Board of General Superintendents Using Immigration Policy To Divide The Church

Dear General Superintendents,

Why are you meddling in political issues that DIVIDE the Church of the Nazarene?

You recently released a statement on immigration that stated your displeasure at how children are being separated from their parents as a result of the laws being enforced in this country at the border with Mexico. It seems that you have made a terrible mistake in judgment again, seeing that you have apparently ignored ALL the facts about what is going on, and certainly have ignored a very important point about the law. Instead, you have placed yourself in a position as leaders who are encouraging and condoning law breaking! Instead of advocating law breaking, how about if you advocate for every person, Christian or otherwise, to OBEY the law! Are you planning to insert your political views into the next revision of the Nazarene Church Manual?

You have also put out this statement as if it is the indisputable view of a majority of Nazarenes. Nothing could be further from the truth! This is not a clear cut biblical issue, such as abortion. Now that is an issue that is indisputably addressed in God’s word. But illegal immigration- sorry, way too many Nazarenes disagree with you, and in fact, many Nazarenes disagree very strongly with your liberal statements over the past ten years.

And so, here are some questions for your serious consideration, because this is not the first time you have done harm, however unintentionally, to the unity of the Nazarene denomination with your divisive opinions, which ought to be kept to yourselves- or at least, not stated as an official directive or view of the church. The letter written by the Immigration Table is so ignorant of the many other issues related to the immigration problem, that it presents a severely one-sided liberal view. Are you all liberals as well? Even if you are, can you try to go back to what you ought to be doing- promoting and preaching holiness, instead of making political statements?


Where were your voices during the Obama administration? Consider this from a friend of mine, pastor Duane Glass:

“I see a very troubling trend in the Church of the Nazarene. As David the Psalmist said “my soul is perplexed”. I see a very dangerous slide in the BGS wading into incendiary territory. We have three General Superintendents who have no political voice nor voting rights – condemning our laws!

Where were you from 2009-2016 on abuses in the government?

Where were you when the IRS was weaponized against American citizens?

Where were you when little Elian Gonzales was ripped cowboy style from his relative’s arms by federal agents and sent back to Communist Cuba?

Where were you when over a hundred men women and children were burned to death in a religious compound in Waco?

Where were you when Ferguson, Baltimore and other places burned because a race baiting, America hating President chose to divide right from the get go with the Professor Gates fiasco?

Where were you when society cheered as the White House was illuminated like a whore house on the night of the SCOTUS ruling on same sex marriage? (We know, you capitulated to it at the last General Assembly perhaps?)

Where were you when the push to get men in women’s and little girl’s bathrooms was going on?

The Church has slid to the Left. Shame on you. Is it any wonder that so many of our Nazarene institutions have produced so many social justice warriors disguised as Pastors, Elders and Leaders? This smacks way too much of NeverTrump and AntiTrump…your silence in the past is much too demeaning.

Is it time to write Ichabod on the door post in Kansas City…the glory of the Lord has departed?”

(Duane Glass)


And where were you on the same issue of illegal immigration, when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both had the same view of immigration that President Trump now has, except that now he is enforcing the law? You as leaders of a holiness denomination have a lot to answer to, because of your silence on issues that are clearly addressed in scripture. For example, you have not said a meaningful word either way regarding the LBGT movement which is gaining momentum in the Church of the Nazarene. Yet, you take the time to make an uninformed statement alluding to supposedly cruel policies of President Trump. Why are you not coming out- either for or against- the Love Wins LGBT movement that is watering down the Gospel and promoting acceptance of homosexuality? Is it too hot a potato for you to bring clarity as to where you all stand?

Finally, with your public statement on immigration, you insult a vast number of Nazarenes and other Christians who differ from your opinion, and imply that unless we believe as you believe regarding illegal immigration, that perhaps we are not as caring as you are? I would strongly suggest that you stop this division you are causing in the church, and get back to preaching and emphasizing holiness. If you do wish to address serious matters, start calling out the Love Wins homosexuality movement which will surely destroy the Nazarene denomination as we once knew it- if it is not stopped. Unless that is exactly what you want to happen.

Manny Silva

P.S. For those who wish to express their thoughts to the Generals on this, they have posted also on their FaceBook page. Here is the link:


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7 responses to “Board of General Superintendents Using Immigration Policy To Divide The Church

  1. This statement from the BGS has upset me more than anything else they have submitted. Your response to this was articulated so well. The very thoughts you posted have been churning in my mind these last two days. Thank you for commenting.

  2. This article proves this problem has been going on for some time! I remember being furious when it was reported that children in American schools were dying from TB due to diseased immigrant children being placed in their schools. I thought then that some parent should sue the government. While I believe in legal immigration, I also believe the rules and laws are there to insure that criminals and people with communicable diseases aren’t coming into the country. This is one of the many concerns I have and another is the BGS’s lurch to the left.

  3. Our laws take children from parents everyday who breaks the law, with children & parents crying….into protective child custody. The children are being cared for by feeding, bedding & caring for them while their parents are in custody for breaking the laws! They know if they can be placed with their children then they made it here safely, only for another 2000 more with their children come again to the borders illegally! When will this all stop? I know poverty is bad in third world countries, but we have many in poverty that are citizens sleeping in streets without help from the govt! We will become third world country also if borders are left open for everyone to come in for them to be cared for by the govt as they can get special care as needed! Please apply for visas & wait your turn. Get cards to work & not expect govt to care for you. The church will welcome you weather legal or illegal once you are here but if you get caught then be ready to go back home & use your skills of education, etc. that you got here to help those who need to be taught to help your area to improve! We have foster child who cries for mommy often but that will happen when she obeys her probation & laws set forth! God help our Church of the NAZARENE & our USA! Many prayers & I wonder what God Thinks of all this mess! Sorry!

  4. I have been accused of not being a Christian. I have been told I do not have empathy for these families. Trust me when I say this was the last straw for our law enforcement family. My husband and I were appalled at the Love wins
    ” ministry” especially after hearing a podcast where the ” leader” proudly says he is a bi sexual in a heterosexual marriage, and his desire is not for his wife when he wakes in the morning. Ugh. What does that even mean???
    We can no longer support a denomination that advocates breaking the law. My husband is privy to info that everyday citizens are not…heartbreaking , gut wrenching information. Of course we feel for the children. Of course we wish for a better way. Who has a better plan? Please share it with us.

  5. Good job writing this! The Nazarene Church is not in a good place spiritually. I see it in this latest rush to get out this Immigration Statement with no thought to the consequences to the people of the church or how it would divide us. Also leadership doesn’t seem to care to hold the Nazarene LGBT ministry accountable or care whether any who are taken in sexual sin actually hear the Gospel or not. It’s hard to believe they care when LoveWins doesn’t hide their consorting with Gay Activists & post it on social media for the world to see. These are only symptoms of what the Nazarene church is infected with. The denomination is sin sick & act like they don’t realize it. I will say that there are some good Nazarene church congregations here and there with loving Christian people who love God & others & who love His righteousness & holiness & pay Him the respect & honor due to His Holy Name. The Nazarene Church needs Jesus in a BIG way.

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