Nazarene Theological Seminary Speaker Frank Thomas: An Enthusiastic Supporter of Abortion

“Pastor” Frank A. Thomas should never set foot on the campus of any Christian college or seminary that declares itself to be true to scripture. Mr. Thomas is a racist who promotes Critical Race Theory ideas. And yet, Nazarene Theological Seminary still has him scheduled to speak this coming Fall. Now, Dr. Thomas exposes himself as not only a racist, but he enthusiastically supports the “right” of a woman to murder her baby. This is totally opposite to the stated belief of the Church of the Nazarene on abortion.

The Church of the Nazarene officially disapproves of abortion in its Manual.  However, stating a principal is one thing, and upholding that principal is another. If a denomination says that something is antithetical to the beliefs of that group, but it does not uphold its beliefs, then it is being hypocritical.  And that is what the Church of the Nazarene is doing in so many areas.  It is being hypocritical.

Here is the section of the Manual that clearly indicates a highly principled stand on the right to life of an unborn child:

B. Sanctity of Human Life 30. The Church of the Nazarene believes in the sanctity of human life and strives to protect against abortion, embryonic stem cell research, euthanasia, and the withholding of reasonable medical care to handicapped or elderly. 30.1. Induced Abortion. The Church of the Nazarene affirms the sanctity of human life as established by God the Creator and believes that such sanctity extends to the child not yet born. Life is a gift from God. All human life, including life developing in the womb, is created by God in His image and is, therefore, to be nurtured, supported, and protected. From the moment of conception, a child is a human being with all of the developing characteristics of human life, and this life is dependent on the mother for its continued development. Therefore, we believe that human life must be respected and protected from the moment of conception. We oppose induced abortion by any means, when used for either personal convenience or population control. We oppose laws that allow abortion.

Well stated! And yet, Dr. Frank A. Thomas, a racist “pastor”, is still scheduled to speak at Nazarene Theological Seminary this coming Fall. If the Church of the Nazarene makes it clear in its manual that abortion is evil, why would anyone who approves of the killing of innocent babies be allowed to speak at a Nazarene seminary? I suggest that every Nazarene reading this who supports Frank Thomas consider the awful and evil contradiction which is the philosophical position of Frank Thomas.

The following are some examples of his posts, since the decision on Roe occurred. In my opinion, these reflect the evil that has possessed the heart of this man.  It is demonic. And it also begs the question: who are the incompetent leader or leaders at the Nazarene Theological Cemetery who are responsible for this fiasco that is a slap in the face to Almighty God?

First, the following was posted from the seminary that Thomas teaches at. He agrees with the statement:

Below are various Frank Thomas Tweets/Re-Tweets Regarding The Supreme Court Decision on Abortion:

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