“Women Of Joy” And Other Christian Conferences: Perception Is Not Necessarily Reality

The Perception: A Good “Christian” Conference

For $120 per person, this is what you get:

You go to the website, and see beautiful testimonials, strong endorsements, and well known popular speakers in the evangelical community.

You read the following statement, which is part of their theme:

“A women’s conference that not only uses the word of God, but is founded in scripture.”

Or… is it founded in scripture? Many women may be planning to go to this conference, and much of it sounds and looks really good. It’s called “women of joy” (who does not like joy?), and it claims to be solid, and it has well known speakers. But what sounds and looks good, is not necessarily the reality. In this time of ever growing and great deception, it is always advisable to “test the spirits” as Scripture commands. So… let’s test the spirits, and see if the speakers at these conferences are sound in doctrine, or not. If they are not, will you still go and listen to them?

The Reality: Unbiblical Theology

  1. One speaker, Margaret Feinberg, has written a book, in which she makes claims of special divine revelation. She says that a shepherd, a beekeeper, and a winemaker whom she interviewed about their work, “illuminated the Bible in a whole new light”.

Quote: I traveled to Oregon and spent time with a shepherdess to learn more about sheep and leadership.  Southern Colorado to spend time with a beekeeper and explore the world of hives and honey.  Nebraska to visit a farm and learn about harvesting, and California to learn about viticulture and fruitfulness from a grape-grower.

Along the way, I asked how each person interpreted passages of Scripture in light of their work.  Their answers illuminated the Bible in a whole new light and resulted in the book …

This begs the question: are we truly able to get enlightenment about the word of God in a whole new light from an outside source? Or is it not the fact that Scripture stands alone, on its own, without the need for any outside testimony to reveal God to us? Margaret Feinberg will be at the Lowell, MA, Women of Joy conference.

  1. Another speaker, Christine Caine, adheres to and teaches Word of Faith (prosperity gospel), a heretical belief system. She has held leadership positions at, and is closely affiliated with Hillsong, an organization which has deviated very far from sound Scriptural doctrine. She has also regularly partnered with false teachers, including T.D. Jakes, Joel Osteen, Bethel conferences, Robert Morris, Rick Warren, Steven Furtick, and Joyce Meyer. She will be speaking at the Lowell, MA conference.1

  2. Then there is Ann Voskamp, one of the most popular women speakers in the evangelical world today. In his review of her book One Thousand Gifts, Bob Dewaay describes her writings as “romantic panentheism.” Quoting pastor Dewaay:

Voskamp would likely recoil from the notion that she is promoting pagan nature religion. But she puts Christians on the same footing as the pagans by taking them on a journey to find God in nature and art. She thereby promotes mysticism. Her concepts about God that are distinctively Christian are borrowed from special revelation (the Bible). But she never makes a distinction between general revelation and special revelation, and by integrating the two so seamlessly, she elevates nature to the status of saving revelation. Since God is supposedly in everything, then God can be found in everything. And that is panentheism.”

Voskamp also incorporates Romanticism in her concepts of God.

“Voskamp’s romanticism is enhanced by her skill at describing things in a most sensual manner. The sensual terminology is designed to create a mood, a feeling, a sense of romantic mystery that longs for discovery and fulfillment. Those like me who relish clear description of theological concepts meant to be understood and discerned, will be horribly frustrated by the book.” 

“This sensuality finds its apex in the last chapter of the book which begins with this sentence: “I fly to Paris and discover how to make love to God” (Voskamp: 201).”

In this article by Sola Sisters, you see more detail of how Voskamp relates to God in an erotic manner that is clearly inappropriate and unbiblical in its references.

Her book is also filled with New Age ideas, and she quotes mystic and false teacher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, “Nothing here below is profane for those who know how to see.” Dewaay says that “The idea that everything is holy and nothing profane is popular, but unbiblical, and comports with the idea of panentheism. The Bible tells us to separate the holy from the profane: “Moreover, they shall teach My people the difference between the holy and the profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean” (Ezekiel 44:23).

Another speaker on the team is Lysa TerKeurst. Her false teaching is documented here by Michelle Lesley:


There are others who are very flawed in their theology, flawed to the point of false teaching. Others may be more sound in their doctrine, but are they not aware of these women? Kirk Cameron is part of this organization, and is a speaker at some of the conferences. Why does he not have the discernment to stay away from false teachers such as these? Are we to not have anything to do with those who preach another gospel?

We need to do our homework before committing to ANY concert, any conference or seminar, no matter how good it looks on the surface. If you don’t know anything about who you are going to hear, why would you go? In such a time as we are in, now is the time to be even more discerning, and find out who it is who is going to teach you something! It may not be from God.

And there is no excuse, such as the idea of “spitting out the bones and keep the meat” as some false teachers like Joyce Meyer will tell you. Nonsense! We are clearly taught in Scripture about the wolves in sheep’s clothing; to beware of them; to expose them; to call them out; but certainly to not support them in any way. Yes, these women, I am sure, will have some biblically sound things to teach you. But they will be mixing their dangerous theology with it, and they will be particularly dangerous to those vulnerable new Christians who may very well go because you, the mature Christian, did not use sound judgment.

