A Racist, Pro-Abortion “Pastor” Is Still Scheduled To Speak At Nazarene Theological Cemetery

The President of Nazarene Theological Seminary, Dr. Jeren Rowell, is standing his ground, and is allowing a man who opposes the pro-life and biblical stance of the denomination to speak to prospective Nazarene pastors. With less than a week to go, the very racist, pro-abortion “pastor”, the Rev. Dr. Frank Thomas is still scheduled to speak at the Hugh Benner Preacher’s Conference on September 27. Dr. Jeren Rowell is knowingly allowing a confirmed racist to speak at a school that prepares pastors for perhaps your congregation someday. Dr. Rowell is knowingly allowing a “pastor” to speak who supports the evil idea of “pro-choice”- in other words, the murder of babies in the womb. With one word, Dr. Rowell could stop this abominable outrage, but apparently he is comfortable in allowing it to go on.

Imagine a pastor with racist, anti-white ideas; a pastor who promotes the racist ideas of critical race theory; a pastor who fervently supports the pro-abortion agenda. A pastor who has a complete disdain for conservative Christians. And a pastor who is sympathetic to the LGBT/homosexuality movement. Any serious Christian would think that he would never be allowed to set foot on a Christian college campus, but apparently the leadership as well as many other Nazarenes are welcoming him.  In fact, many of them are overjoyed.

The lack of discernment is stunning at Nazarene Theological Seminary.  The Seminary is pretty much a cemetery now, full of dead bones. As I had previously mentioned, the lack of discernment with this President and all the others on board with this also led to a same-sex marriage promoting theologian to speak at the Seminary.  I have no doubt that many in high Nazarene leadership positions are pushing for the full acceptance of homosexuality.

It looks like the “Reverend Doctor” Frank A. Thomas will have his time at the seminary to spout his evil agenda. Ironically, his ideas have a foundation of hatred for white people, and yet white people will be applauding him next week. What a disgrace that this is happening, and worst still, there is little opposition, because too many Nazarene pastors, district superintendents and laypeople are afraid to speak up. And needless to say, the General Superintendents are nowhere to be found, and have apparently abdicated their responsibility as leaders.

Just a few reminders of Thomas’ pro-abortion support and his racism:

Frank A. Thomas’s Racism

His racism can be seen in a one chapter review of his book, which is the foundation of his lectures coming up (How To Write a Dangerous Sermon)

Frank A. Thomas is also a supporter of the very racist Jeremiah Wright, former pastor of Barack Obama. Racism cannot get any worst than that of Jeremiah Wright.


One response to “A Racist, Pro-Abortion “Pastor” Is Still Scheduled To Speak At Nazarene Theological Cemetery

  1. So sorry to say this but “the die is cast” starting with the 1976 General Assembly. The manual of the COTN is just “wonderful words on a page”. It won’t be long before those words will reflect present day reality. Like the Methodists of old, the COTN is following closely in its steps. At least the UMC has allowed the authentic Wesleyan orthodox within its ranks to form their own denomination.
    Again, for those who remain loyal to the holiness message and lifestyle, it is clearly a losing battle with the powers that be and the social justice warriors, just as it was when Dr. Bresee was forced out of the Methodist church. Maybe someday, a brave soul will rise up and help form a new holiness denomination. I don’t think I will live to see that happen.
    Even so, come Lord Jesus!

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