean: The false belief that a person can be both a godly/obedient Christian and, at the same time, be homosexually active in a monogamous, same-sex “marriage” arrangement. What I do not mean is a Christian who has same-sex attractions, but remains celibate or is currently living in a monogamous, mixed-gender marriage. The latter is generally and rightly considered to be biblical, but the former is definitely not. Moreover, “gay Christianity” is, as you know, 100% at odds with Nazarene doctrine as well.

So, here we go (and this is only a portion of what I found)…

The President of Trevecca Nazarene University wrote an excellent article in defense of Title IX exemptions, which legally protect a Christian school’s constitutional right to not be forced to affirm homosexual behavior and ideology. Rev. Dan Boone’s article is well worth the read. You can click on this link later to read it:

Andy McGee posted the following comment at the end of Rev. Boone’s article. Below, I have included the relevant portion of his comment, but it can be viewed in its entirety (including where he clearly identifies himself as the director of Love Wins: LGBT) by using the aforementioned link.

Andy indicates that transgender people do not simply choose “as they see fit” to transition to the opposite of their birth gender, but instead they only make such a life-altering decision after much time spent in prayer. So, as long as a person prays about it, then it apparently becomes okay to switch from male to female or vice versa. This presumably implies that God answers their prayers and somehow gives such individuals the green light to reject their anatomical and genetic gender. This is just another failed attempt at spiritualizing sin.

You might be wondering, why would Dr. Boone have allowed Andy to speak at his school, given what he said in this comment? I obviously can’t answer for Dr. Boone, but I do know that Andy spoke at Trevecca (July 2015) before making this post on Dan’s blog (Jan. 27, 2016.)

(NOTE: Of all of my specific concerns, this one about Dr. Boone is the only one that Andy has answered during our email exchanges. He said, “I was in no way trying to convey that such decisions were Biblically sound choices but was rather asking that a more loving language be used.” However, please read the rest of what I have found before rushing to any conclusions.)

Andy 1


Here’s a favorable tweet supporting homosexual activist Kevin Garcia. Andy is encouraging Mr. Garcia to “keep being a revolutionary.” What revolution might he be leading, you ask? He’s a self-described “gay Christian advocate,” trying to promote the false notion that Christianity and homosexual behavior are compatible. That’s not the kind of “revolution” any Christian should be cheering on!

Andy 2


Here’s Andy tweeting support for a recent GCN Conference (Gay Christian Network) that he attended, which teaches that we really don’t/can’t know or don’t even have to agree as Christians with what the Bible says about homosexuality. And the last thing a morally-adrift world needs right now is more of that kind of confusion and uncertainty. Furthermore, the speaker that he commends in this tweet (Misty Irons) said in her presentation (21 pages posted on the Love Wins’ Facebook page, which I read) that godly Christianity and “gay Christianity” are not mutually exclusive concepts. She also said a lot of other misleading things in the same speech. Pastor Andy might argue that he was only referring to portions of her speech, but then he really should be more specific to avoid giving people the wrong impression. However, he never does that. He only tweets positive things about those who promote homosexual falsehoods, and he only posts negative things about evangelical individuals who are defending the truth — at least, that’s the only kind of tweets that I’ve been able to find. If, as Andy McGee tweeted, Misty really did “hit it out of the park,” then I would have to say that she hit it “out in left field somewhere!” (He also retweets Allyson Robinson who equates the Gay Christian Network Conference with “revival.” However, the full embrace of its theology would actually be the undoing of the church, not any kind of real revival.)

Andy 3


This tweet praises a bisexual activist’s speech at TRPinKC (stands for The Reformation Project conference in Kansas City). The TRP goes even further off the deep end than the Gay Christian Network (mentioned above). The TRP unequivocally supports “gay Christianity” and  “same-sex “marriage.” They also go to great lengths to distort the clear teachings of Scripture on homosexuality to make their deceptive case.

Andy 4


Tweeting his approval of Matthew Vines, the founder of The Reformation Project (mentioned above). Mr. Vines likes to label anyone who disagrees with his false teachings as a “bad tree” producing “bad fruit.” In other words, those telling the truth are the actual “bad guys.” (There’s more on Matthew later in this post)

Here’s a tweet praising a lesbian activist (Vicky Beeching) who was pushing more LGBT contortionist theology at the same Reformation Project Conference. He calls her an “inspiring voice.” A voice inspired by who? Certainly not God! A voice inspiring us to do what? To abandon solid Biblical teaching on the subject of homosexuality! (And I’ve heard her before on YouTube so I know that’s exactly what she’s been doing every chance she gets.)

