Open Letter To David Felter

To: Rev. David Felter, Editor-In-Chief, Holiness Today

Dear Rev. Felter,

I am writing to you so that hopefully you can spend a few minutes clarifying some questions I have regarding your article in Holiness Today.  I’m sure you are very busy in your duties as Editor-in-Chief, and if in the next week or so you have the time, I would love to get some additional feedback from you.

I wrote a review of your article, and to be perfectly honest, I was very disappointed.  You will find the review to be rather straight forward and blunt, as I tend to be on these issues lately.  I and many other Nazarenes across the country have been fighting the emergent church movement, which has caused great pain too many who have been forced to leave their churches of many years. It seems from reading your article that you support this movement; however, I’m not really sure what you do or don’t support, and I hope you can answer some questions to clarify.  Any article written in Holiness Today certainly has a great impact on many who read it, so I believe a complete assessment of this movement is essential for all the readers to have, especially those who know very little about it.

If you could take some time to read my review of your article, and fill in some of the gaps for me, I would appreciate it.

I believe that in this time that we are going through, that clarity is needed in this “conversation” that has been going on, because many Nazarenes are uncertain about the future of their denomination, and the emergent church movement seems to be wielding great influence, yet we still don’t know for sure where the leadership stands on many of the things that I point out in my review.  I am praying that soon the General Superintendents will come out with a statement on the emerging church, as some were reassured would happen when we were at General Assembly this summer.

Here is a link to the review:  Does Holiness Today Endorse The Emerging Church?

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Thanks for your consideration,

Sincerely in Christ,

Manny Silva and Concerned Nazarenes