Book Review: The Revelation of King Arthur: Deceit, Intrigue, and the Guards’ Account

The Revelation of King Arthur: Deceit, Intrigue, and the Guards’ Account, is not your ordinary book. I had the opportunity of reading it before it was released, and I enjoyed it very much. Well documented, well thought out. The ultimate effect it had on me was raising my awareness, even more, of the coming danger of the biggest deception that will ever occur- that of the Anti-Christ prophesied in the scriptures. It will be such a deception that many Christians will be totally blinded and fooled.

Robert Fruehling begins the first few chapters talking about how we humans have a need for heroes. Remember how Israel wanted a king, but it turned into disaster for them? He talks also about deception, which came first when Satan tempted Eve, and how it is the ultimate “bait and switch.” It really is a good lesson on the nature of deception (one of the chapter titles) and how Satan uses it to the fullest extent possible.

Robert then slowly moves on with some really solid historical accounting, and how the first lies regarding Jesus’ resurrection, spread by the guards to cover up their mistake, grew gradually into the legends spoken of King Arthur, and Merlin. About how the legend of the Holy Grail arose, and how it is written about in so many books including the DaVinci Code and others. The connections he makes including links with the prophesies in the book of Revelation, are fascinating, but again, well documented.

This is a must read. I will probably read it again, because it really was quite fascinating, but at the same time, frightening in the implications it made- which is that we need to be prepared for the greatest deception mankind will ever experience.

The book is now available at Winepress and I highly recommend it. I pray that this book will serve as a sober warning for us to watch diligently and not let any man deceive us.

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