Andy 5


Retweeting praise for the racist Black Lives Matter movement, which very recently sent a representative to a Harvard University debate to argue in favor of whites killing themselves because of their “white privilege.” I have also included a link to a video of the Harvard debate for your viewing.


Here’s a tweet praising a lesbian activist (Vicky Beecham) who was pushing more LGBT contortionist theology at the same Reformation Project Conference. He calls her an “inspiring voice.” A voice inspired by who? Certainly not God! A voice inspiring us to do what? To abandon solid Biblical teaching on the subject of homosexuality! (And I’ve heard her before on YouTube so I know that’s exactly what she’s been doing every chance she gets.)
Andy 6

A Facebook post in support of National Coming Out Day, which encourages people to come out and celebrate their homosexuality. To be out loud and proud…and to publicly embrace the gay lifestyle. Andy describes those who “come out” as being “honest with themselves and with those around them.” Truth is, though, they are falling prey to the world’s lies by succumbing to sin’s deceptiveness!

He also implies that there are only two possible responses that heterosexuals can have towards those that “come out”: Rejection or Celebration. But BOTH are wrong. There is third better way: to lovingly point them to Christ (repentance) and His powerful transformation through the Holy Spirit. After all, I thought we were a holiness denomination, not a sin-celebrating one!

Andy 8


Here he tweets his affirmation for open lesbian Jan Shannon, a minister in the liberal UCC denomination, which has completely sold out to the pro-homosexual viewpoint. Following this tweet is a picture of “Rev.” Shannon with her “wife” Deb Roth. So, yet again, Andy gushingly pours out the approval for a woman who is promoting outright heresy and apostasy in her church. Proverbs 28:23 would actually be more appropriate in this case: “Whoever rebukes a person will in the end gain favor rather than one who has a flattering tongue.”

Andy 9


A tweet congratulating Adam (Hamilton) and Rachel (Held Evans) for their appointment to President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. So, these two can now go national with their destructive teachings. In my opinion, congratulations are not in order.

Hamilton’s gay activism is well known to me because he is a United Methodist pastor in Leawood, Kansas, and he was promoting a plan at the UMC General Conference during the Summer of 2016 in Portland, Oregon, which (if passed) would have allow for individual districts to abandon the denomination’s historic stance on homosexuality. This terrible plan would enable pastors to 1. Be openly gay/lesbian/bi/transgender themselves, 2. Preach in favor of homosexuality, and 3. Officiate same-sex “marriage” ceremonies even though all of this currently violates their Book of Discipline (the equivalent of the Nazarene Manual). Hamilton has also written books that push the idea that the Bible does not prohibit all kinds of homosexual behavior.

Rachel Held Evans, likewise, supports same-sex marriage, transgenderism, so-called “gay Christianity,” etc. She has spent a lot of time boasting about leaving evangelicalism for episcopalianism, and as most people know, the Episcopalians have gone gay all the way and effectively ripped their denomination apart in the process. Following the tweet below are links to two of her pro-sin/Bible-distorting/confusion-sowing blogs. Rachel’s second article sings the praises of Matthew Vines’ Bible-mangling book God and the Gay Christian. As you might recall from earlier in this post, Matthew is the founder of The Reformation Project, which is a group that holds conferences all across the country to spread the false gospel of “gay Christianity” and distorts the clear teachings of the Bible on homosexuality. You might also remember that Andy McGee recently attended one of the Reformation Project conferences, and he praised its founder, speakers, and the overall impact of their efforts.

Andy 10

Rachel’s first article: The False Gospel of Gender Binaries:

Rachel’s second article: God and the Gay Christian Discussion


Finally, I saved the “best” for last. In this tweet, Andy links to a video of his personal testimony. It’s not that the video is entirely bad per se, but it’s just that he buys into the whole idea that our identity is primarily based upon our sexual desires instead of Christ and the image of God. You can click on the link immediately below the following tweet and watch the brief 3-1/2 minute video for yourself.

