Labyrinths, Prayer Stations, Yoga in The Nazarene Church

Here are examples of the use of prayer labyrinths and other pagan practices in the Church of the Nazarene.  There is no doubt in my mind now (unless they specifically denounce these things) that the General Superintendents of our denomination approve of these pagan practices.  God help us all.

Kansas City Trinity Church of the Nazarene ( was the church of Dean Blevins, former president of Nazarene Theological Seminary)

KC Trinity also promoted the use of yoga

Nazarene sponsored Women Clergy Conference used a prayer labyrinth

Quote: “The addition of a prayer labyrinth contributed to the opportunity for each woman present to experience personal renewal.”

Belle Vue Church of the Nazarene, Carlisle, England

A prayer Labyrinth on Good Friday!  Unbelievable.

Marley Park Church of the Nazarene, Glen Burnie, Maryland

Watsonville Church of the Nazarene, Watsonville, CA

Trevecca Nazarene University uses prayer labyrinth during Spiritual Deepening Week
This was happily reported at NCN News, the official news site of the Nazarene denomination.

Yucca Valley Church of the Nazarene, Yucca Valley, CA

Napoleon Church of the Nazarene, Napoleon, OH


Lake Houston Church Uses Prayer Stations, and even calls it the usual name, Stations of the Cross, a Roman Catholic ritual that has no basis in scripture.  They also employed the use of ashes to the forehead during Ash Wednesday.


4 responses to “Labyrinths, Prayer Stations, Yoga in The Nazarene Church

  1. It was posted on C/N that MVNU observed Ash Wed. w/ashes. Sorry I cannot remember right off who made the comment. You probably have this already.

  2. Very disheartening that our old church (Marley Park) was featured in the write up. We are fourth generation nazarenes that will probably never go back to a Nazarene Church. It turns out that the church left us…

  3. What are we as Nazarenes becoming; Catholics, Hindus, or New Agers, or a combination of all three?

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