The Holland District Papers- Homosexuality

In May of 2017, I wrote an article in which I revealed that the Nazarene District in Holland, with the knowledge and apparent blessing of some of their leaders, is blessing same sex unions. I also sent the information to the General Superintendents. They definitely know about it. I doubt that anything has been done to punish this rebellious district in what they are doing. Here is the original article, which details how one pastor admits to blessing same sex unions, and that it is a normal thing in Holland. He also says that the General leadership also is aware. Sodom And Gomorrah, And The Church of the Nazarene in Holland: Is There Any Difference?

Below is the first of five papers that the top leadership in Holland has written. It is clear that they are trying to normalize homosexuality in the denomination. You can read and make up your mind. Anything highlighted in red was my emphasis. Note that I translated using Google, so the grammar may not always be perfect. The other four papers will follow as I complete each translation.

Paper # 1: “Starting All Over Again”

Paper #2: Coming soon

Paper #3: Coming soon

Paper #4: Coming soon

Paper #5: Coming soon