Beware of: Jakes, Osteen, and Meyer

What if a Bible teacher:  teaches that there are many paths to God; does not know whether Muslims will go to heaven or not; and does not believe in the proper biblical teaching of the Trinity,  but instead teaches that the Trinity is “God manifesting Himself in three different ways, or “modes.”​​

What if a Bible teacher:  refuses to answer whether homosexuality is sinful; refuses to say whether homosexuals will not go to heaven; and cannot say for sure who goes to heaven or not, even atheists;  and teaches that “following your dreams” is what will make your life happy.

What if a Bible teacher: teaches that Jesus was tormented in hell by demons; believes he/she believes they do not sin anymore; and that you cannot be saved unless you believe that Jesus went to hell.

Would you accept any of these teachers as legitimate Bible teachers?  Would you use their books as good resources, knowing that they teach these things?  Are these teachings or beliefs okay with you, or are they demonic?  Would you warn your friends about them?  If not, why should you not warn your Christian friends about them?  Is it wrong to call out these teachers and expose them if they are preaching false doctrines?

I have been concerned recently about some friends who have been reading books by so​me of these teachers, and quoting them, and apparently accepting the false idea that these are good Bible teachers.  They are not, and so I give you a brief summary of just some of their false teachings and why you should stay away from them.  Instead you should have no fellowship in any way with them, and you ought to be getting more into the word of God than into their “inspirational, feel good teachings”​

Here is the summary of three false teachers: Joel Osteen, TD Jakes, and Joyce Meyer.  All three also share the same kind of prosperity gospel or word-faith teachings that are heretical as well.  ​I will post additional​ updates ​with three more for you in a few weeks.

Please also go to the suggested video links for detailed shocking exposes​ of their ministries.​


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