Andy 11

Here is Andy McGee of “Love Wins: LGBT,” who spoke at our District Assembly [a few years ago] and set up a booth at our General Assembly (6/2017) in his own words: [NOTE: This link takes you to a YouTube video, but it’s no longer viewable. Since I originally pointed it out, Andy has made it private access. But in the video, Andy describes how he’s bisexual. It’s part of some #stillbisexual movement. If you look under that hashtag on YouTube, you’ll see others doing the same thing. I asked him about this during a Q&A session at our District Assembly [a few years ago], and he affirmed that he is bisexual, but non-practicing. It’s also safe to assume that Andy may have removed some of the incriminating posts mentioned above, and that’s exactly why I saved the screen shots as proof.]

Taken individually, Pastor McGee might be able to explain away single pieces of the above information, but overall, it is my belief that they paint a comprehensive picture of one who supports unbiblical teachings and is endeavoring to subtly disseminate them throughout our denomination.


At the Mission 15 Conference held in Kansas City on Feb. 11, 2015, Andy McGee, the Director of Love Wins: LGBT, moderated a panel discussion based upon the following question: “What to Do After a Congregant Says, ‘I’m Gay’?”

Below is a transcript of a very disturbing remark made by one of the panelists: Rev. Rick Power, Hawaii-Pacific District Superintendent.

Rev. Powers was specifically asked the following question: “Does being gay make one ineligible for membership and/or church leadership positions?” (The key portions of his quote are printed in bold, and the most appalling portions come near the end of the citation. So, please completely read this quotation in its entirety before drawing any conclusions.)

Here’s Rev. Power’s verbatim answer to the above-mentioned question (see footnotes below for my comments):

“It keeps occurring to me that my view/our view and our convictions on these issues are shaped by our context and our history in this faith community. You know, this is not, our views are not just dropped down out of heaven into our laps.1 They are mediated to us. Our view of Scripture, the way we interpret it, our definition of marriage and our understanding of human sexuality and our definition of sin and all these things come to us through our tradition.2 So, we might pretend like we have a God’s-eye view of these things,3 but really we’re a product of this stream of [indecipherable word], which is a good thing. I mean, I believe the Spirit is at work, speaking to the church, but it’s always mixed with fallibility and sinfulness so I think we have to be humble in our pronouncements.

“This particular question is, uh, I have encountered as a pastor and because of what we’ve learned about sexual orientation,4 uh, having same sex orientation in no way should hinder a person from membership in the church or leadership, but because of where we are in this journey,5 there probably are some qualifications. And so, when a young man who was an outstanding youth worker came to me and came out to me as a gay man, I had some questions for him. I said, ‘Are you now or have you been active in a same-sex relationship?’ And he answered, ‘no,’ because the call is to sexual purity for heterosexuals and homosexuals. Then, the next question related more specifically to his role as a leader in the church. I said, ‘Are you planning publicly to come out, because if you do, this faith community at the present moment is not able to bear that knowledge. And so, as long as you keep this to yourself, you can continue in your ministry role. We have confidence in you. You’re doing a wonderful job. But at such time that you choose to come out, then we’re not going to be able to bear that at this moment in our history. I hope that will change.’ And then, I think it’s also a pastoral responsibility to let people know that there are other faith communities that will affirm them in a covenantal, monogamous relationship, and that perhaps the Spirit would lead them to such a community.6 That’s not my way of saying, ‘We hope you’ll leave our fellowship’ because I don’t want them to leave. I want them to stay and work with us and be a catalyst for change and growth in this area.7 And so, I hope the Spirit will speak to them and lead them to stay, but I feel like it’s a pastoral responsibility to say that within the kingdom, there are other faith communities that have a different stand on this,8 but here in the Church of the Nazarene, we have definition of marriage, we have a view of homosexual activity, and that’s who we are, and again, that’s where we stand at this point on the journey.”5

Here’s the audio Link to hear this for yourself (

It’s the last audio file in the list, entitled: “What to Do After a Congregant Says, ‘I’m Gay’?”

Rev. Power’s words begin at the 17:53 mark and runs until 22:11.


1, 2, 3 Each of these phrases seem to downplay the inspiration of Scripture, and overemphasize the traditions and ideas of humanity. However, through the Bible, we do have truth “dropped down out of heaven” and “a God’s-eye view” of human sexuality and the definition of sin.

