LGBT, What It Really Stands For

(John Henderson)

(Preach the saving gospel to them. Stop lying to them! Stop deceiving them!)

Why don’t we just cut to the chase? Look past all of double-talk and safe words and phrases that are filled with dishonest implications.

LGBT; that “community” (a misnomer itself) that is so persecuted by mean-spirited evangelicals; that poor, misunderstood, super-sensitive group of “normal” people who are so mistreated just because God made them that way and they just cannot help it; that group of innocent folks that God welcomes just as they are with not expectations of ever being anything else but LGBT. Those are the ones!

When you break it down to its own internal evidence, it is not a bit pretty.

“L” – Lesbian: Simply defined, a “lesbian” is “a female homosexual or woman who is primarily attracted SEXUALLY to other women” [“homosexual” defines itself with the emphasis on “sexual”].
“G” – Gay: A borrowed term emitting from overt behaviors that simulate happiness in men behaving in effeminate manners. The delusion is that they are gay or joyful. A “gay” male is a male homosexual who is primarily attracted SEXUALLY to other males.
“B” – Bi-sexual: Male or female who is SEXUALLY attracted to both genders.
“T” – Transgender: Males or females who have a disingenuous gender identity or gender expression that differs from their biological gender that happens to be irreversibly locked into their DNA. This is often expressed through symptoms of Transvestic DISORDER that include, for over a period of at least 6 months, a person who has had recurrent and INTENSE SEXUAL AROUSAL from fantasies, SEXUAL urges or behaviors from cross-dressing (most often when a heterosexual male has fantasies about and/or acts out dressing up in woman’s clothing). The fantasies, SEXUAL urges and behaviors can cause clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning (source:
Do you see a thread here? That thread is completely SEXUAL in character and always leads to such behaviors where possible, permitted, and/or encouraged. Specifically, it always involves intense sexual arousal in some form or pattern.
Are not many Nazarene leaders telling us that sexual arousal in this context is not a sin, even officially in the denomination’s Manual? They call it “orientation” but that is just a code word for lust that exists in an especially intense and sinfully focused direction. Consider Jesus’s stern condemnation concerning so much as looking at someone of the opposite gender with lust as being the same as the actual behavior and compare that to the argument in favor of it. Nothing is changed when the same lust is directed at one’s own gender, except there is a specific condemnation in the Scriptures against homosexuality (without qualifications or exceptions) that is ignored or “explained” away. That Bible-defying argument is swallowed up by biblical truth.
Whenever someone uses that acrostic in support of the homosexual agenda, they are in effect showing approval of distorted intense sexual arousals that are of themselves an abomination before God.
Not only is this condition a flagrant sin, it is also related to a medical and psychological pathology distinctive to itself.
One study found that “LGBT clients enter treatment with more severe substance abuse problems, greater psychopathology, and greater medical service utilization when compared with heterosexual clients. When the analyses were stratified based on sex, different patterns of substance use and associated psychosocial characteristics emerged for the LGBT clients” (<…/…/abstract).
We need to stop kidding ourselves and approach LGBT as the pathological problem it is. Do they need help? Most definitely, but they cannot receive the help they need if we insist on looking the other way and pretending something else. They are drowning in serious trouble in major aspects of their lives and insensitive predators are throwing them a floating device with no rope attached. But, all sin across the board is just as bad, no matter how it expresses itself. LGBT is just one of the ways. Jesus saves from sin!
Preach the saving gospel to them, not some watered-down counterfeit that only helps drag their poor souls into hell. Stop lying to them! Stop deceiving them! Show them the Jesus who can completely transform and change their lives for much better than the filth they wallow in. Give them real hope, not some false comfort that encourages them in what they are doing to themselves.
Jesus died that they, too, might be saved—just like He died for all people. There are no allowances for sin but there is always regeneration available. That old saying applies here: “Jesus saves from the guttermost to the uttermost!” This is the way that godly, Christ-centered, scriptural love wins these lost souls.


5 responses to “LGBT, What It Really Stands For

  1. I wish y’all would talk about gossip, adultery, stealing, lying, murder, and even gluttony the way you do homosexuality. Sin is sin no matter the type. Yet it seems as if this is the only sin we see. The ones I named are rampant in the church today regardless of denomination and they hurt people so deeply that they refuse to step foot inside again!

  2. Thank you! Been waiting a long time for someone to just speak the truth, just as we need to do with ALL sins.

  3. Dr. John, an excellent article on defining the passion in what the LGBT community stands for. I thought of some words that relate to them and their agenda in relation to how the Church should treat them and not be taken in by their soft approach on how they want the world to see them as innocent in relation to their same sex sexual preference. Like any other sinner, one must confess, repent and accept Christ.
    • L – Lost in their homosexual lifestyle without repentance
    • G – Guile having a deceitful treacherous quality about them
    • B – Biblical they refuse to accept Scripture concerning their sinful acts
    • T – Trouble the Church cannot afford to accept them on their terms conversion
    must be the key

  4. Andi, this is the “only” sin we see- only in the sense that it is being thrown at us in our culture. Everywhere you go, you see the sin of homosexuality glamorized. Last month, it was a full 30 days of LGBT and homosexuality being lifted up, even during professional sorts games.
    Christians are not asking for all this, but we must respond. I have never seen any other sin being lifted so high up as if it was something to celebrate. Everyone afflicted with sin needs Jesus- not just homosexuals, I agree. But the efforts to make this articular sin ‘Okay” when God says it is not, demands a response from those who love Jesus.

  5. Matthew [7:15] Jesus warns us to “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.” John in his letter to the church found in 1John [2: 18 – 19] refers to the false prophets (or teachers) as the antichrist. What is interesting John is the only one to use the word antichrist in his two letters? They are found in 1John [2: 18], [2: 22], [4: 3], and 2John [1: 7]. Why this is especially important to the Church today tells us in verse [19], John wrote, “They went out from us, but they were not of us;”

    According to Albert Barnes, “The word prophet originally means one who foretells future events. As prophets, however, were commonly regarded as public instructors on the subject of religion, the word came to denote all who were religious teachers.” Barnes goes on to say, “A false prophet is a teacher of incorrect doctrine, or one falsely and unjustly laying claims to divine inspiration.”

    John no doubt was writing about the Jewish leaders who were teaching heresy concerning Christ and wanted to invoke their incorrect doctrine upon the Church. The antichrist is still relevant today. I know of no other group outside of the LGBT who have organized to promote their sinful acts seeking acceptance without conversion among the Churches and are militant in their pursuit. Yes, there are many other sins such as adultery, stealing, lying, murder, drunkenness, drug abuse etc. The Church can neither accept them anymore than they can the homosexual in his active lifestyle state. These groups have not organized for acceptance against the Church. Their sins already condemns and they are aware of the need of repentance where the LGBT community refuse to accept their sinful condition.

    The sad part is in their LGBT role for acceptance trying to bring false teaching into the Church declaring their lifestyle is Ok with God and they can be a Christian homosexual is pure rubbish and this teaching puts them in the category of being a part of the antichrist John spoke about.

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