The South Florida District of the Church of the Nazarene needs help. My friend Mike Shinn is the pastor at Lehigh Acres Church, and has been director of Mission Academy for years, which has coordinated rebuilding teams for help after disasters. He is the Nazarene Disaster Relief Director for the district. I had the privilege of helping in Pascagoula during two summer trips after Katrina hit Louisiana. Under Mike’s leadership some tremendous work has been done over the years to help many people rebuild.

NOW THE FOLKS IN THE FORT MYERS AREA NEED HELP AFTER THE DEVASTATING HIT FROM HURRICANE IRMA. Mike has opened his church as a relief center in Fort Myers and needs assistance.

The Need: Supplies for building materials, AND basic supplies such as food, water, and baby supplies.

How to Help: Gift cards are the fastest way. For building supplies: Home Depot or Lowes cards. For other basic supplies: generic gift cards such as VISA, Mastercard cards, etc.

Where to send: LeHigh Acres Church of the Nazarene, 210 Lee Blvd. LeHigh Acres, FL 33936

Who To Call: For more information, or to offer assistance in other ways, call Mike at 239-369-4001. Or email him at

If you can help with ANY amount, thank you and send as soon as possible. If you cannot, please pray for this church and all the other folks in the area of Fort Myers, the Florida Keys, and the rest of the state that got hit hard. Your prayers are highly valued!

Thank you very much for considering this appeal for help. If you do send anything to the church, please let me know- not for my personal credit, but to see how effective using my resources has been for getting the message out.

God bless you. I have added a little extra information below:


Mike shinnMike Shinn, Pastor at Lehigh Acres Church of the Nazarene
Director for Nazarene Disaster Relief
Lives in Fort Myers, Florida

Types of things Mike needs, which will be purchased with the gift cards:

Baby supplies especially! Bottled water. Food.
Batteries, flashlights, generators, chain saws, tarps, roofing shovels, shovels, rakes, roofing nails, rakes, heavy duty garbage bags, gloves, utility knives, wheel barrows, portable showers and kitchens, storage trailers, gift cards to Lowes and Home Depot, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies.


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