4 Modern understandings of sexual orientation may be somewhat helpful, but ultimately, we’re all oriented towards sin (born with a sin nature). Therefore, much of our contemporary psychobabble is in direct conflict with biblical teachings.

5 Rev. Power repeatedly talks about our “journey” regarding the COTN’s stance on the issue of homosexuality. In speaking of our “definition of marriage” and “view of homosexuality,” he concludes his comments by stating “that’s where we stand at this point on the journey.” But that’s were we should stand FOREVER. The Word of God is NEVER going to change so neither should our beliefs regarding homosexuality.

6 Rev. Powers thinks that in certain instances, it’s his “pastoral responsibility” to point people to churches that affirm homosexual relationships and homosexual behavior. AND he shockingly thinks that the Holy Spirit might actually lead members of the LGBT community to these same apostate churches!? The Holy Spirit is definitely NOT going to direct anyone to a church that lies to them and leads them to hell. The Devil might do this, but not the Holy Spirit…NEVER!

7 Based upon portions of this quotation, I can’t help but wonder what kind of “change and growth in this area” that Rev. Power might have in mind. Personally, I don’t think his ideas for change are in accord with the doctrines of the Church of the Nazarene.

8 Once again, Rev. Power refers to his “pastoral responsibility” to let people know about other churches that have “a different stand on [homosexuality].” And shockingly, he says that they are “within the kingdom.” NO, THEY ARE NOT! These deceiving churches are most certainly and completely outside of the kingdom of God.

13 responses to “Sounding The Alarm On Andy McGee And Love Wins:LGBT

  1. If we don’t draw the line there will be nothing left that resembles Holiness. As an Elder in this Church I am prepared to take my people out by ourselves if this trend continues.

  2. This is simply an observation of the COTN over the past couple of decades slowly losing ground spiritually. Reading this article, and similar posts connected to resolution(s) both proposed and passed coming out of this Assembly. In its attempt to become everything to everyone on a global scale has led to surrendering the genuine for the impostor. Cannot recall the last time I heard (not just mentioned in passing) a full message on Holiness/Sanctification experience. I believe what is happening in the Church can be interrelated to a lack of Holiness preaching. Predict unless the Church comes full circle and comes out from among the world preaching repentance (from all sin), restitution, and sanctification we will continue to backslide away from Holiness. The warning in Revelations concerning becoming lukewarm should alarm all of us.

  3. I am a Nazarene pastor’s daughter. My father preached holiness for 50 years in the Church of the Nazarene. I am glad he is now in heaven and cannot see the destruction taking place in our denomination by our leaders at all levels. I left the Nazarene church a year ago when I confronted my District Superintendent regarding questionable references our interim pastor was making in her messages. She had no theology degree and was actually an elementary school teacher. My District Superintndent told me to accept her teachings because it was the new “trend.” I am now attending a non-denominational Bible preaching church. When I shared with him whatbis going on in the Nazarene church now, this was his response and I totally agree, “The legacy of your father and other great preachers is being eroded by liberal intruders. The Apostle Paul warned the church, and also Peter, of those who would ‘come in among the believers’ – wolves in sheep clothing. I can only promise to you that such apostasy will NOT infiltrate our church while I am yet her pastor! After I’m gone, the next generation will hopefully be grounded firmly enough to prevent someone from leading our church into agreement and accommodation with the world system. It truly is difficult to watch ‘evangelical’ churches shift and change into such unacceptable, unbiblical positions. May God help us to stand, when others around us continue falling!” Thank you for your consistent endeavors to bring this to the surface. I pray God’s protection on you. Stay true to the end and we shall see Satan receive his final punishment for the liar and deceiver and destroyer that he is.

  4. Why do these people feel the need to creep into a former and so-called holiness denomination? I suppose it’s Satan’s way of confusing the very elect in the last days. This guy makes it sound so loving and normal and wholesome and a godly way of life, when in reality, it’s the path leading to destruction. The denomination has openly chosen this way, the way that seems so right. It’s a slippery slope.

  5. Most in the church has no idea this is going on and by the time they do, it will be too late. most likely it is already to late. I am ready to leave the church of the Nazarene.