Be a Berean, my Christian sister. If they were discerning when they heard Paul preach, what then with the “teachers” of today?

“These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” Acts 17:11





Links For Further Reference:


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1Christine Caine:




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Lisa Harper




Lisa Teurkust



14 responses to ““Women Of Joy” And Other Christian Conferences: Perception Is Not Necessarily Reality

  1. Went to one of these a long time ago as a new christian. God was showing me then through his word how these woman are not teaching the word but an agenda of self.

  2. Went to one of these when I was a new believer. God showed me through His word that these women teach self, not the truth of God’s word. I thank Him and am humbled that He opened my eyes to the truth. I pray that you keep being a watchman for us and those who are caught up in this.

  3. Necromancy, and New Age sewage.
    a danger to all who listen to these Strange women. Proverbs 5:20 And why wilt thou, my son, be ravished with a strange woman, and embrace the bosom of a stranger? Proverbs 6:24 To keep thee from the evil woman, from the flattery of the tongue of a strange woman. Proverbs 5:3 ¶ For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: All wrapped up in three verses.

  4. I had actually read the link you provided a while back, it was very enlightening. A lot of Michelle Lesley’s article points to women teaching men and/or preaching, which the church doesnt seem to have a problem with, but I do, because as she states in the article, its unbiblical.

  5. I do not agree with the Church of the Nazarene stance on the woman pastor issue, Jennifer. I have come to understand that Scripture teaches that men are to be the pastors of a church. I have disagreements even within family on this.

  6. Please, you have gone completely off the rails! Please remove me from your e mail list…thank you!

  7. I would be glad to take you off my list as requested, but you are not on my email list. By the way, how did I go completely off the rails?

  8. I am a firm believer in women in ministry, including the ordination of women. I honestly think this blog post is ridiculous. Not everyone has to have the same view as Nazarenes. It’s called religious freedom here in the United States. All I see is a man bitter about women being put behind the pulpit. But this comment will most likely get deleted or argued against.

  9. So you don’t like argument, in the good sense? It’s called freedom of speech also, when someone disagrees with you. I am not bitter, I am simply stating that I see no Scriptural basis for women as pastors in any denomination. I think it is ridiculous to call someone bitter, but not give any biblical rationale to support the concept of women pastors.

  10. Yes, I am selective about leaving some comments out. But please go ahead and detail how I have “attacked all kinds of people.” Be careful how you use your words please.

  11. First, I didn’t see my original post, so I apologize. Secondly, in your posts about the LGBTQ community you attacked them as people and judged them. In this post you are doing the same to these women. Disagree with their position all you want, but to say they are sheep in wolves clothing is beyond ridiculous! Today is Sunday and every pastor in America stood behind a pulpit and gave their interpretation of the scripture they planned their sermon around. What’s different from them to these women? Zero, Nada, Zip . . . Have you sat under each and everyone of their teaching? Talked to them personally? Do you even know them, or are you strictly going on what you’ve heard??? Watch my words? Really now? Maybe you should have a friend read your posts before you post them, because most of them come off very arrogant and know-it-all-ish. I am a blogger, reviewer, influencer for Christian fiction authors and while I am very passionate about what I do, I do my best not to come off arrogant, and put people down. Also, as a now adult who was raised in the Nazarene church you remind me of the old, staunch Nazarene’s who believe they are the only ones who know the “true” path to Heaven and they’re the only ones who will be there. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the Nazarene’s are not God’s chosen people . . . the Jews are, and if we follow Christ, He and only He is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

  12. The idea of false teachers coming from within the Christian community is not new. John spoke of this in his first letter in 1 John chapter 2: calling them the antichrist. Paul Warns the church in Colossians [2:8] “Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ”. The basic truth for the believer is to be aware of those who would come with enticing words as if to steal the truth of the gospel from you and replace with that which has no foundation and formed from ones imagination promoted by the pride of human manipulation for personal gain.

    Years ago while in the military a group of us one day, was talking about how easily one could fool people. I cannot recall how the conversation got started, but one of the men bragged that he could live off the church and never work. He could start a church under the masquerade of being Christian and fleece the flock. He believed that they could easily be taken in because it had to do with religion. Seeing what is happening in the church world today, his assertion is more truth than fiction. The Christian community has to be alert to their surroundings and to false teachings of those who would entertain for profit. Caution, they want all be as obvious as the Jim Jones’s or the David Koresh types. If not based upon Scripture, beware of wolves in sheep clothing.

  13. I will give you a chance for you cite what I SAID that shows I “attacked” LGBT folks, as well as women. Otherwise, you are just simply attacking me without any evidence. I go after belief systems, and if someone is promoting a false teaching, I suppose I am “attacking” if I call them a false teacher. Nothing wrong with that.

    And please, I do not come close to believing Nazarenes are the only ones that will get to heaven. If you read my blog, you know that I believe there are false teachers in the COTN. So unless you provide something of substance, nothing else is going to be approved here for reading.

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