  6. The link to Andy McGee’s testimony doesn’t work. I’m torn. First I don’t identify myself as a Nazarene and haven’t for years. Secondly part of me wants to applaud the CotN for having a ministry that comes along side of those persons in the LGBTQ community who desire to have a relationship with Christ. We can’t just toss the Bible at them and say “see your lifestyle is a sin.” That’s just going to turn them away, and create confusion. Building a relationship is the only way to go. I don’t agree with waving the rainbow flag or having a color palette that embraces that lifestyle. I believe it is a very fine line, and from my view it does look like the CotN is embracing something that goes completely against the holiness doctrine.

  7. Andi,
    I believe he has now blocked that video for some reason.As far homosexual behavior, think society has made it a special sin, apart from other sin. We can present the Gospel to an adulterer, and promiscuous person, someone addicted to porn. We can do the same with someone who commits the sin of homosexuality. Yes, we can build relationships. But unlike Love Wins LGBT, we ought not to make them feel comfortable in their sin, and with their watered down approach, I believe they are doing that.

  8. Reformed Nazarene, I think it’s a fine line with making them comfortable in their sin, and making them feel loved and accepted. As a mother of gay children, one who is now working out her own salvation with fear and trembling, I don’t believe we as the church will do any good in aiding their salvation if we don’t make them feel loved and accepted, allowing God’s light to shine through us. I personally don’t know the answer, I know when I saw the pictures of the booth at GA I was appalled. In my family my parents and a few cousins are the only ones who attend a Nazarene church the rest of us left a long time ago. Mainly because I felt the sr pastor had no fire in his belly and was fine preaching ho-hum sermons to the geriatric crowd.

  9. Thank you for bringing to light this very worrying trend in the CoN which seems to crave cultural approval by seeking to adopt a worldly ethos that embraces a destructful sinful lifestyle. It is likely this LGBT outreach strategy will ultimately lead to a full embrace and acceptance of homosexuality within the CoN. It is particularly worrying that God’s Word, which speaks very clearly on the matter of homosexual practice as an abomination and shameful, is being ignored, sidelined and in some cases edited out completely, as evidenced by CA701 and the deletion of certain paragraph’s which speak directly to the matter. Being loving means tellingly people the truth. We don’t have to be nasty or vindictive or self-righteous. We show understanding and compassion, building relationships but we must tell the truth in its fulness. Faithful are the wounds of a friend.

  10. Manny, Thanks for sounding the alarm on this subject! I haven’t been to the last three General Assemblies,so if you don’t see something like this with your own eyes you may not even be aware it’s happening. I can assure you had I been at the 2017 Assembly and saw the “Love Wins: LGBTQ” booth that I would have wondered if I was at the right assembly! How disgusting that the very presence of this booth would have even been tolerated! My entire church board was appalled when they learned of this abomination. If there is anyone left in our leadership that truly believes in holiness they could have and should have put a stop to such foolishness. I have been a Nazarene pastor now for the last 43+ years. After I got saved I left the apostate Evangelical Lutheran Church of America to become a Nazarene preacher. I believe our church is in sorrier shape right now that the Lutherans I left were in then. Allowing that booth at our Assembly reminds me of the old story of the Arab who left the camel stick its head in his tent to get warm. If you never heard the story, before the night was over the camel had taken over the tent. Two weeks after leaving the Lutherans I found myself enrolled in Nazarene Bible College. I was taught well there and privileged to sit under the teaching of great men of God like Dr. G. B. Williamson and Dr. Charles Strickland. I can assure you they never would have tolerated such apostasy as this! If we even have a shred of hope of surviving as a holiness denomination this must be nipped in the bud right now, if it’s not already way too late! Rev. Darrell Nicklow

  11. Thank you Rev. Nicklow. I so appreciate the work you are doing. I listened to several of your sermons and and read some of your articles. The Church of the Nazarene needs more like you! God bless you. If you need anything, please let me know. I have posted one of your sermons on our FB page.

  12. There is a new study, which scientifically explains why the therapy that the Church has used for centuries: fasting, drug abstinence, no masturbation, works with homosexuals.

    For more on the study and on the use of fasting by the Church you can read:

    The LGBT lobby is angry at the study, but the Christian ministries which have applied in practice what the study theoretically supports, can find it very useful for the improvement of their therapies.

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